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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
18,558 backers pledged $776,084 to help bring this project to life.

Tinkerbackers and Shantaerians, we did it!

Posted by WayForward (Creator)

We’re excited beyond human comprehension to tell you the news... Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is done! Did you hear that correctly?! We know, right? It’s crazy! Wow!!!


What an incredible experience this has been! As you know, this was a very long development cycle, and we’re grateful for your support and patience. This project was always about working together to create a product that was shaped by fans, for fans, and now that work is complete! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

Choosing a Release Date!

The game has been submitted to Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Steam, and digital storefronts are being created. Because this is a global release, we’re working with teams in each territory to establish a unified release date. We’ll let you know the INSTANT we find out when the game will be live! And this probably goes without saying, but of course we’ll do everything in our power to get the game released to backers early.


This is the LAST CALL for platform changes! If you’re thinking about changing which platform you want your download code for, here’s what you need to know:  

  • If for whatever reason you’ve never made a selection, immediate action is required! (Contact
  • You have until Nov 29th (one week!) to make your final selection.
  • If you do not choose a platform by Nov 29th, your reward will automatically be set to Steam for Windows PC.

Once again, this is locked down on Nov 29th! Last chance, final warning, speak now or forever hold your peace!


We’re excited and hope you are, too! It’s almost time to play Shantae: Half-Genie Hero! Thanks! See you next update!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Zaein on

      Oh, I've been e-mailing WayForward Support my questions, concerns, and suggestions since early September, and this is a pretty good example of what I've gotten:

      Me: "Oh, hi, WayForward, I see you dropped the platform I picked. You mentioned something about working with the affected backers to try to make things work out for them, so, uh... how are we going to do this?"

      WF: "We'll be making an announcement in a week where we tell you what your options are."

      Me: "Gee, WayForward, why do the codes you're giving backers who don't have any of the platforms you're still releasing on have expiration dates? Doesn't that seem kinda weird if they don't have the systems the codes are for?"

      WF: Silence.

      Me: "So, anyway, WayForward, what about those of us who either rarely or don't use Windows?"

      WF: "Well, we're not releasing on any other operating systems, so that's, uh... that's tough."

      Me: "Well, WayForward, do you think you can at least tell me what the Windows minimum system requirements are so I know if my laptop can run it?"

      WF: Silence.

      Me: "So how about the PSTV version, that still happening?"

      WF: "No."

      Me: "Well, that's kinda weird, are you at least going to make an announcement to tell your backers?"

      WF: Silence.

      Me: "Hey, since I'm apparently being cut out of the loop entirely, WayForward, do you think you could at least tell me why the Vita version won't be PSTV compatible?"

      WF: "Sony doesn't support PSTV compatibility anymore."

      Me: "But... all these PSTV-compatible Vita games just came out in the last couple months. I mean, there are examples that released just in the last week in the NA and JP regions. Should I... I dunno... go ask Sony what's up with that?"

      WF: "Oh, uh, I actually meant to say that we'd miss our deadline if we made the Vita version PSTV-compatible."

      Me: "You mean the deadline you haven't set yet and have pushed back half a dozen times?"

      WF: Silence.

      I'm skipping over the 9-18 day period that it usually takes for them to get back to me with every new email I send.

    2. Liam Rooney "BlueAura" on


      You can e-mail, they can either offer you a PC version of the game or possibly a refund.

    3. Missing avatar

      Zaein on

      Rather disingenuous to thank a group of people when you're throwing some of them under the bus, don't you think?

    4. WayForward Creator on

      @Michael, Please contact with any concerns. Thank you.

      Also Physical Rewards will be discussed in a future update.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ivan Kodjabashev on

      "This project was always about working together to create a product that was shaped by fans, for fans" I don't feel like I was involved. There were like 2 or 3 polls and that was it. Unlike Rad Rodgers for example. We get to play the beta and the creators actually improve it on our feedback with each new version.

    6. Jeremie Lariviere

      very cool

    7. Sarah Jesness on

      Finally! I can't wait until it's released!

    8. Michael St. George Matatics

      Hey I backed this game twice: once on here and a second time later on, slacker-backed on the WayForward site. (I had more money I could use freely then, so I aimed for a moderately higher backer tier.) I intend on gifting the first copy to a friend. Though both backings are connected to the same email account—there won't be any kind of mix-up or amalgamation of the two purchases, will there?


      @Thomas (RadioShadow) Thanks for the answer
      I'm sorry to have to use multiple PSN :)

    10. Rex Warden on

      Proving once again that (current year) is the best year of all years.

    11. Octavio Arango on

      Can't wait!

      Do we have a date for the physical rewards tho?

    12. Jesus Antonio Rivera Muñoz on

      cant wait for release date!

      i originally pledged Wii U but would like to change over to PS4.. i've already mailed support :)

      Congratulations guys!

    13. Ed Navarro on

      Congrats! I'm super excited to play it and stream it!

    14. Khrizart on

      finally!! I was waiting for this... :D

    15. Matthew Baldo on

      Hey Wayforward folks... If I wanted to add an additional version now could I do so at a reduced price and with any of the rewards?

