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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
18,558 backers pledged $776,084 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by WayForward (Creator)

Hellooooo Backers!

We hope you all had a relaxing summer and are ready to get down to business -- we’ve got a game to launch! There’s a TON of detail in today’s update – don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

Update on Release Date

First things first – we are going to have to adjust our Target Release Date, moving it back from our 9/27 Target Release date by about 6 weeks, give or take. We know this will disappoint some of you, but we feel that it’s necessary to take that extra time for bug fixing and adding additional polish. We know you want the final product to be excellent and so do we! Thanks for your patience and support as we approach the finish line!

The Game is Content Complete!

And here’s the GOOD NEWS! We’re VERY pleased to announce that Half-Genie Hero is now CONTENT COMPLETE!! In other words, the game’s development phase is over. From now through the end, our focus is entirely on fixing BUGS. The steps from this point are all by-the-book:

  • We continue for several weeks of intense testing on all platforms
  • Once verified by our internal Quality Assurance team, it’s off to Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft (the 1st Party Publishers).
  • The 1st Party Publishers will test the game for compliance. In most cases, this is done for each territory.
  • When we get a green light from all 1st Party Publishers, we can build the digital storefronts and, in the case of retail versions, send the game to manufacturing.
  • Finally, we can select a Release Date that works for all groups involved. At that time our “Target Release Date” will be updated again, and will become the actual Release Date.

Thankfully WayForward has shipped well over 200 games. We’ve been through this process a ton of times, and are intimately familiar with the pitfalls. But pitfalls do exist. A persistent crash bug, an unexpected firmware update, rejection at any level from 1st Parties, or long waits due to the pre-holiday season... ANY combination of these things would be enough to cause a delay. If that happens, we’ll turn around a quick fix, test, resubmit, and will update Backers immediately so you know exactly where things stand. Remember that any release date you see or hear is still just a “target date”, or estimated release date, until we clear 1st Party Submissions, and lock down our launch day. It’s going to be a busy month!


You didn’t forget that this is a world-wide launch, right? So, we need a bunch of languages! The game’s script has now been translated from English into French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Japanese! As you can probably imagine, not every joke and reference benefits from a direct translation, so we’ve been working with our Localization partners to keep the storyline and offbeat humor intact. We’ll do one more pass at languages as we sort out any text-related bugs, and discover any need to add extra hints or punch up a line of dialogue here or there.

Ratings Boards!

Yup, this update just keeps on coming. This week Half Genie Hero is packing its bags for a trip to the RATINGS BOARDS. And not just ESRB here in North America -- but every ratings board IN THE WORLD!! Well, or at least to the territories we’re shipping to. This is no small task. Every costume and pose, any implied danger, tongue-in-cheek jokes, explosions, monster-bashing, scary imagery, oofs, grunts, screams, hair whipping, belly dancing... ANYTHING that could affect the game’s final rating needs to be called out, documented, and captured in video. Ratings vary significantly from one territory to the next, so a Teen rating in one place might be a Cartoon Mischief rating in another. So don’t be too surprised if the final ratings don’t match exactly. The actual content is all the same! 

Farewell to Xbox 360 and PS3

Some months back we asked you to please confirm your platform of choice, and there was a mass migration from the previous generation of consoles to Xbox One and PS4. Because we’re down to 1% of backers who still prefer Xbox 360 or PS3, we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel these versions of the game. We feel that the months it would take for the team to release these versions would be better spent on the game’s DLC, which serves the majority of Backers in the best possible way. We’ve been working through the remaining list of Backers who have no other means of enjoying the game, and are working with them one-on-one to make sure they’re taken care of in light of their very long wait for this product. If you fall into that category and have not heard from us yet, please contact us. Our goal is to make sure you can play the game, and that you are completely satisfied.

DLC Plan!

On the subject of Downloadable Content, what’s included in the “Launch Game” anyway? Answers for you! The first release of the game is what we call “Shantae Mode”. You’ll be able to play the full game, beginning to end as you would with any previous Shantae release. The base game includes all of the Bonus Chapters which were funded as Stretch Goals, nestled right into the main storyline.



