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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
18,558 backers pledged $776,084 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi! Any chance for GOG? Thanks. :)

    2. GG Crew on

      Any update on the Backer codes for the “Pirate Queen’s Quest” DLC?
      If they have gone out, I seem to have misplaced mine already... (Steam version)

    3. Nathaniel Hathcock on

      Is there a way to check which system we'll receive a code for? I fear I chose Wii U which would make sense at the time but I no longer own the system. I honestly have no idea which I chose for the main game. I seems like so long ago, and I repurchased it on Switch and played it there anyway. It'd be a bummer to get a code I can't use at all, but if there's nothing that can be done about it I'll understand.

    4. Missing avatar

      JeaPiePer on

      Arbitrary exclusivity is nonsense, especially so in the case of digital content. It's choosing to not sell something to somebody wiling to pay for it despite the fact that all that needs to happen is a download after payment service needs to be made available to them, which is fairly simple and painless as a process. Compared to how with physical goods, exclusivity can be a bit more understandable due to the costs involved with manufacturing and a product needing to consume materials every single time a copy of it needs to be sold. Ultimately though all exclusivity serves to do is let the people who got ahold of it jerk themselves off about it.

    5. Kim Schwartzbach on

      Looking forward to Risky DLC:)

      As for the tinkerbat dance... allow the rest of the players to use it, wot I say. Many a times I've missed cool kickstarter goodies and wanted them badly and thus I don't want to hog this dance if others want it. So, I think just give the Tinkerbat Dance to everyone.

    6. Natalie Kipper on

      I want the tinkerbat transformation to be available to for everyone if for no other reason than granting me the ability to have it on my switch version rather than just my Wii U one. An exclusivity period is fine if it would make people happier but in the end, I think everybody should have access to it.

    7. Fuffelpups on

      Go ahead and make the Tinkerbat Transformation available for everyone. I gifted my Wii U code to a friend, because i don't really play with my Wii U anymore but i would buy it on the Switch. <3

    8. Ether101 on

      Can we get so clarification about the Pirate Queen DLC?

    9. Michael St. George Matatics

      I say go the route of making the Tinkerbat Transformation exclusive to backers for an extended period of, say, 5 months (give or take a month, depending on the liberality of your viewpoint), and then make it available to the general public for a minor fee (whatever you think a fair price, although $2–$4 is the range most likely to draw in prospective customers imho).

    10. Darmin Hadzic on

      Excited to play it!

    11. Kimiko on

      Hello. I'm at the $35 tier, does that mean I don't get the Pirate Queen DLC?

      Earlier this week I got an email from the Shantae Backerkit, but it seems the code on that page is still only for the regular game. When I start the game, it prompts me about DLC, but the PSN store page is missing an actual download link. :?

    12. JezMM on

      As a backer I'd be fine with Tinkerbat being available to all. You could always do a mini palette swap on it for the "retail" version, just so the original is a sort of badge of hunour for backers? But not a big deal either way.

      Another random idea would be, since it's such a small thing to charge for, make it a bonus unlock for those who purchase all the DLC, that way it's a little thank you for their support just like it was for backers.

    13. Celtic Minstrel on

      I would like to know this too. It still says I "haven't purchased" Risky mode yet, so I assume that means there's a code.

    14. Ether101 on

      When will the Pirate Queen code go out?

    15. Clint Parker on


      Sorry to have bothered you, I misread the backer update here, I thought it said $5. I am truly sorry, silly me.


    16. Clint Parker on

      Hi, I never even got a code for Tinerbat DLC.
      I paid $15 to get the game digitally via your kickstarter which you should be able to see, but I have yet to receive my Tinkerbat DLC.

    17. Luke David Vos on

      I'd be fine either way. On the one hand it was meant to be a reward specifically for those who paid enough, but on the other hand if someone wanted to play the complete game well after development has ceased they'd have no recourse. I say save it for a GOTY edition after all the DLC is done.

    18. Missing avatar

      Peter Phi Do on

      where is the tinkerbat dance? and for some reason i cant play the risky boots dlc because i didnt purchase it?

    19. Missing avatar

      Martin John Brockie on

      I don't suppose it would be possible for those of us in the EU who chose Wii U to also get codes for the Steam version?
      I'd gladly forgo future Wii U codes in favour of Steam codes as my Wii U is now in a cupboard gathering dust

    20. Jeremie Lariviere

      i'd think that after an exclusivity period, releasing it for purchase would be fine...

      I'm still stuck early on in the game because of a very hard boss level, so i've already hit a wall, but will come back and try again. It's nice to see additional content being added

    21. Celtic Minstrel on

      I too seem to have only received one Tinkerbat code rather than two, which was a little surprising. I was also expecting to see a code for the Risky mode... or is that just an automatic update to the game rather than a DLC code?

