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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
18,558 backers pledged $776,084 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by WayForward (Creator)

Shantae’s First HD Adventure!

Today is the day! Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, the game to which you have GRANTED LIFE ITSELF is now LIVE all over the world!! It’s SO AWESOME to see so many people enjoying the game that we made together! Reviews are rolling in, fans are going nuts... people are having a great time with Shantae’s newest outing!

Remember, if you get a chance - please take a moment today and throughout the week to post or retweet videos, fan art, reviews... or make use of the Fan Kit. Anything you can do to help promote the game is greatly appreciated!

Holiday Break is here!

What’s next? Well, to put it bluntly, we’re exhausted. We need to take a break for the holidays. Starting Friday Dec 23rd, we’re going to go dark for a couple of weeks. We will still be working through Backer Support emails, with our only real focus being to get any missing Backer codes sorted out.

If bugs are reported (and with this many platforms and territories, it’s highly probable), they’ll be sent to the development team so that we can get them into our first Game Update.

Game Update:

Speaking of which, we’ve been hard at work on our first Game Update, which will focus on general bug fixes. We’ve been watching Twitch streams and sifting through bug reports, and have fixed many of the problems which were found by Backers and Early Access Backers. Once we’re back from break, we’ll go through bug reports again, make the necessary repairs, and will give you an update... on the Update.

Status of Stretch Goals, DLC, and Rewards!

We’re already working on the DLC, and will have more information for you after break! In case you’re curious, BLUE SHANTAE, TINKERBAT FORM, and various Backer Exclusive features are not included in the launch version. We’ll deliver those separately later!

The chapter-based stretch goals (Sequence of Unfortunate Events” and “Fire and Forget”) are included in the release version of the game!

We’re already working on our digital and physical rewards as well! We’ll have an update for you once we’re into the new year. And remember that as Backers, you won’t have to pay for any DLC (even future paid DLC)! So when you see us announce new content in 2017, remember... it’s coming to you at no cost!

Happy Holidays to all of you!

See you next update!

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    1. Erik Pede on

      Received my EU code that replaced the wrong US one this morning, hope all of the other people who had the same problem will receive their codes soon as well. =)

    2. Erik Pede on

      Still waiting for my right-region PS4 code...

    3. Missing avatar

      Calvin Dang on

      @Mykie: It sounds like you've been assuming too much unfortunately. But I guess it could've helped that they said it in an update instead of answering people's tweets or posts in the forum.

      @Jonathan Skeels: Got a Backerkit account?

    4. Mykie Gunderson on

      I signed up for the Vita version (and also pre-ordered the Vita physical copy of the game as soon as it became available) in the hopes that I'd be able to play at home on the PS4 via Cross-buy.

      But then there's no Cross-Buy...Why? I don't know...But hey, I at least get to play on my PSTV, right? Well, as it turns out that this BRAND NEW GAME THAT GOT RELEASED YESTERDAY is NOT PSTV COMPATIBLE.

      Unbelievable! So now I have two copies of the Vita version and no way to play in the comfort of my living room on my big screen.

      I didn't find out that there was no Cross-buy or PSTV support until AFTER I got the code and entered it...After release day, and after I installed it on my PSTV. I had to go trawling through forums and twitter posts to confirm these things. Shame on you, Wayforward.

      To top it all off, there is still no digital soundtrack in my Backerkit.

      So like a SUCKER, I went and bought the PS4 version of the same game I've already bought twice before. All because I'm a fan of the series.

      I would really like to be happy about this release, but I feel like I have been royally SCREWED here, and I haven't even gotten to play the flippin' game yet.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Skeels on

      It would be nice to actually have the Steam key for this since it has already been out since yesterday. Kind of sad being an early supporter via Kickstarter and can't even play the game now after it's been released. I know they're working on it, it's busy and the holidays... but it's just not right.

    6. MetalShadowOverlord on

      I hope I don't sound like an idiot, but I got a Press Code even though I don't recall ever saying I wanted to review the game, nor am I a professional reviewer, part of the press, etc.

    7. WiredRM on

      I've been having a blast with the game so far. Thank you for making another amazing Shantae game!