After that we’ll have DLC a-plenty, arriving as quickly as we can finish it. Every DLC character has been in development for several months, and all of them are currently playable in varying stages of completion. This includes Risky Boots, Sky, Bolo, Rottytops, and also Ninja Shantae, Officer Shantae, and Beach Shantae. All “Paid DLC” will be free to Backers, naturally.




Backer Exclusive DLC like Blue Shantae, Classic Risky colors, Drifter Sword, and the Tier-Specific Tinkerbat Transformation are all currently being worked on as well. Once the game has launched, we’ll start having regular updates to detail these game-changing new characters and play styles! 


We’re gearing up for Shantae’s first world-wide multi-console launch, and we couldn’t be more excited! Please bear with us as we wrestle this beast to the ground and try to get all of these dates and platforms to line up! It’s going to be crazy, but we’re glad to have Backers like you cheering us on! See you next update!!


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    1. Daniel Schibuk on

      @Zaein: Sorsha posted in the following as to why PSTV compatible was dropped

    2. Missing avatar

      Zaein on

      Well, I did finally get a response a few days ago, but it was pretty much just a "Please wait for an ACTUAL response" message. Supposedly I can expect that sometime after the 21st, since they've decided to have a meeting on the subject.

      Meanwhile, I'm just twiddling my thumbs waiting for the other shoe to drop. Same as I have been for over a month and a half.

    3. Missing avatar

      redrum666 on

      I have to agree with Zaein WayForward customer service is pretty poor had to wait 3 weeks to get a reply about the ps3 situation and now I have to wait even longer to get my refund thanks WayForward

    4. Orion Ake (Handlebar Orion-X) on

      I can hardly wait to play this on my Wii U!! I've been waiting too long to play this game.

    5. WayForward Creator on


      We are VERY backed up at the moment as we are trying to answer everyone's e-mails are thoroughly and as personally as possible. We understand your frustration, and thank you for your patience.

    6. Missing avatar

      Zaein on

      I just... I sent my inquiry e-mail seventeen days ago. A follow-up to try to get their attention in case they hadn't noticed it or had forgotten about it a week ago. And a follow-up to the follow-up two days ago.

      I've been looking my main account and my spam folder every day, and still nothing.

      I honestly don't know what's going on here.

    7. Nakano

      My experience with WayForward customer service has also been very positive. Sure the game is not coming to the platform of my choice anymore, but the decisions presented to sort the issue were fair.
      I can also second the customer service level of Comcept. Couldn't get any reply from them to any of my separate queries. In addition their PS3 port left much to be desired performance wise...

    8. Missing avatar

      Zaein on

      That e-mail was automatic, so I did get it, but I wanted to ask some questions about it along with the PSTV question and a few others, but this is the third time I've been ignored for well over a week.

      Not really feeling the excellence, myself.

    9. Daniel Schibuk on

      Between the three games I backed on Kickstarter: Shantae, Mighty No. 9, and Henshin Engine, the only one that I had trouble contacting was Mighty No. 9. I can tell you that their customer support is an absolute disgrace. I actually had to contact Deep Silver to get answers since Comcept was not responding to my inquiries. I have had excellent customer service with both WayForward and Sarumaru.

    10. Daniel Schibuk on

      @Zaein: That is very strange as WayForward has been very responsive to my inquires. It did take them about a week to get back to my last e-mail, however that was unusually as it is usually a couple of days at most. If you had selected either 360/PS3 as your platform you should have gotten an e-mail on 9/22 with your options as those platforms were cancelled. If you did not get the e-mail send a message to

    11. Missing avatar

      Zaein on

      @Schibuk: Thanks for the effort. I finally got a reply to my e-mail thirteen days after my first (and ten after the e-mail I sent after that one). I replied to that, asking for specific reasoning on that decision, and I'm currently still waiting for a reply.

      Even ignoring the fact that despite owning three of the eight platforms this game was supposed to be in development for I now have no way to play it and they don't actually seem to care, WayForward's customer support appears to be laughably poor. I own and have enjoyed every Shantae game that's been made to this point, and I have zero desire to ever do business with these people again.