    22. WayForward Creator on

      @Miraglyth - A PR person here! I had the same issue last week and realized I needed a windows update to get rid of the issue. May just need a restart. If its still an issue, please message

      As for each copy. Please msg support as well about this issue. You should receive a code for each copy.

    23. WayForward Creator on

      @Miraglyth - A PR person here! I had the same issue last week and realized I needed a windows update to get rid of the issue. May just need a restart. If its still an issue, please message

      As for each copy. Please msg support as well about this issue. You should receive a code for each copy.

    24. Val Modulator on

      It would be nice to be able to get the codes for other platforms as well, as I would love to utilize some of these addons on the PS4.

    25. Missing avatar

      Miraglyth on

      Hey WayForward, the Tinkerbat code you've just shared is for a beta version... I've got some feedback about its utility but it seems the WayForums' login system is down? It's just stuck on "Verifying login credentials. Please wait..." forever.

      Additional note, I believe backers who added to their pledge to receive extra copies were to receive codes for the Kickstarter content for each copy. Wouldn't this include the Tinkerbat DLC?

    26. Missing avatar

      Miraglyth on

      Caveat to the previous post (curse you Kickstarter comments with no edit period!), probably it would make more sense for exclusive content to be sold rather than distributed for free. The latter risks causing far more annoyance after all.

      Really looking forward to the Risky mode. The videos Polygon and so on have shown so far suggest the story is little more than a reskinned Shantae mode so I'm hoping they've held back more of the unique changes.

    27. Missing avatar

      Miraglyth on

      As someone who just received the Tinkerbat transformation, I'm quite happy for it to be exclusive for a while and then available to people who couldn't afford it during the campaign or missed out on the Kickstarter.

      And while the latter sounds like an excuse, it is very much a legitimate problem. Some games I really love now, I never knew were Kickstarter projects and so I'm locked out of the whole experience which makes me sad. Even with the exclusive game content myself, I'm happy to spare people feeling the same about Shantae HGH.

      Besides, for some of us the Tinkerbat transformation (or the different Shantae costumes) didn't really factor into our pledges. Some of us wanted that coin (what's the news on that by the way?) and others just really wanted to contribute.

    28. Thomas (RadioShadow) on

      So I was sent "Tinkerbat Dance WiiU EU", but the DLC doesn't appear to be on eShop. Any idea when the DLC should be on the Wii U eShop?

      At least my name is finally in the credits. :)

    29. Jared Cvetas on

      What about the costume changes for Shantae; Ninja, bikini and the Mighty Switch Force costumes? How are those coming along or are they still a thing?

    30. Marsgreekgod on

      As someone to poor to back at 55 I totaly support tinkerbat dlc for everyone.

      also I wish we knew if we where waiting days or weeks

    31. Missing avatar

      Kevin Aguiar on

      I think you should release the Tinkerbat DLC for everyone to buy after a bit (3-6 months). As a supporter of your company I'd like to see you get as much out of this game as possible and it allows those who didn't know about the KS or couldn't afford to back it at the time to get it also.

    32. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      Is it possible to change the Backing platform regarding DLC? Or is it too late to do so? I forgot to do it for the initial release.


    33. Missing avatar

      Devin on

      I'm fine with making the tinkerbat dlc public. It would let me get it for additional platforms besides the one I got for backing.

    34. Missing avatar

      Phantasma on

      Even though I've backed enough to get the exclusive content, I'm all for the Tinkerbat transformation being available as buyable DLC later down the line. I don't want current and future Shantae fans who didn't make it to the original Kickstarter to be locked out from any extra content.

    35. Missing avatar

      Nick Jones on

      I also backed the game originally on Wii U but have since purchased the Switch edition. Is there any way to get my DLC code for the Switch now instead of the Wii U?

      Also it may be too late now, but I remember submitting my name as I wanted it in the credits as "Nick Jones" and upon beating the game it was nowhere to be seen. Could this be added in some future patch to the game?

      Lastly I also am fine if all DLC goes paid, even as soon as today. So long as backers receive their rewards I don't anticipate any real issue. Most of us like myself are just proud to have contributed in some small way to this great game, and hope this isn't the end of Shantae.

    36. Missing avatar

      Matthew Campagna on

      I've ended up purchasing and playing the game on Switch, NOT the platform on which I'm receiving my backer codes. This because I didn't have a Switch at the time, and wasn't sure when or if I'd be able to get one any time soon. So yes, I'd love to see the content made more widely available, so that even as a backer, I can enjoy the DLC on my platform of choice.

    37. Matotron on

      It's not a hill worth dying on but I expect Exclusive content to mean Exclusive and not handed out later. There is very little extra value to Kickstarter as it is without perks being 'devalued' too. If it wasn't going to be limited I might as well have waited for the inevitable GOTY version at a much reduced price.