    8. Jakob Woo-Ming on

      I love the game so far! Could you guys add another link to the BackerKit? The link is still broken.

    9. Michael Kohl on

      wait I found it in the email mess

    10. Michael Kohl on

      It seems that I haven't even received a code yet

    11. Jim 80 on

      @Graeme Vaughey: No, no response here either. I sent a follow-up after 8 days and still nothing. Pretty disappointed that I won't be playing this over the holiday.

    12. Erik Pede on

      @Graeme Vaughey : Nope, nothing at all.

    13. Missing avatar

      Graeme Vaughey on

      Has anyone who received a code for the wrong game region heard back from WayForward at all? Please? Not only do I feel like I'm going to end up having to purchase another copy of this game, but a few months down the line, I'm going to get another kicker in the form of DLC for the game (free DLC, no less - should be excited for that!), which will also be for the wrong region game, and then I'll have to buy that too: to say nothing of the backer exclusive costumes, etc. The whole situation has become extremely regrettable for me - wish I just picked the damned Steam version.

    14. F. E. on

      Wii U Eu code also here, too. :3

    15. Manuel Kaeyne on

      Launch day, eh? Nice, I'm glad you could make it. Would be even better if I could play as well.
      Ah, well... That's probably your way of saying I should spend more time with my family over the holidays and not playing the game I paid for.

    16. PG Reeves on

      After sending a mail on kickstarter AND an editional support mail according to the instructions a week and a half ago I finally got my reply about the missing code here on Kickstarter.

      It told me to contact support. Which I ALREADY DID!

      I have all the understanding in the world for WF not being able to reply to all mails in one fell swoop, but this is the first time in my life where something like this has ever upset me.

    17. Sander Evers on

      I also received my Wii U EU code last night. Thank you guys :)

    18. Marusame on

      @Thomas (RadioShadow) ouch, glad im requesting to get the xbox one version than... I prefer to use classic controllers and stuff like that for these things but i would of also been bummed that it didnt.

    19. Eric Azure on

      Please respond to my support email and send me my key....

    20. Jeremie Lariviere

      i'm enjoying my game, you guys enjoy your rest!

    21. Thomas (RadioShadow) on

      You know what my favorite thing for game developers to do on Wii U games is? Mirror the image on the TV. It's not like WayForward don't know how to program for the damn thing. Just look at Shantae and the Pirates Curse! The GamePad screen was used really well. Now they have just gone backwards.

      Also, why don't Classic Controllers work? Again, they worked in Shantae and the Pirates Curse, why not this game? I'm hoping an update can fix that.

      I'm off to sleep now and regret picking the Wii U version.

    22. Thomas "SkyeWelse" Liebert on

      Been playing it so far on Vita, Steam and PS4. Might start up the Wii U code later. Loving it so far! Great job to everyone who was a part of this. :)


      "So when you see us announce new content in 2017...."

      Wahoo! New Content is'a comin'!

    23. Thomas (RadioShadow) on

      Just got the Wii U code an hour ago! Just as I was getting into the Xbox One version. :)

      Now let's see how well that version plays.

    24. James Strickland on

      Love it! Thank you Thank you the music is great and the game looks and plays Awesome! One of the best games I have played in a while. You guys rock cheers :)

    25. Adam John Manns on

      Just got my Wii U AUS code, perfect timing mates. Cheers.

    26. Missing avatar

      Howard Hamilton Whittle on

      Love Shantae and loved this game, congratulations on the official release :D Looking forward to the upcoming content and definitely looking forward to the soundtrack release.

    27. Khrizart on

      Dropbox Error (429)

      This account's links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

    28. Missing avatar

      J.K. Rudeen on

      Got it installed on my WiiU last week and played it heavily this last weekend. Totally liking it! Brutal hard at times, but that's what a good platformer is all about! I'm currently scouring the levels for secret chests.

    29. Niki Coppola

      Got my game and loving it.

    30. Justin Daniels on

      Fantastic game! Love the writing, music, and the art direction is fantastic. As for people who have not received their code, I thought I was one of them, but the code was sent to the email I use for facebook and not the one I normally use for Kickstarter. So if for some reason you connected any of your social media accounts to Kickstarter, check to make sure that the email for that account did not get sent your game code. Cause that is what totally happen to me.

