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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
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Happy E3 2017 Week!

Posted by WayForward (Creator)

Howdy Backers!

As you know, E3 week is the busiest week of the year for the game industry, with folks flying in from all over the globe to meet, play games, and talk business at the LA Convention Center! WayForward will be there too, showing off the latest and greatest content for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero! We hope you’ll all have a fun and informative E3 week! We’ve got a lot to share with you, so let’s dive in!

Introducing Pirate Queen’s Quest


Our Risky Boots Mode now has a name: Shantae: Half-Genie Hero – Pirate Queen’s Quest! This will be our first Premium DLC Pack, and of course it will be free to all Backers. Development of this mode is nearly complete. We’re down to minor balancing and testing, and we expect it to release sometime in the July/August timeframe for all platforms. 

Click here to enjoy your first look at Pirate Queen’s Quest!

Enemy ScorpGal!

ScorpGal, another of our Game Boy favorites is making her return in the upcoming Risky Boots DLC, “Pirate Queen’s Quest!”. As you might expect, ScorpGal inhabits the desert levels of the game, and is a high risk/high reward enemy. If you need to gather up loot, take the time to engage in deadly combat with this fierce foe!

Enemy Mummy!

This versatile villain from Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse is a welcome addition to Risky’s adventure. He appears in desert and spooky locations, and can even be carried on the wings of eagles! You’ll need to unravel the mystery behind this foe’s weakness if you want to survive. There must be some way to send him spinning!

Tinkerbat Dance Codes Update!

The download codes for the Tinkerbat Dance have started to arrive! Once we have them for all platforms, we’ll release them to everyone at the same time. We can’t wait for you to try it out!

Physical Rewards Update!

After a lengthy search, we’ve found our poster manufacturer! The company “YesAnime” will be manufacturing (and framing) our lenticular print. They have extensive experience converting anime box artwork to lenticular posters, which are sold at Anime Expo and other conventions. We’ve decided to go with a smaller size poster that comes pre-framed, because they’re sturdy, easy to display, and look awesome! Here’s a preview of the poster all 3-D-ified (in animated gif format).


Other physical rewards:

  • Coin! Our coin manufacturer is locked in! We’re going with a 1.75 inch “antique gold” colored coin with text engraved on the edge, and an image of Risky and Shantae on either side.
  • Shirts! Our manufacturer has done a fresh batch of sample shirts for us, and we’re digging the quality. We’ll send you an update once we have a final image for you!
  • Music CD! Our Backer Exclusive OST and bonus tracks are now ready for manufacturing. This now includes additional tracks from the upcoming Risky Boots, Friends, and Costumes DLC! Hooray for music!
  • Art Book! The team is pouring through favorite concept images and character designs for inclusion in the book! As a reminder, some pages will be exclusive to backers, even if we do a publicly available art book later on.

Nintendo Switch Version!


Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is out now for Nintendo Switch! The digital version is being published by WayForward, and the retail version will be published by Xseed. Price, release date, and other details will be announce by Xseed!

For those asking, unfortunately there is no way to transfer save data or DLC content between a Wii U system and a Nintendo Switch system. Sorry for the inconvenience.

That’s all the news we have today! Hope you have a great E3 week!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ronn on

      I completely forgot I backed this and bought the Day One Switch version a week ago. lol

    2. Dan on

      I too pledged for the Tinkerbat level and an additional platform (Wii U & Steam). I understand DLC codes had to be purchased in advance, but it would be nice if backers had a way to even purchase the exclusive Tinkerbat DLC for the Switch.

    3. Jeremie Lariviere

      bought and am playing on Switch too :-)

    4. Matthew Boychuk on

      I think you should consider making the Risky DLC free to non backers too. There are a lot of people who got on board the series with Pirate's Curse and have waited to buy the game until Risky's mode was added for the pirate gear. You could lose a good chunk of sales by telling them they have to pay extra for it. Personally I don't think it's unreasonable for you to charge for the DLC when you released the game at such a reasonable price but it's all about perception.

    5. Phil Peterson on

      Emailed support, I had pledged for Tinkerbat with an additional copy. Just checked backerkit and it only lists Steam not PS4 (somebody else's disc was in PS4 for long enough that I played through it without thinking about it sigh.)

