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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
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Time For Some Leg Work!

Posted by WayForward (Creator)

ATTENTION! This update contains important info regarding PLEDGE PAYMENTS and REWARD LOCK DOWN ON AUG 17th

First, say hello to a new foe!

We’ve got a brand new enemy to show off today, Bonelegs, the 2nd backer-created enemy by Matt M.P. Matt’s idea was to have a large arachnid that could respond to direct attacks, and strike upwards at players who attempt to leap out of range. The design began with some very icky and more traditional giant spider shapes, and then evolved into something like a were-spider. We worked with Matt to make sure that this spider would complement Shantae’s Spider Form (which is still a work in progress). When players encounter this creature in-game, the powerful front legs will mash together to form a shield, which players will need to work around if they hope to strike at its weak spots. The arms will also be able to pierce upwards to catch overhead heroes unawares. Don’t take this enemy lightly! We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Matt P. for bringing his vision to Half-Genie Hero!

Attack on Scuttle Town!

Since E3 the team has begun working on our first world in the game, Scuttle Town Main Street. This isn’t the same hub of activity where NPCs wander (Scuttle Town Square), but rather the action–packed variety as seen in the openings of the original Shantae (Game Boy Color) and Pirate’s Curse. For the first time ever, Scuttle Town’s Main Street will be a fully explorable environment, with secret areas accessible by using various transformations. The design is a true return to form, with Tinkerbats looting and pillaging, cannonballs firing from Risky’s ship, ambushes, scimitars, rowboats, flaming cocktails... you know, pirate stuff! Check out the concepts... this is going to be awesome!

Backer Surveys and Reward Lockdown!

Now, down to some Backer Business. We need to cover a few crucial items with you:

Remember those surveys we sent out a few months back? We’re still missing input from roughly 60% of you. We need to know stuff like T-Shirt sizes, platform of choice... miscellaneous info that is required for getting some of these rewards in motion. Please check your inboxes and/or spam filters! If you’re concerned and can’t find an email, worry not. We’ll reach out again in a new email (via BackerKit) in a few days. And, you can always reach us at


First off, thank you very much for backing Shantae: Half-Genie Hero! We couldn’t have done any of this without you!

Due to the fact that we extended funding and enabled additional copies to be purchased through BackerKit, those who backed or added additional copies via BackerKit will need to make sure you have sufficient funds in your accounts by August 17th. Funds will be captured when we lockdown the reward tiers.

For those of you who made your donation through Kickstarter or Paypal, your money has already been processed, you just need to make sure you’ve answered your survey questions. 

If you have any questions regarding your funds or survey answers, please contact


This will also occur on August 17th. Please complete your reward surveys and lock in your T-Shirt sizes, platform of choice, and any other information specific to your reward tier. Changes cannot be made after we lockdown the reward tiers--unless you contact support@wayforward.comThank you!


We do not have a firm release date for the game yet because game development is going full speed and each day provides new challenges. However, it is likely the game will release in two "rounds" to relieve pressure on the development team because of the technical hurdles multiple platform launches entail. Steam/PC, PS4, Wii U, and Xbox One are in “Round 1”, and PS3, Xbox 360, and Vita are in "Round 2." We are confident that the time between rounds will be relatively short in game development terms (1-3 months, again only an estimate) and we wanted to be up front with you, the backers, about our plan in case it had some bearing on which version of the game you want to pick. Please keep in mind these plans are still tentative and are subject to change.


If you’ve pledged at a tier that includes Backer Builds, you are able to choose any platform for the final version of the game, you’re not limited to PC. Don't worry, you’re not locked in to Steam/PC just because you received the code for the E3 2015 demo on Steam!

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    1. Alex Horton on

      is this going to be crossbuy on playstation ?

    2. Darmin Hadzic on

      That Quelaag is a little too spooky for me.
      A lot of those designs looks really awesome. I would have preferred the smaller pupils on the torso skull, but that's just because it reminds me of Duskull.

    3. Robin Tulestedt on

      Bonelegs is my kind of girl <3

    4. Missing avatar

      Alexander Zorin on

      Pretty sweet design. And here I was fearing that backer-designed monsters couldn't be good. Glad to have been wrong!

    5. wenchwogg on

      Looking great. Just finished Pirate's Curse for the first time yesterday on my Wii U. Incredible game :)

    6. WayForward Creator on

      Unfortunately we can not reply to everyone here. Please send us a msg on Kickstarter or to so that we can answer your questions more quickly and efficiently.

    7. Dan on

      Hmmm... I can't seem to pick any additional download codes as my Add-On. It shows I still have a $15 credit, but there's no Add-Ons to pick from.