    12. Mark Daley on

      does that mean the Vita version is also canceled, cause i have a physical copy of that pre-ordered from a local retailer that still had it in their computers as of oct first

    13. Daniel Schibuk on

      @Zaein: I just posted on the forums about the PSTV version and here is the response form Sorsha:
      "We’ve confirmed that PSTV has been discontinued, so this is no longer a platform that we’re able to support."

    14. Daniel Schibuk on

      @Sean: There will be no more "demos". Also physical rewards will ship around the release date.

    15. Heavyoak on

      ok so is there another "demo" what shows the updated game play? also, I still haven't gotten any of my IRL rewards.

    16. Sarah Jesness on

      We've waited this long, what's another 6 weeks? I'll be so happy when it comes out!

    17. Daniel Schibuk on

      @an evil scientist: "All “Paid DLC” will be free to Backers, naturally."

    18. an evil scientist on

      A bit disappointed to realize that Risky and the other characters are paid DLC, you should have made that clearer early on.

    19. Daniel Schibuk on

      @Aleczandia: You can also visit
      to view your information

    20. Daniel Schibuk on

      @Zaein: That is very strange as I have been getting timely responses from WayForward. Have you tried e-mailing about the PSTV support? If you are still not getting a response try posting on the forum.
      @G_Rett: The Hero Modes DLC was funded through the additional year of accepting PayPal which brought the total pledge amount to nearly $1000. The other stretch goals such as Voice Acting, animated cut-scenes were not reached so those are up to WayForward whether to develop them. BTW, WayForward did offer me a Steam version and all future DLC as compensation for the PS3/360 cancellation.
      @Aleczandia: Your information should be in your WayForward account on WayForward's website. If you do not have a WayForward account you will need to set one up for free.


      I may have missed something (been so long since I backed this) but when did we choose what platform we wanted the game for? I can't seem to find out what I picked (or even if I did!)

    22. Missing avatar

      G_Rett on

      Oof, not good news for the 1%. I feel for them, and there's really only a handful of ethically sound options that can make things right by them. You can give them the option for a refund (which from the sounds of some earlier comments is actually available), or you make it playable for them by some means. While the latter is far more satisfying for the affected backers, it's a much taller order to fill. I'm guessing that part of the reason for dropping the 360 and PS3 versions is due to speculation that most people that spring for a new console are more likely to be people that would be willing to part with more of their money for Half-Genie Hero, and conversely, people with older consoles are more likely to keep their cash close to their vests and not purchase indie games in general. In any case, it's not likely we'll see the game released for either of those two consoles, so what other options are their? We'll it gets messy from here, since some would be willing to play it on PC, but don't have the specs for it, while others object to a keyboard setup for playing the game. I could go on, but I'll shorten it to that it's a tough pill to swallow, but you've got to find the most cost effective way to work with the 1%, even if that means handling them on a case by case basis. It might cost you several thousand dollars more than you were planing to spend on making this game, but it's the right thing to do. You might already be doing something to that effect already, so pay me no mind on the matter if you've something like this or better planned out.

      On a separate note, I noticed that we're getting the additional hero modes as DLC, which we did not manage to crowd fund (Huzzahs abound that we still get em!), does this mean we might see the other unfunded bonus chapters as DLC in the future? I don't care if bakers get em for free or not, I"ll shell out more cash to get those additional chapters. And while voice acting and animated cut scenes would be sweet, I can live without them as they don't really feel like the sort of thing you add to a game after it's been released, feels kinda tacky if you do that. However, if you do include the voice acting and additional animation as DLC, I'd spring for it to be completely honest with ya; I'm on this bandwagon through fair or bumpy roads.

    23. Missing avatar

      Zaein on

      Well I've been trying to contact them for the last three-plus days, and all I've gotten in response is "we have unusually high traffic, please hold."

      This is on the same ticket that made me wait twelve days for my first answer on the PSTV question back in June, so I'm not particularly hopeful on getting timely support.

    24. Daniel Schibuk on

      Since all the platforms are being released at the same time, it would be odd if the Vita version had a different control scheme. If the Vita version used a different control scheme, the code would have to be re-written to support the control scheme which would lead to delays. This is reason why Mighty No. 9 has not been released for Nintendo 3DS or Vita yet as that code is being re-written for those platforms. I would also reconfirm that PSTV support has been dropped.