    6. Cyber Shantak on

      Is this the first ever DLC WayForward has made?

    7. Thomas (RadioShadow) on

      @Luffink Don't forget the Switch is region free, so you could easily import a copy when it gets released (I recommend The DLC you should be able to purchase from your eShop's country (if not, setup a US account and order from there).

      Honestly, I think WayForward should have put the Switch version on hold and released it together (maybe as some sort of "Deluxe" version, that's the hottest thing companies are doping lately :P). Unlike some comments I've read, my WIi U is still being played on, so there is not rush to download a Switch version (although that retail version is tempting).

      Looking forward to the physical awards. The Risky DLC is looking sweet.

      I do need to contact WayForward about my name not being in the credits (despite filling out the form). It doesn't help responses are extremely slow.

    8. Sander Evers on

      Too bad you won't be able to get the backer exclusives on the Switch. I really don't play on my Wii U anymore so those Backer exclusives are lost to me. Luckily I also backed the Steam version so I'm fine with getting them there. I do, however, would love to be able to purchase a code for the "backer exclusives" as a DLC for the Switch.

    9. Olli Johannes Suvinen on

      So in another words, still more waiting.
      You seriously should have more faith in your backers and leave testing to us to tell what works and what doesn't. Sure there will be difference in opinions but by the time we're done busting our skulls together, you're done figuring out what majority likes the best and what minority likes the least.

      And for further notice. It's not a bad idea to take next gen consoles in to consideration during next kickstarter campaign while keeping PC as the main point of focus when it comes to releases and testing, as for pretty much everyone has a PC.

      Sure, it's little bit unfair for console backers but PC tossed out of window is little bit easier to fix than videogame console if there are any problems ahead during early releases.

    10. Garret Firl on

      It would be nice if there was some way for backers to pay for a code to get the Kickstarter exclusive content on the Switch. It's kinda hard for backers to be interested in picking up the Switch version when knowing they'll have more content on other platforms. I'd certainly be willing to help with the costs of acquiring a new set of download codes.

    11. Darryl Smith on

      Cool, no trouble. Thanks for the clear explanation. Its a shame that the backer exclusive DLC won't be available to that version, but alas.

    12. Jákup Fuglø

      I've bought the game 3 times on top of backing this project and might buy it once more. Backers getting DLC codes for all the systems they have the game for would be cool but there would be the small risk of them giving away or selling the codes and thereby making them less unique.
      I thought long and hard about this before pledging so I'm fine with only getting the DLC for PS4.

    13. Missing avatar

      Luffink on

      2 questions:
      - Are we getting the Switch retail version in Europe?

      - Can we ask to change the platform of our DLC rewards? I had WiiU, but I'd rather buy a Switch version and get the future DLCs there

    14. Missing avatar

      supergtt on

      Maybe this is a stupid question, but if we are backers, and have the switch version, we obviously double dipped, is a dlc code for being bros out of the question?

    15. WayForward Creator on

      @Darryl Smith, Unfortunately no. All DLC is connected to the game you originally pledged for. The Switch version is not included in the Kickstarter campaign therefore is not available through Kickstarter or to backers. This version is not include or associated to that campaign and neither are its DLCs.

    16. MJ Austin on

      Same question as the others. As a backer, I opted for the PS4 version. Now that the Switch is here (the platform this game was truly meant for) I'd much rather get DLC Codes for that version instead.

    17. David Price on

      Getting DLC codes for Switch rather than WiiU would also interest me

    18. Nathan Collins on

      Same. (PC backer here). I'd be happy to rebuy the game on Switch but it would be nice to get the backer DLC there.

    19. Matt Boblet on

      When you say "there is no way to transfer DLC content between a Wii U system and a Switch system," does that also mean I can't just opt for a Switch DLC code instead of a Wii U code? Because I already double dipped and bought the Switch version, and at this point in time my Wii U's pretty much in a box in my closet...

    20. James Thompson

      Likewise, I backed for Wii U is there any way I could get the upcoming DLC codes for Switch instead of Wii U?

    21. Darryl Smith on


      If I backed for PC, am I able to get the free DLC code for Switch?

      I bought that without even thinking about it and have been playing through it :)