    8. haitechan on

      Filled the survey, thanks for the reminder! Forgot that there was a Wii U option, must be because I didn't had one at the time I became a backer (only a PS3). Yay for more games for Wii U :).

    9. Meshal on

      Can you send me another survey? Every time I access the page where I have to answer the questions, the page doesn't load correctly. Eve your contact page cannot be loaded properly.

      I just want to confirm for Wii U. That's all.

    10. Wayne Griffin on

      Do you have a vague release date? Do you think the Round 1 release will be by the end of this year?

    11. Zynk on

      @devs: IIRC I set mine for PC/Steam, but I changed it for PS3, it that okay? Because I haven't touched my PS3 for a long while now and I need reasons to do so. Thanks.

    12. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      > 1. For which system would you like your copy of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero?

      There is no "GOG" or "DRM-Free" option. What should I choose?

    13. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      I want to see Shantae: Half-Genie Hero on GOG.

    14. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      Also: Has there been confirmation of "cross-goods" for the PlayStation systems (read: get game and/or add-ons for one system, have access to the same on the other two)?

    15. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      I'd noticed in the past months that we could still modify our pledge tier on BackerKit, but never altered it, not knowing if it was intentional. Are we still open toward doing so?

    16. Missing avatar

      redrum666 on

      will the ps4 ps3 and vita be cross-buy

    17. Missing avatar

      redrum666 on

      will the ps4 ps3 and vita cross-buy

    18. Andreas Sunde on

      Will all versions be 60fps? That would be my only reason for choosing the PC version over the Wii U version.

    19. jibaycay on

      About these 'Rounds', does the PAL versions of the game will be released at the same time of the other versions?

      Thank you :)

    20. Nakano

      I'll wait the Round 2 release then. Main thing is that content wise they have the same features and play as smoothly in all platforms.

    21. Jákup Fuglø

      Arachnes are best monster girls :P

    22. Vince Vazquez

      Love seeing the progress! Also, I have no problem you guys releasing this in waves. Multi platform launches seem to be hobbling other studios' efforts quite a bit; break it up is the way to go. Kids today are spoiled anyway ;) I remember not even knowing if the N64 or Sega Genesis would get a game on a rival platform, and when they did, it would be ported by some other developer, be of varying quality, and release months later or even the next year. That's kind of how it should be; pick your battles, focus on the victories you know you can win, deal with the rest later. i dig that. Good luck guys!

    23. Missing avatar

      Dr. Wily's Flying Saucer on

      Are the minimum PC specs posted yet? I have a pretty souped up machine but I want to make sure it will run the game before I commit to the platform.

      Don't want to be surprised like I was when the Mighty No 9 min requirements came out

    24. Jeremie Lariviere

      Thanks for the update!
      Sounds like I'm in an exclusive group... I think I filled out my survey within a day or so of when it went out :-)

    25. Trevor McDoctor - Day 0 Shantae Fan on

      Bonelegs, Bonelegs, does whatever a Bonelegs does. That is a sweet design Matt M.P.! Hee hee my WiiU's in the first round, nice to hear good news like that.

    26. Makotwo on

      Finally an update.

      The spider girl looks pretty cool , Scuttle Town too
      Sadly no release date yet. At least I'm in the first round.
      I think I already have all the surveys and BackerKit stuff filled in...
      I'll check again later to make sure.

    27. Sin Volvagia on

      Nice to see we're gonna have an Arachne in the game, transformation or not. I like how it has a creepy mode as well.

      BTW, why isn't Wendy: Witch's Way displayed in the main site with the other games? The game was pretty good and it was like a pre-Shantae. It even had special bonuses when played on a GBA.

    28. Trevor Monaghan on

      Wait there's not a 3ds release? Awww maaan. Vita it is!

    29. Missing avatar

      denpanosekai on

      I have never received a survey for Shantae Half Genie Hero. Same with Mighty number 9. Really annoying. I better get my game.

    30. Tiso Spencer

      Hello, I seem to have messed up my backerkit add-ons. I can't add any extra game code, however it erased my $15 add-on pledge for the Xbox One copy. Now I have a $15 credit left but I need to put it back to my Xbox 1 add-on.

    31. Cohen on

      I also would like to know if the PSN-versions are cross-buy: PS4/Vita would be great (540p on the go, 1080p at home). And is this game in Microsofts new cross-buy-program (Xbox One / Windows10-PCs)?

    32. Missing avatar

      too//damn//ninja on

      Bonelegs looks ace; good work Matt MP!

    33. Missing avatar

      Nick Jones on

      I'm liking the new update, we've got some good input from backer Matt M.P.. Keep up the good work!

    34. Nathan Mead on

      Bonelegs looks awesome!

    35. Damien Innes on

      Will the PSN version be cross-buy?