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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
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A Smashing Good Time in Scuttle Town

Posted by WayForward (Creator)

Hi Tinkerbackers!

Things are  moving at breakneck-speed over here, and Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is looking more and more amazing with each passing day!  Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself below!

Scuttle Town

Scuttle Town’s going “full circle” in Half-Genie Hero. We’re building out new concepts that take the Game Boy Color's circular town layout and recreating it in 3D. If you look closely, you might notice that every vantage point from past games is faithfully represented! The front and rear gate, the scarecrow fields, and even the old Lighthouse bay. We can’t wait to start building the new Scuttle Town!

Desert World

In our last update we showed you Desert concepts.  What you see below is those concepts made real in-game!  It now has a darker look and hints of a lost age in the background. Totally swank! 

 We've also got new desert-themed enemies to show you, including some new and returning faces! Check ‘em out!

Shantae in SMASH BROS?!? VOTE NOW!

Is anyone else losing their mind over this? Nintendo president Mr. Iwata has opened up voting to add your favorite character into SMASH BROS! As the original indie darling, we can’t think of anyone more suited to the task than our own hair-whipping heroine Shantae! She’s got the legacy, having Nintendo exclusive game launches dating back to Game Boy Color -- but her costume swaps and move sets are a perfect fit as well! More girl power, more magic, more music, more moves! VOTE NOW! 

North America Smash Ballot -
EU-UK Smash Ballot -
Japan Smash Ballot -

After you vote (you voted, right?) check out these awesome costume variations from our art team! We want Shantae in SMASH BROS., but it’s up to YOU! We already know what happens when you combine your collective might! Make some noise and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

North America Smash Ballot -
EU-UK Smash Ballot -
Japan Smash Ballot -

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    1. Ernst Stabinski on

      I voted Shantae,

      and Sora from Kingdom Hearts, what? They would make an awesome team, plus Genie from Aladdin could try hitting on Shantae and she rejects him would be kind of awesome. What? I like KH, I would love to see others enter smash, but I will Prioritize Shantae. Also I have a friend who's a KH super fan so that's how I got my second vote in.

    2. Ian Gore on

      i voted for shantae, thats it

    3. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on

      I think the first two outfits on the bottom would be hard to notice in the game, wouldn't a Risky Boots color scheme and the magic mode outfit be better choices? Also I'd love to know what her moveset would be like for Smash ( like B for hair whipping and the like), and that if she got her own stage ( most likely Scuttle Town) how it would function :D Really hope she makes it in!

    4. Kyle on

      Shovel Knight
      King K Rool

    5. DiScan on

      Voted for Shantae! Here's hoping!

    6. GunplaGamer on

      Nintendo has listed Shantae as a "near impossible" addition as they said it will be very hard to actually get the rights...even though Wayforward them want her in -.-...i think Nintendo is just being lazy

    7. Niki Coppola

      Wait i just remembered, Dancer Shantae as Smash outfit!

    8. Niki Coppola

      The 6 and seventh outfits are too similar looking to the first . Details are too minor. Why not a Sky outfit and something orange/yellow or maybe the swimsuit?

    9. Christopher D Cheatham on

      Thinking about 3D character models for Shantae in Smash makes me want a 2.5D Shantae game. Or maybe even a full 3D open world Shantae game!

    10. Denison Guizelini on

      And you WayForward, can you make some Shantae 3D animanation for us? To see how Shantae can be in 3D?

    11. Missing avatar

      xaaron Akeem green on

      2, HatsuneMiku
      3. Tails the fox
      my life will be complete X3

    12. Curtis Kam on

      Voted in the most persuasive comment ever.

    13. Jacob Wisner

      Was talking to Chris Pranger via twitter (of Loading Ready Run) and he made the point that Shantae is such a great fit for smash brothers that it seems like you might be able to work out her inclusion even without the vote. Have you guys attempted to talk to Nintendo about that already?

    14. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      @Christopher Cornish: Outfits 6 and 7 are what she wore in Risky's Revenge and the first game (respectively)

    15. Agent Gold on

      If anyone is looking for something to put in the "reason" box to vote for Shantae, I came up with a list of 10 reasons. See if it sparks something on why you'd really like to see her.

      I will confess that I skipped over most of the update and excitedly jumped to the part talking about the possibility of Shantae in Smash Bros. XD
      I did go back and read the rest though, and it's all good stuff!

    16. Missing avatar

      Derek Freeman

      @G_Rett - Yup. That's who I voted for. Simon Belmont has all those different sub-weapons as different specials and the Cross sub-weapon's Item Crash "Grand Cross" could be used as it's Final Smash, which is a point I made as well.

    17. Missing avatar

      Derek Freeman

      @G_Rett - Yup. That's who I voted for. Simon Belmont has all those different sub-weapons as different specials and the Cross sub-weapon's Item Crash "Grand Cross" could be used as it's Final Smash, which is a point I made as well.