    31. Peteman on

      I enjoyed what I got so far. Fun game, beautiful visuals, not too difficult but makes you feel clever when you figure out the puzzles.

      One thing I do want to comment about: in the gallery, you have to constantly get out to leave the picture to be able to see the next one. Could you guys have an option to let players scroll through all the art in a room so you don't keep having to enter and exit all the time? You might even have Shantae appear next to the art piece when you exit, to give the impression she's been going from one picture to the next.

    32. Kim Schwartzbach on

      It's been wonderful, a truly great experience to have been part of this project! And the game itself, WOW, FANTASTIC, TERRIFIC! :D

      I wish you all Happy holidays from the Kingdom of Denmark, have a good one!

    33. Joshua on

      Any word on the soundtrack release? Will there be a separate 'normal' soundtrack and an additional backer exclusive one?
      Surprised to not see it on release day like Pirate's Curse one, but that one was free, so...

    34. Ruben van Ophuizen on

      Come on, fellow Wii U backers. We got an extra copy of the game for free as an apology for the lateness, I know it's not the platform you want to play it on YET, but still, it's a freebie to reward our patience. If we should be griping at anyone, it'd be Nintendo for failing to deliver the codes to WayForward on time (which, honestly, is kind of par for the course for Nintendo, they're quite notorious for these things). =\

    35. Missing avatar

      Andy Thorelli on

      I have a question regarding the paid DLCs we're supposed to get for free. I'm assuming we'll get them for the same system that we got the game on, but would it be possible to opt to get them for another system? I was one of the people still waiting for a Wii U EU code, and earlier today I got tired of waiting and simply bought the game on Xbox One.

      I understand if that's a tall order, but I figured I'd throw it out there.

      Amazing game, by the way.

    36. Missing avatar

      Darin Herrick on

      I'm kind of irritated hearing that people are taking a break when I still haven't been provided with a download code.

    37. Missing avatar

      Gaurav Dodani on

      I'm still waiting on a reply to a support email I sent 11 days ago... Can't believe it's actually available for purchase on steam before I could even get a steam key...

    38. Thomas (RadioShadow) on

      This is the best Wii U game ever:

      Well it would be if I didn't have to pay for an Xbox One release since the Wii U EU codes aren't ready despite the fact that version can be downloaded RIGHT NOW? Talk about crazy...

      On the bright size, I get to play the game more than once and WayForward get more money (you lucky swines :P). Good job this game is awesome!

    39. Missing avatar

      Ariel Herrera Morera on

      Only one word: Awesome!!!

      Count with me for any future project I'm very glad and proud to contribute with a little of grain of sand.

      Pura vida, and merry christimas from Costa Rica,

    40. Sander Evers on

      I hope the EU Wii U codes are coming soon..

      Also Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. I'll be happy to read about the next update.

    41. Mohamed Al Turkistani on

      I've most likely said this before but, I love you guys. This game has been a blast to play, and the animations are just fantastic. I hope you guys can give yourselves a brake to enjoy the fruits of your labor, or relax, you guys deserve it.

    42. John Paul on

      I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday! You certainly deserve it!

      I'll be redeeming my code this week to finally dig in, but everything I have seen just shows the amount of work you put into it.

      I can wait until next year for the physical rewards (physical CD Soundtrack and game). Best to you and looking forward to the additional content - Happy New Year as well!

    43. Joe Fernandez on

      Can't wait for the DLCs or the other things

    44. Beatrice Bueno Iank on

      Most expensive game I have ever bought so far, but it was so, so worth it thus far. :)
      Can't wait for the rest of the new modes.
      You guys did a really good job with Half Genie Hero. :D

    45. Missing avatar

      Luffink on

      Congratulations!! I loved the extended Launch trailer

      Still waiting for the WiiU EU code, any update? I want to play it in that system, so I gave that extra Steam code to a friend. Starting to regret it now.

    46. felipus on

      The spanish translation is horrible! Shantae is a HE in spanish. Near the end is half spanish and half english. I can help. Let me know. I did the spanish translation for the last shadowgate game. The fan kit link has been disabled.