Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

by WayForward

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    1. Hesham Saghir on

      That's Nikki swapnote!

    2. Michael St. George Matatics

      "Free" as in "gift" free? Or as in, ‘you don't have to make any in-game purchases to enjoy or even complete this game, but they add to the experience and make the game easier’ free? (Freemium)

    3. Michael St. George Matatics

      Or as in "ad-supported" free?

    4. James Ryan on

      Totally adorable.

    5. InquisitiveRavenclaw on

      @Michael St. George Matatics - Ad-supported free

    6. Michael St. George Matatics

      @InquisitiveRavenclaw Thanks. That's probably the best way to go about it. WayForward is a business, so gift free would be a foolhardy route for them to take. And freemium is usually just plain annoying.

    7. Surey D on

      Ikki does seem a lot like Nikki from Swapnote/Nintendo Letter: bowl hair bigger at the bottom end, big diagonal glasses (most prominent in the mii representation), green sweater, and her name being REALLY close. If the backer didn't have inspiration, that's fine, but that's such an unfitting role, that I'm a bit uneasy about it.

    8. gb7zone7 on

      @Reyd Maybe if you look at it from a perspective of Swapnote dying prematurely and Nikki as the ghostly remains...

      ...whatever the case I'm all for it! I miss Swapnote.

    9. Missing avatar

      Atherton on

      I thought we were going to get an update on the new animation process? Is that still going to happen?

    10. 1UPForever on

      @Michael St. George Matatics You'd think ad-supported free is the better alternative. But you would be wrong. So very very wrong. Try the game and see for yourself.

    11. Ariel Mehr on

      lmaoooooo I'll take Nikki's spooky ghostie.

    12. Makotwo on

      Ikki is cute addition.

      Right. Seems even the designer admits it's a nod / parody of Nikki and swapnote "dying".
      Regardless. Nintendo themselves have also done a TMNT parody with the ninja koopas. So lets hope this doesn't give any trouble for WayForward.

    13. Johnathon Thomas Salfer on

      "Backer Roger C.", I LOVE YOU. Nikki Ghost, Ikki!! :D Hidden in treasure chests! Like envelopes! :D :D This is AMAZING!! THANK YOU!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      David on

      Holy cow Ikki is cute as a button! You guys and Roger C are amazing.

    15. Ruben van Ophuizen on

      I was gonna say, so THAT'S what happened to Nikki after Swapnote died, but I suppose that was the whole idea behind the character to begin with. Cute little nod to a cute little character =)

    16. Eric V on

      You've no idea how happy this adorable little remake of Lit makes me! I loved Lit back on the Wii. Even got some praise from you kind folks WayForward on a video I uploaded of me beating the janitor for the first time. But my android device has no space! ;~; Any hope of it seeing Kindle or Windows support? If not, I'll see if I can free the space soon.

    17. ABIB on

      Foo Swee Chin is one of my favorite artists, I'm sad you didn't use anything even remotely resembling her style for this remake.

    18. Neonpremesis on

      So Ikki is the ghost of Nikki from Swapnote, right? Guess Nintendo killed off more than their app.

    19. Missing avatar

      Paul Rascher on

      She's an adorable ghost. I can't wait too see her in the game. The new level looks amazing. I love the spooky cartoon style of it from the background to the giant, ominous, tower of spooks <3.

    20. Missing avatar

      Wandering Shadow on

      Kinda nice to see lit redone in the usual Wayforward style. Any plans for a PC release for those of us who are adverse to small screens?

    21. Xzaviar B. on

      I haven't received my download code for my XboxOne reward.

    22. Blackmore on

      Ikki looks like a ghostly Velma from Scooby Doo. Wonder if she can stop that meddling Shantae.