    18. Missing avatar

      G_Rett on

      I really hope she get's chosen. If they have enough resources, they may allow for more than one character to be chosen from the ballots. If not, then I think her toughest competition is gonna come from Simon Belmont since Castlevania has such an impressive pedigree.

      Shantae has a lot going for her with a large move-pool to choose from, an Iconic look, and she provides a niche representation for indie developers. On top of this, there's been a pattern with Smash Bros. games, after the first one, where newly introduced characters tend to also have a new game coming out. Marth and Roy were apart of Melee, and not long afterward Fire Emblem games started hitting the GameBoy Advanced. Brawl brought Pit out from obscurity and of course Kid Icarus: Uprising followed. Shulk brought similar notice to Xenoblade Chronicles and it's upcoming games; it's likely that these particular character choices were in part due to help promote games that were coming up for sale shortly after their respective Smash appearances. As we all know, Half-Genie Hero is in development right now and is slated for release later this year (though it may get pushed back a bit if more development time is required; I know I wouldn't mind) and WayForward has the entire back-log of Shantae games available on the Nintendo eShop, giving Shantae a fiscal edge in the final decision.

    19. Missing avatar

      Qwavontay Spivey on

      I can bet there would be tons of more votes for Shantae if one of her costumes was the princess outfit in Pirates Curse, if Nintendo permits it.

    20. Christopher D Cheatham on

      Shantae was the first character that came to mind when I saw the announcement on Nintendo Direct. She would definitely be my main!

    21. Missing avatar

      Paul Comrie on

      Done. Also voted for Kunio-kun.

    22. Christopher Cornish on

      I voted for Shantae!

      I am looking at the costumes, though...1, 6, and 7 look very similar. I can only see minute differences; are costumes 6 and 7 representing anything in particular?

    23. Justin Raimey & Terry L Raimey on

      Yup, as soon as I heard about the voting I immediately voted for Shantae for Smash DLC. She has so many good moves to choose from she's a perfect fit. The color variations are incredible as well.

    24. Missing avatar

      Derek Freeman

      I'd like to mention two new themes for 3DS can be downloaded, one featuring Shantae and the other Rottytops.

    25. Niki Coppola

      @Mike great move set. i would may try to put in some Pirate curse shout out moves like downward cannon smash down while in the air.and hat hover/float. For final Smash i like the idea of Harpy transformation flying and doing massive damage with claws (just like in GBC game). But yours is funny.

    26. #14015 - Mighty Morningstar on


      You can give up to 10 votes! Use one for Shantae! :O

    27. Bloaxus Julius Caesar on

      Shantae, long a highly praised shadow in the dark depths of the Nintendo console market.
      Hopefully also with a place in the spotlight. Voted.

    28. Missing avatar

      Chris Howley on

      And Voted.
      When I first saw the announcement my plans were to vote for Samurai Goroh to expand out the neglected F-Zero fighters roster, but this gets my vote over that.

    29. Rakuraiji on

      Pffffft. As soon as I saw the possibility to include Shantae via that voting tool I voted for her! I really hope to see her in Smash Bros some time in the future >3<
      Also, those desert-themed enemies lookin good! Cant wait to beat the * out of them xD

    30. Robert Kasalý on

      Voted on the European site. WE'RE DOING IT. WE'RE MAKING IT HAPPEN.

    31. Erick Martin on

      I am no man of any faith nor hope however I am actually praying for shantae on smash she has so much to offer and let’s face it most of us are loyal Nintendo consumers so she may not be the one whit most votes but she is the one who most deserve it!

    32. Bo Ferguson on

      Ah DANGIT, already voted for Geno! I mean sure he deserves it, but why didn't I think of THIS sooner??

    33. Weakwall on

      She is a fine choice for smash. BUT SO IS BANJO-Kazooie. :l If she makes it in, they have to carefully not make the character too much 'fan-service'. or the E+10 will become T just from this DLC. Also, that 3d Scuttle town, will be almost like in the same way as the original game were you turn for each location?

    34. WhattheFnu on

      I already voted for Rayman :(
      My apologies, but after the whole ArtsyOmni incident, it was too good to pass up. I did consider Shantae, but ultimately ended up deciding that she works best in her own universe.

      I will say this, though: if we got a Shantae Amiibo because of her inclusion, I would go through hell and back to get one.

    35. Vince Vazquez

      Voted! Shantae joins Klonoa and Jill (Drill Dozer) for my votes on mulitple Nintendo sites :) Wish you guys luck!