    25. Missing avatar

      Zaein on

      @Daniel Schibuk
      The PSTV is essentially a Vita without a screen, touch capabilities, or battery that's instead hooked up to your TV. The actual CPU/GPU hardware is identical, so PSTV games and Vita games are indeed exactly the same. The only difference is a minor variation in firmware--since some Vita games support the touchscreen, the PSTV has different firmware so games can be made incompatible with it.

      Of course, this also means that you need to purposely make your game compatible with the PSTV, which is what I was told by support that WayForward has dropped. The support person could simply be mistaken, but she told me this is what she heard from the dev team themselves. Considering the fact that the Xbox One and PC versions are guaranteed to have no touch control support (since neither platform comes with standard touch control devices), even if the PSVita version does have touchscreen support, it seems like a really, REALLY odd choice not to simply implement the control scheme that will have already be developed for the Xbox One version and use this to make the PSTV version compatible.

      But hey, the number of backers who this inconvenience apparently matter less than however much work it would take to implement an existing button-based control scheme on an existing version of a game. But I'm used to that treatment, Sony did the exact same thing when they ported Gravity Rush to PS4 and decided not to implement that button based control scheme on the Vita version so they could let PSTV players finally play that game.

      They had a bit more of an excuse since Gravity Rush on Vita was pretty old at that point, of course, I'm just saying I'm used to being inconsequential.

    26. Daniel Schibuk on

      @Zaein: I can understand cancelling the PSTV as most Vita games work on the PSTV. From the information I have seen but have not been confirmed, it looks like the Vita version will be playable on PSTV, so there is no point in making an additional version just for the PSTV. You might want to contact support and get verification that you can use the Vita version on the PSTV.

    27. Missing avatar

      Zaein on

      I don't recall if they mentioned in any previous updates, but I was told by support that they've also dropped the PSTV version. Three out of eight platforms that were supposed to be supported are gone. Coincidentally, these are three of the four platforms I have access to, and I don't WANT to play a game like Shantae on a PC.

      This is pretty unacceptable. Considering this is the one of two Kickstarter projects I've backed that hasn't essentially collapsed, this is also driving more nails into the Kickstarter coffin. Not really feeling like I should be supporting KS or WF right now.

    28. Jeremie Lariviere

      It was hard moving away from my PS3... it's still sitting there lonely, but Shantae will be better on my Vita... Or PC, if GOG was an option... :-)

    29. Daniel Schibuk on

      To all PS3/360 backers, I was told in my e-mail from WayForward last night that a follow-up e-mail will be going out the week of 9/19 for those backers who do not request a full refund. If you want a refund contact

    30. Daniel Schibuk on

      @Kevin: Since I e-mailed WayForward after update #82, I got an e-mail last night stating that they will issue a refund to any PS3/360 backers who request one by sending an e-mail to

    31. Kevin Franklin on

      Well, I'm glad that 99% of the people who Backed this project have nothing to worry about, as part part of the 1% of Backers that can't afford to go out and buy the latest gaming platforms, I'm pretty disappointed. I'm glad that as a Shantae fan that I was able to Back this project and be a teeny tiny part of making this game a reality, but... it just sucks knowing that that 1% of Backers who chose PS3 or XBox 360 might just be out of luck on this. :(

    32. Liam Rooney "BlueAura" on

      @Richard J.

      Yes, they're still developing the PSVita port of the game, they also confirmed this on twitter two days ago

    33. Richard J. on

      So is the Vita version still a thing?

    34. Jasae Bushae on

      Oh wow so were getting both bonus chapters with launch? Thats good news. For a while there I was under the impression that it would only be the race chapter.
      Is anyone aware that Nintendo declared this game is coming out in October ?

    35. Steven Remington on

      A few months ago I accidentally changed my platform from PS3 to PS4. Since then I've actually bought a PS4. Glad I made the switch back then. Also, great to see how civil people are in the comments. Just got done reading the comments on Mighty Number 9's latest update, and those are steaming hot!

    36. Gary Stewart on

      Thank you so much for your dedicated pursuit for giving us the best quality possible. The delay is understandable.

      So when the game out/released/shipped, will we hear anything about the physical backer rewards?

