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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
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Happy 2016, Backers!

Posted by WayForward (Creator)

The Last Backer Enemy is in Captivity… the Galaxy is at Peace.

This is it! The final Backer Enemy to appear in Half-Genie Hero! Say hello to Tuki, the sneaky, snakey seller of magical secrets by Backer Matt B! Matt B worked with our Matt B on several designs, and eventually landed on this devious shop keeper rather than a traditional combat enemy. Tuki will appear at various points throughout the game to offer the player new dances in exchange for old ones. What could go wrong? Traditional enemy? - No. Interesting choice? Abso-slither-lutely!"

The Road to Pre-Alpha

So you ask yourself, when is this crazy game going to be done, anyway? I backed this when I was a child, now I’m a full grown adult with chest hair! As with most game development, we carve the game into sections and work on them one by one. Our goal right now is to get the game to Pre-Alpha status. Pre-Alpha means that a person could experience the entire game from beginning to end, with a few temp objects here and there.

Today our Quality Assurance Team did a full play-through, debugging occasionally to bypass the incomplete portions of Chapter 5 and 6 (the Final Chapter), and a few rough spots that need extra love, namely boss battles. We expect that it will take a couple of months to finish those chapters, and declare the game a Pre-Alpha. From there we will adjust and fine tune the storyline and quest -- all that “meta” stuff -- to reach Alpha. Then we’ll bug fix and polish our way to Beta, and finally 1st Party Submission. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s going to take a big push to reach the end!

Did You Buy a New Console?

If you recently traded in that PS3 for a PS4, or got a Wii U or Xbox One over the holidays, we’d encourage you to update your Backer Rewards to reflect this! Since Backer Kit is now closed, you can do this by contacting our Support Team at They'll be happy to help you switch your “platform of choice” to that shiny, new console.

Risky’s Revenge for Wii U

Breaking news today for Shantae fans! Shantae: Risky’s Revenge Director’s Cut is moving into submissions at Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe. Now Wii U owners will be able to play the most popular Shantae game on the planet, with all of those fancy bonus features like the new Warp System, improved balancing, HD illustrations, and the infamous Magic Mode Costume!

Even Breaking-er News!

The team handling the ports of Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse to PS4 and Xbox One are in the final stretch, and expect the game to reach North America and Europe sometime in March. We don’t have an exact release date yet, so just smear some Elmer’s glue all over late March and maybe early April, and cover it in purple hair so you don’t forget. 2016 is going to be a great year for Shantae fans! Tons to do, back to work! Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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    1. Perplex on

      Pirates Curse was anounced back in 2012.

    2. Brian Spalliero on

      I'm sorry. I'm a bit baffled, so you're telling us you have started a whole game from scratch (pirates curse), ported it, and finished it before the initial game has even made it to alpha? I haven't been paying a lot of attention but there was also a Gameboy version either ported or developed and released? With all due respect I really hope this game is well worth the capital we all put in, and the extra, extra wait. HOPE!

    3. CarneyVorous on

      Any updates? Been a while. Excited for Pirates Curse on XB, but really eager for news on this one.

    4. Perplex on

      What promised release? Do you mean the Oktober 14 placeholder? I hope you didn't really expect a game ready in under a year...

    5. James Fluker on

      I agree with Mike. Games often take longer than anticipated and delayed games are almost always better because of it. But it has been poor communication and/or misleading that sees us 18 months after the original promised released date and the game isn't even in Alpha yet. This will be the last WayForward game I support due to my disappointment in how this has been handled.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mike Kelly on

      These kind of delays are why I've stopped Kickstarting games: about 2 and a half years after the project started and 18 months after the estimated release date you're talking about starting down "the Road to Pre-Alpha".

      I guess that with the "money up front" model Kickstarter has there was less incentive to deliver this product than there was to develop the other dozen or so games you've released in the last 2 years.

    7. Jeremie Lariviere

      Thanks for the update!
      I actually do need to remember what I picked, and possibly change what I did :-)

    8. gb7zone7 on

      Have you not seen the Nagas in the previous games? They've been around since 2002.