    38. Burton Shaw III on

      Even as someone who backed at the $200 tier, the idea of any DLC remaining permanently exclusive to backers (and only the higher-pledged ones at that) disgusts me. I honestly have no problems with the Tinkerbat DLC (or any of the Kickstarter DLC) not being exclusive at all—it was a group effort that funded the game after all, everyone should be able to get their hands on it, at least eventually.

      And then of course there is the possibility of backers buying the game for additional platforms (I myself might like to pick the game up for the Switch down the line)—then everyone would only have the DLC for the console version they originally backed.

      At most, there should simply be an exclusivity period—a fairly brief one preferably.

    39. Tiso Spencer

      I'd rather exclusive content be exclusive content personally. That's the point of taking the risk investing on Kickstarter. When it works out we should be rewarded for it because we had faith in the product. If people couldn't be bothered to back at the level to originally get it (or use the tired excuse of I didn't know this was on Kickstarter) then they shouldn't get it. It just sends the message that there's no point to back anything on KS as the game will be made eventually and stuff for it will come out eventually so let's just wait and see approach.

    40. Mickaël "Froh" Garcin

      I should get the Tinkerbat Transf, and yeah, I have no problem with all exclusives becoming a dlc later. (and even now).

    41. Missing avatar

      Adam Au on

      I have a quick question, if I backed this game on Wii U but have since gotten the Switch version, will the codes be able to work on the Switch version?

    42. Some furf on

      Kickstarter-exclusive anything is cancer, especially for digital things.

    43. Yoonsung Kai Kazuya on

      This whole backing has been a disaster for me personally... I backed it for the wii u, which at the time seemed fine, however is now a dead console. I never even used the backer wii u code for my backing. Got a switch for this game (paid for it again) so I would say yes, please release the tinkerbat dlc for all so I can actually play it being a backer. I backed the collector edition, which I was wondering is still being processed for our physical goods? Thanks.

    44. Kishou on

      Guess I'll have to pick up my Vita save to play Risky's mode! Also, on the Tinkerbat dance, I do admit it was kind of a bummer missing it because I didn't pay the money for it, but it should stay exclusive to those that paid the money for it. As long as you don't break promises like comcept did, I wouldn't mind if you made the Tinkerbat dance exclusive to kickstarter only. However, it has a bit of pay-to-play thing going on, so many other gamers wouldn't be as accepting as I am about this. Do what you believe is best, and I'm sure everyone will appreciate it.

    45. th8827 on

      Although I will get the Tinkerbat DLC, I know what it feels like to be on the opposite side of the exclusivity wall for DLC. It is not fun, and my pet peeves for games.

      Some people may not use Kickstarter, or be aware of the campaign. Or they may be too young to even consider donating, but may want the DLC once the game is released and they learn of it.

      I recommend releasing the DLC after a short exclusivity period.

      On a lighter note, I can't wait for the DLC to release!

    46. Missing avatar

      crowmagnon on

      I'm super-hyped to hear that we'll be getting to play Pirate Queen's Quest soon, and wish you all the best with Friends Mode. I ended up pumping a lot of money (from my perspective, anyway) into it solely for the chance to make all these characters playable and with their own stories.

      As for Tinkerbat exclusivity, please make it available to all eventually. You can put a small fee on it, but I'd prefer knowing that even those who came to it late won't have to miss out as long as they're supporting the game now.

    47. Missing avatar

      Joshua Joyner on

      As a backer that backed enough to get all this exclusive DLC, I have mixed feelings but I think it's for the best to eventually make this DLC available to everyone.

    48. Missing avatar

      Possibly A Panda on

      I wouldn't mind seeing the Tinkerbat available to everyone 6 months or so after backers get it because it is something that actually changes the mechanics under which the game is played, and I believe that everyone should get to enjoy the same experience in that regard.

      "Blue Shantae" and "Classic Risky" on the other hand are color-swaps, and I believe that they should PERMANENTLY remain a backer-exclusive badge of recognition since they do not effect gameplay mechanics.

      I honestly just like those kind of vanity things in games. The kinds of things players see and immediately go "I recognize that. That's the special X awarded for participating in Y."

    49. Missing avatar

      OmegaVile on

      "At this time, our desire is to keep this content exclusive to those who backed it. However, we’re considering releasing it at some later date, after a lengthy exclusivity period."
      YES!! I am perfectly fine with waiting for the Tinkerbat transformation. I've never had the chance to try it in the original so I'll wait as long as it takes.

    50. Ryan Caboose Miller on

      I backed for the Wii U version ages ago so I'd be completely fine with the Tinkerbat DLC being available to everyone down the line. Would love to get it on Switch eventually