    37. Joni William Ahonen on

      A new update!
      Any news regarding physical rewards? And why no mention of the physical release of Pirates Curse?

    38. WayForward Creator on

      If you have backed a copy for a copy of PS3/Xbox 360, please contact E-mails to these backers are going out shortly, but if you'd like to contact us, you can do that directly with the above e-mail address. Please be sure to include the e-mail address you used to pledge in your e-mail to support.

    39. Niki Coppola

      While a bit annoying i'm glad the game is being delayed for fixing bugs and stuff. I love a polished game and wish more developers would delay a game to polish it. Especially Ubisoft games.The game still falls into my gift timeline so no biggie For you PS3/360 backers i feel your pain thanks to Hover and Hyper light drifter having Wii U versions in limbo. Hopefully can you can still get digital copies in the future. I Hope Future DLC includes the unfunded chapters Dish served cold And clockwork night, and if i gotta pay for those that's not a problem, I'll gladly fork over more cash.

    40. Venron

      I understand why they are not willing to invest resources to bring this fine game to two discontinued 10 year old consoles. But how will Sony and Microsoft ever convince people to buy these consoles they are no longer manufacturing if there are no new games for them?

      Although I understand what it is like only having an older system (I have a PS2, never went to a PS3 or PS4), it just doesn't make sense to create a new game for platforms that have a shrinking user base. The game literally would have to be dumbed down to even be useable on hardware that old. Even Squenix dropped support for their 12 year old FFXI MMORPG on the Xbox 360 earlier this year, and they already had a large base of users on that platform and years of content.

      If money is tight enough that you can't afford a newer console or computer, maybe speculative crowdfunding should be avoided as well. As a serial crowd funder, this decision makes me more likely to support them in the future, as it shows they are able to respond to changes in the marketplace that will keep their company viable.

    41. Missing avatar

      Charlene Pyper on

      @Daniel Schibuk @Surey D Thanks for telling me what the e-mail is!

    42. Daniel Schibuk on

      @Charlene: E-mail and let them know you want the WiiU version.

    43. Daniel Schibuk on

      @Nakano: I am in the same exact situation as you with the 360 version.

    44. Missing avatar

      Adam Steen on

      Way Forward you know I love you! I have no shame in admitting i backed this game at the 250 tier level cause its a product I believe in and from all gameplay demos, trailers etc I STILL believe this, but to drop the PS3/360 is just poor form. I have no doubt it was a tough decision to make, and while it doesnt effect me personally as i will be getting it on PC, its SCARY to think that just like that a console you decided to back the game on can get tossed out just like that, especially if IT was the deciding factor in your choice to back said project.

      Its going to make more people than just 1% of your backers think twice about supporting you a second go around on KS should you run another campaign to finance the next Shantae or even future content for this current one. And that's not something I want to see happen to you guys, all your backers want to see you succeed and flourish as a dev. Its why you came to us, and its why we believe in you. Please do RIGHT by these 1% of backers and get them this game on the console they backed it on (even if it means delaying their versions release to do it) because for some people they don't have any other choice! I am still looking forward to this game, thank you.

    45. Missing avatar

      Ariel Herrera Morera on

      I like it, thanks for everything I hope to be able to play this game very soon, and I wish them well.

    46. Missing avatar

      redrum666 on

      like other here I backed the ps3 version and was never contacted by WayForward about changing my platform choice

    47. Dylan Zivic on

      Good to read this!
      I can't believe it has been 3 years since the financing campain. I can't wait!
      Sad to read the "PS360" status though.
      I feel it could impact you in some bad ways in the longrun. Even though I get why you decided to cancel these versions...

    48. Zynk on

      GET THE GAME! We'll send you a download code for the **platform of your choice**. A fiiiine option to be "sure",

      Yeah my platform of choice (PS3) was thrown out of the window. JUST. LIKE. DAT.

      If the XBOX/PS3 backers are in the MINORITY, WF shouldn't have that of a problem to contact each one of us 1%. C'mon how many is 1%? About approx 185 ppl.

      I PLEDGED for this game for a PS3 game WF. >:(

    49. Surey D on

      As the update post says, if your platform of choice dropped, please contact WayForward directly! I'm pretty sure it's