    9. Protoman Red Bomber on

      Take your time. We want a epic game like Pirate's Curse (we know that will be better as this must be the greatest Shantae experience). Please, show us more aboute Hero modes and speak about the DLCs (nintendo's site explains that this game will get DLC content).


      A reptile with TITS?


    11. Cyber Shantak on

      The snake lady actually looks ... cute, and I honestly hate snakes. Well done. Hey WayForward, what is it like for you to share a 3rd party developer (Inti Creates) that is working on other Kickstarter games (Mighty No.9 and Bloodstained Ritual of the Night)?

    12. GuNMouTH on

      That's one fine snake lady, if I do say so myself.

      ...and I DO~<3


    13. Thomas (RadioShadow) on

      Can't wait to play Risky’s Revenge on the Wii U. That will make the wait more bearable!

      My brother will be happy he can get Half-Genie on his shiny new Xbox One.

    14. Missing avatar

      G_Rett on

      'Looks at the new enemy'
      This one pertains to my interests, do go on.
      Also, I'm in the camp that wants the game to take as long as it needs to; a rushed title would be a let down.

    15. Weakwall on

      (Hey, so i was right that this was the final design backer.)
      Giving such special privilege to him and his design, how lucky.
      Always great to see progress.

    16. TheRealMalek on

      Couple months aka two or aka many ?

    17. Missing avatar

      Joshua Wolf on

      Nice Super Metroid reference. ;D

    18. Missing avatar

      Bugui Lee on

      Can we message support to add copies for our new consoles or is it only for switching?

    19. Jákup Fuglø

      Delayed games are generally better than rushed games so this is fine.

    20. Rayner Alves on

      I don't mind though. As long as the don't try to rush it out incomplete and turn it onto Sonic '06 I'll be happy.

    21. Rayner Alves on

      At best after this information we're looking at Holiday 2016. If they're not quite done with the main game yet then what about Risky and the other characters?

      My prediction is late 2016 announced date delayed into 2017.

    22. Missing avatar

      sorathecrow on

      Is 2016 conceivable at this rate?

    23. Bloaxus Julius Caesar on

      I can see that people would be worried about the game taking so long, but there are so many things to do other than waiting for a single game these days - especially with so damn many games coming out these days.

      If anything then I don't actually /mind/ this taking so long.
      Take your time, nobody likes a rushed title - especially after it has already been quite a while.

      Cheers, Bloax.

    24. Christopher Jr. Riley on

      I like what I'm seeing so far. As long as the game is in top quality, I don't mind waiting a bit longer.

      As for the Director's Cut of Risky's Revenge, I'll definitely pick it up (even though I have the DSi version).

    25. Meshal on

      Guys, it's been 3 years. You've got to announce a release date. Why has it taken so long to prepare the game for pre-alpha? I understand you don't want to announce a release date to avoid any cries from the fans (like Mighty No.9), but you've spent way too long on the game. It's an indie game, not a triple A experience. Come on, you need to step it up and finish the game this year. Announce a release date soon, please.

    26. Adam John Manns on

      Is Risky's Revenge for Wii U also coming to Australia/New Zealand as well?

    27. Nick Gipson on

      This is crazy, cause today I was just thinking "when is Risky's Revenge coming to Wii U"

    28. Missing avatar


      I love the art for Tuki, and the idea! I loved it so much I had to run through the past couple updates to check out the other backer designed enemies, too. They're all going to be so great in this game!

    29. Pedro Rosas on

      Don't worry Wayforward, unlike Deep Silver we have full trust in you will deliver, just keep up the magnificent work you always do.

    30. José Prevot on

      Snek girl is always best girl!

    31. John Marstall on

      There are Kickstarted projects where you're never sure you'll see a finished product, and there's WayForward's. It's clear these guys have made games before and know how to scope and complete them. Thanks for the regular and reassuring updates.