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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
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Promo Art, Voting, & Retail Partners!!

Posted by WayForward (Creator)

An Update of Major Proportions!

Hey Backers – We’ve got big, big, BIG surprises for you today! Let’s kick things off with a bang!

Check out our new cool promo art! Up until now, we’ve been using the in-game sprites to represent our cover art, or “key art”. But - just like in Pirate’s Curse, the way our sprites look in the game aren’t exactly how they appear close up. At last year’s Tokyo Game Show, Matt began working with Inti Creates and KOU (the same illustrator from Pirate’s Curse) to come up with a distinct visual style for Half-Genie Hero’s key art, and now it’s ready for you to check out!

This style will be used in close up images like talking portraits, digital cover art, or in advertisements. The new look is designed to be flashy and eye catching, and we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do! This new “anchor image” will replace the artwork that’s been previously associated with the game, starting with this year’s E3 promotions.

VOTING TIME! A Rival Genie!

It’s time for another vote! Remember that “Fire and Forget” Stretch Goal you all funded into existence? In that storyline, Shantae gets REPLACED as Scuttle Town’s Guardian Genie. To make matter’s worse, her replacement is snotty, stuck up, and none too easy to get along with. So – what’s this new genie going to look like? You can see all three of Matt’s rough sketches above, along with the cleaned up in-game sprite designs below. Which one strikes your fancy? Vote by clicking the link right here, and make your selections by May 13th, 11:59pm PDT. Let’s get voting!

Retail Deals in the Works!

We’ve received a ton of requests for physical versions of Shantae. Thing is, WayForward is a game developer and a digital publisher – but not an authorized retail publisher. In order to make physical copies of our games for stores, or distribute games in certain countries, console manufacturers require us to work with an authorized publishing partner. You’ve seen us do this before; Square Enix published LIT for WiiWare in Japan, Capcom distributed the original Shantae cartridge in the US, and more recently Intergrow released the boxed version of Pirate’s Curse in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

Due to the success of Half-Genie Hero's Kickstarter campaign - and the positive support from fans and press - we’ve been able to enter into discussions with top tier publishers to do the same for Half-Genie Hero. We’re extremely excited about this, but we also recognize that this might raise some questions from our Backers. So, here’s what you need to know! 

  • WayForward is the game’s primary publisher, same as always. You’ll still receive your download codes from WayForward, along with all of the Backer Exclusive content.
  • The game’s content will not be impacted by this. Partners will be given a license to distribute the finished game as-is.
  • Any extra work required for these ports will be covered by the distribution partners, not taken from your pledges.
  • Please understand that WayForward is not the distributor of the physical versions, so we can't offer backers any boxed copies.

Look forward to more information as E3 draws near! It’s going to be big!

See you next update!


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    1. Fimvisible on

      I voted #3 because I like the criss-crossy thing, but I hafta admit, #1 is probably more sober/fitting/cute. Theeeen again, #2 has those shoes and ribbons going for her (not the biggest fan of the black straps, although that's but my opinion).

      All in all, I am okay with any of them. Looks like #2 is going to be the uncontested winner, so be it.

    2. Missing avatar

      Elkian on

      I like #2 the best, but they all have their charms. Maybe #2 with the hair ties from 1?

    3. Gerhard "ScHlAuChi" Weihrauch on

      Physical > Digital!
      So thats great to hear!

    4. Raki Singh on

      I like 3...also the voting site doesn't work for me.

    5. Missing avatar

      Diego Alegre on

      2 looks awesome!

    6. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      In absence of Contributor status, I'mma say 2. The dark straps accentuate the lighter elements and match well with her eyes, the puffed shorts and flared shoes have more "fae" sense to them. It's fine enough as-is, but the hair accessories from 1 and the crossed-straps layout of 3 (though keep the black color) would nicely complete it.

    7. MyLittleEndy on

      I got a boxed copy of Pirate's Curse for my JP New 3DS so if you folks manage a boxed copy of this I'll be picking it up as well.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kitiana on

      while the art is nice and sharp, I really hate the SUPER poofy look for the pants.

    9. janju on

      I want to have 1, but with the top from 3 and the boots from 2.

    10. Taint

      I'm not a big fan of the promo art. I think it's the razor blade bell bottoms that Shantae and Risky are wearing. That and the deep black shadow that their legs seem to have fallen into

    11. #14015 - Mighty Morningstar on

      for those who cannot vote, these are the results as of right now:

    12. #14015 - Mighty Morningstar on

      ....I need that physical version! Because reasons.

      I will have to hunt for a copy on release date. :>

    13. Missing avatar

      Kanvaly Bamba on

      The rival genie got redesigned a lot since the initial Kickstarter. I think I like #3 the most (and voted as such) though each of the designs have positive elements in them.

    14. Gregory Schneider on

      I will definitely buy it physical and digital. I choose b mostly due to the poofy shorts, just seems to fit with the design of the game a tad bit better than the other 2.

    15. Olli Johannes Suvinen on

      Oh, and I'll be sure to buy a physical copy as well for PS3 if it ever comes reality. <3

    16. Olli Johannes Suvinen on

      I just hope we'll get our hands on a pre-done product real soon.
      Just can't wait. >.<

    17. Perplex on

      I imported Pirate's Curse from Japan just to have it as retail, so this is a great news for me.