      Of course, I personally would love to see - someday - a Wayforward fighting/platform/party game of their own. You guys certainly have the character lineup to tackle such a project now! With charming characters like Patty Wagon and Luna and Alta joining everyone from Shantae and other titles like Lit and Til Morning's Light, your own "Mighty Smash... Slammers" (or whatever) would be totally awesome :)

      Great update! (^-^)

    36. Missing avatar

      Mike Lenihan on

      I agree with Mighty Morningstar's comment below. Replace the first two outfits with A blond "Sky-ish" looking costume and in my opinion the Mighty #9 Shantae costume you guys made when both games got funded. And yes keep the pirate look. Also I would love a Shantae Amiibo but judging from the past 2 waves she would sell out and be hard to find.

      Also I can think of some of her attacks...

      -A button-
      Basic attack: hair whip
      Up Attack: hair whip upwards
      Down attack: has a pike ball circle around her untill it hits another player 3 times

      -B button (aka smash attacks)-
      Side Smash: rapid fire hair whips
      Up smash (also ariel recovery): transform into monkey form for a second to jump up high (can bounce off another players head doing a tiny bit of damage)
      Down Smash: turns into elephant and charges forward

      Grab: grabs opponant and whips them with her hair

      Side Taunt: belly dance
      Down Taunt: pulls out a GameBoy Color and plays a bit before putting it away. (As an Easter egg if a player rotates the camera and zooms in on the GBC screen while the game is paused, they'll see the title screen of the original Shantae GBC game)
      Up Taunt: she displays her lamp in the "Item Get" pose from the games.

      -Final Smash- She yells out "Time for my Brand New..." Only to be cut off by Squid Boss who lands on the other players which results in Shantae complaining saying "Squid boss! You ruined my brand new attack!" Which makes Squid Boss tear up and run off screen. And yes this would all be voiced.

      Thoughts on this move set?

    37. Johnathon Fullenkamp on

      Voted for the lovely Ms. Shantae!!! Really hope we see her in Smash!!!

    38. Missing avatar

      Michael Brown on

      Good to see this update, WF! Hopefully development stays smooth. As for Smash Bros., up until now, I thought it was silly to even hope for Shantae in Smash. But I could only think of Shantae and Isaac from Golden Sun as good candidates when I got the news. So if you guys think it's realistic, my vote goes to the half-genie! Here's what I told Nintendo:

      "Shantae has long been a Nintendo exclusive, but is also a symbol of the changing times in terms of game publishing and distribution (and indie development). The eShop is why she has new games today. And she bellydances and whips her hair to attack! There's a lot of moveset potential."

      It's the type of response an aspiring developer like myself would give, so hopefully it gets through to them. Just like with Greninja and Mewtwo, I will FLIP THE HAIR OUT if they announce Shantae! Good luck!

    39. Isaiah Moses on

      On the day the ballot was announced Shantae was the 1st character I voted to be in there and really want to see her in there omg

    40. Missing avatar

      Naya on

      I've been meaning to ask, but whatever happened to those semi-transparent genie pants? Are we just sticking with the solid colored one now?

    41. Michael St. George Matatics

      What, no Mighty Switch Force! or Mighty Flip Champs! costume for Shantae? D:

    42. Missing avatar

      dukemagus on

      Forget smash, Shantae would be perfect in Skullgirls! (if only they had the budget for it...)

    43. Trevor McDoctor - Day 0 Shantae Fan on

      Excellent progress on the game, I love the "circular" design of Scuttle Town that goes back to the first 2 games. I see the already tough as nails Naga Ladies are getting armor-whoa boy!
      I'm voting for Shantae too of course, when I find the right words-in my own words-to explain why she should be in Smash.
      I'm sure the reason why updates have slowed a little, is because the hard working women and men of WayForward are diligently crafting this game. People of WayForward, your hard work is appreciated!

    44. Missing avatar

      Roy Black on

      Got my vote for our favorite Genie Girl in Smash! Shantae would rock the Smash world big time!

    45. Gary Stewart on

      Voted for our gal as well as bought both 3DS themes!

      Shanate has shown a ton of love to Nintendo since her first game and Smash would be a great "thank you"!

    46. Roger Hillman Cameron on

      Yep, I voted Shantae.

      And believe me, to beat out Ridley and Peppy/Slippy for my vote REALLY means something.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jessie Cockrell on

      New Scuttle Town looks awesome! Can't wait for a chance to play around in that.

      Already cast my vote for Shantae in Smash and have been asking others to do the same. Shantae has a strong following and I think there's a very good chance she'll get the nod. With all the trollish suggestions for stuff like Goku or Shrek or the people voting for Ridley, it looks like she'll be facing the strongest competition from fellow indie hero Shovel Knight!

    48. Missing avatar

      Kayla Valderas on

      Voted Shantae! I can't wait to see the results!

      Also, great job on the game so far, Wayforward team. It is going to be a thing of legends!

    49. Missing avatar

      Joshua David Halberg on

      Yeah I just voted for her, I was thinking of voting for Marina Liteyears at first, but she is a lot more obscure and only had one Nintendo game, so Shantae it was :)