    16. Blackmore on

      Great news. After the debacle that was Mighty No 9 & still waiting for the Space Quest devs to finish after 4 something years I'm looking forward to some hair whipping ass kicking.

    17. Daniel Schibuk on

      @Everybody: The dates in the e-mail and original posting are incorrect. They have been corrected in the above text. The new date is November 29th not November 23rd.

    18. Missing avatar

      Tomy Sakazaki on

      @WayForward quick question, if I change do Vita or PS4 digital version, it'll be cross buy?

    19. TheRealMalek on


      Friendly reminder here, don't send codes "after" the physical release please. let us add it in our steam / PSN library even if it unlocks in XX days.

      Don't ever do it like Mighty n9 where backers were the last ones to have the game.

      And congrats for finishing the game ! (i nearly regret not backing more but it will be for your next game... DuckTales 2 remaster ? :p)

    20. #14015 - Mighty Morningstar on

      > You have until Nov 23rd (one week!) to make your final selection.

      What am I not understanding? (°-°)

    21. Alexis L on

      Congrats, Wayforward team!

    22. Missing avatar

      Ateo Bertozzi on

      I'd like to change my pledge to Switch ... ;)

    23. Beatrice Bueno Iank on

      Swell! :D
      I can't wait to play it!

    24. Meshal on


      Thank you for all your efforts!

      I hope Shantae: Half Genie Hero is a stunning success!

    25. Missing avatar

      Adam Steen on

      So glad to hear this guys! I knew you'd come through in the end! Was hoping to see a holiday release but I figure its something we will have to wait on till late jan early feb since it will probably take you all some time to get things organized for the launch! Great work! This definetly looks to be the greatest Shantae Adventure yet and if plays as good as it looks feel free to come on Kickstarter to get backer funding from me any time! <3

    26. Mike Landers on

      Still no reward on physical rewards? D:

    27. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      I echo Jared Boehm's question. I chose Steam for posterity of backer-exclusive extras (just the base-level stuff, but still!), but if the game and, more urgently, that content are Cross-Goods, I would rather switch to that. (Or, since I have the physical Vita copy on pre-order, if I could have the Steam version but also get the backer stuff for Vita...~).

    28. Mark Sprague on

      Congratulations on this monumental milestone! Really looking forward to playing this at long last, and sure it'll be worth the wait. If the existing demo and previews we've seen so far are any indication, it's really going to be something special!

    29. Weakwall on

      Happy to hear you guys have finished it. I only wish it wont be released next year, that's all.
      I'm excited to finally play this on my wii u. I think this will be my most anticipated game of 2016.

    30. Chase Barnes on

      I have recently moved within the past couple of months and I was wondering if there will still be an email going out when the physical rewards are ready to be shipped in order to allow people to change their address?

    31. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Faifili on

      Everything appears to be in order on my end.
      I look forward to the next update. :)

    32. Paradoxigent on

      Hey! It's been a while, people!
      I'm glad to see that the game is finally complete. Much has changed over the pass year or two, and I can't wait for the release. Thank you Wayforward! This was an amazing Kickstarter and you guys did well! I hope you continue to utilize Kickstarter as it fits to your needs.


    33. Olli Johannes Suvinen on

      Oh, and congratulations on finishing the project. It's been a long run but at last it's done.

    34. Olli Johannes Suvinen on

      Now we'll just have to wait for the release date which I seriously hope is like a week from now. XD

    35. mordhau5 on

      Are you sure? No more costume contests for us to vote on? Maybe we could pick what color her shoelaces are.

    36. LIMTAECHEON on

      nice to meet you!
      First of all, congratulations on the completion of the game.
      I am a Korean fan who loves your game.
      Is there a way to get your game to PSN ?! : <

    37. Missing avatar

      Matt O'Neill on


      Thanks for your help, looks like I took the survey and selected the PS4 version.

    38. Kai Kubicek

      Awesome! I am very happy for you guys and so glad I backed the game and did my small part. I love 2D side scrolling games it is by far my favorite style of video games, they are timeless.

      The game is going to be amazing the E3 video looks so good. I inspire that one day my own indie game will be as awesome as your guys and look up to your 2D work.

      All the best and congrats, you guys must feel so good right now, my PC is ready and I can't wait.

    39. Niki Coppola

      Great news! Wonder when the digital vs retail will be available. Would love to pick up some copies for friends.

    40. Gregory Schneider on

      Amazing, awesome, fantastic!

    41. WayForward Creator on

      @Matt O'Neill,

      You can look up your information on your WayForward website account. In order to integrate your pledge and your account properly, please read the instructions here:

    42. Missing avatar

      Kyatt on

      Any news about cool things the gamepad does in the Wii U version that might help someone decide between that and the Xbone version?

    43. Missing avatar

      Matt O'Neill on

      How am I able to check which platform I selected? I think I chose PS4 but I don't know how to confirm that...

    44. Edwin on

      Hi, I chose a version on the backerkit but I'd like to change it. How I we do that?

    45. Albert Nakano on

      Woohoo! Congratulations!!