    18. Anna on

      Bah, sucks I can't vote. I am fine with whatever though

    19. Niki Coppola

      Can we get a 4th option that combines elements of the others? I really like the top and shoes from 3 but want the pants from 2.

    20. Michael Zimmer on

      @Robert Kasal
      The Design 2 has actual 48% of all votes so it looks pretty good for it.

    21. Missing avatar

      faye on

      Am I imagining things or the three eyed monster on the promo art is used as support for Risky's emblematic pirate ship ? Oo

    22. Robert Kasalý on

      I wish I was a high enough tier to vote, the black detail on design 2 makes the whole thing look really good, and of course the poofy shorts are awesome.

    23. Jákup Fuglø

      After staring for a good while I finally decided #1 is my favorite. The boots and the flowery things on her pigtails did it for me.
      I thought it would be one of the other ones initially but #1 held my interest for the longest.

      Glad to hear that there might be physical copies available since that's how I prefer to collect games.
      Also cool that you're working with Inti Creates again since I personally thought the jump between styles from the last game was a bit too big but now it's not that much of a clash.

    24. Reading Owl on

      I see I'm not alone in thinking #1's hair accessories would fit better with #2. They're all look good, but #2 feels like the most genie-ish of them and the black details makes it stand out more.

    25. th8827 on

      I like the top from 1, the pants from 2, and the shoes from 3...

    26. Missing avatar

      Mikołaj Gustaw Koszański on

      I think that, since we're talking genies, baggy pants are a must - GO #2!

    27. Paul Bastin on

      For a physical release on PC, have you considered approaching Indiebox?

    28. Cyber Shantak on

      Wow, Risky has some really poofy pants there. Also, I'm guessing you might be talking to Deep Silver about a retail deal.

    29. Dustin Moore on

      Keep Scamco away, please.

      I don't want any of my money going into their pocket for a physical release on Wii U.

    30. Orion Ake (Handlebar Orion-X) on

      I can hardly wait to get this on my Wii U now that I've backed it.

    31. Weakwall on

      Amazing promo art!
      Difficult for me to choose. I like the green waist strap of 3 but not the shoes. Like the flower shoes of 2 but not the neck strap. I like the flower pigtail on 1 but the rest looks boring.

    32. Missing avatar

      Adam Steen on

      Congrats on getting a retail distributor. I loved when Shovel Knight gained the ability to distribute its game via retail. Loving the designs of teh character, but is there any way we can combine parts of the genie? Say teh head from 1, the pants from 2 and the top from 3? I think this makes for a killer combanation

    33. Alan San Jose on

      Number one is great.

    34. Jeremie Lariviere

      cool update, thanks!

    35. Jasae Bushae on

      Well it doesn't seem like very much is left.
      These votes seem to be based on points in game more or less. We got all the transformation stuff taken care of. And a vote for Rottytops in the magic carpet ride. Now an aestetic choice for the rival genie in the last bonus chapter...

      The physical version is certainly a nice plus. It means the series will get to be released more openly, and it will make it feasible to send copies to friends.
      Curious what the pricing would be though...

      Given the comment about E3, im assuming a concrete date will be released at that point. I kinda hope they will surprise us by saying Risky will be released at the same time, though I don't think that is a realistic theory.

    36. Garrett Austin Boyle on

      Definitely 2 with with the flower pigtails from 1. I love the poofy shorts from 2; they mirror Shantae's poofy pants.

    37. DamnCatOnMyDesk

      I vote 2.

    38. Queen Wolfen on

      I'd love it if 2 could have 1's little flowery accessories.

    39. Inkie Pie on

      I think they should put the little flower pigtail things from 1 onto 2.

    40. Tiso Spencer

      Wii U physical and I'm set.

    41. Niki Coppola

      I think they should combine elements from 2 and 3.. I like the pants and top straps from 2 but like the waist straps and shoes from 3 . Maybe a gold/yellow belt?

    42. Alexis Sara on

      It stinks that there isn't a way to do an upgrade fee for a physical version or something like that since I always prefer to have a physical game and likely would have backed at that level if anyone knew that the game would be released at that level.

      I like design 2 best for the genie and the Key art is amazing. Glad y'all are having some good work with this stuff.

    43. Mark John Vignone Jr. on

      Absolutely digging that new promo art, and beyond thrilled that y'all are in talks for a potential physical release. Maybe Limited Run Games, the ones that might be doing physical prints of Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water and Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies, would be game.

      Meanwhile, I have a strong feeling an Amiibo is on the way...

    44. Jason Roop on

      Isabella, looks like the trend right now is toward #2, but we still have until the 13th to find out! I wish they could mix all 3 designs (hair flowers, flower like shoes, and cross top).

    45. Missing avatar

      Patrick McVeigh on

      For some reason I can't get into the forums anymore, But I'm really liking design 2

    46. AlexFlame116 on

      Wow. You don't know how happy you have just made me with the announcement of a physical release!!! Well, you're in discussions with some companies but it's there!!! Even though I already have a code waiting for me, you can bet for sure that I'm getting a physical copy for the PS4!!!

      I don't know why but I've fallen in love with Shantae. I even bought her games multiple times for multiple platforms haha. Is that bad?

    47. Xi The 11th Weapon

      3 like the top

    48. Missing avatar

      Isabella on

      Ah, damn! Too bad I can't vote. I'd totally vote for #2. Those puffy shorts and cute shoes are lovely.