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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
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Slime, Sand, and Silver (Anniversaries)!

Posted by WayForward (Creator)

Greetings and salutations Shantaerians and Tinkerbackers!

Say Hello to SlimeGal!

While for most of you it’s been a while since our last update (sorry about that), a smaller group of Backers has been working with the dev team intensely on backer-created content for several weeks now. Today we’d like to reveal the first of our Backer-Designed enemies, the SlimeGal!

The SlimeGal was designed by backer A.J., with his idea being a slime-based enemy capable of changing shape. She’s not overly malicious, just a creature looking for her next meal. A.J. walked us through several design iterations, with him writing additional thoughts, moves, and adjusting to the game’s needs. We worked on dozens of possible designs and color schemes, with A.J. directing us towards the version you see here. We couldn’t be happier with the results, and feel that she fits wonderfully into the existing universe.

We had a ton of fun working with A.J. but we’re not done yet! Animation will continue to draw up key poses while the programming team proves out her base behaviors. Then we’ll get her working in actual environments designed to maximize her move set. And when that’s over, visual effects and sound design team will step in to perform their magic. A.J. sends his regards, and hopes you’ll love SlimeGal as much as we all do! Thank you A.J!

Your Face in Game & Your Art in Game!

We’ve been making progress on “Your Face in GameBacker NPCs as well, although we do need your help! We’re still missing photos from two of our backers. If you backed at the “Your Face in Game” Reward Tier and did not receive an email, please check your spam filter or email us at!

Yesterday was also the deadline for our "Your Art in Game" Backers to submit their fan art for the in-game Museum.  We're still missing a large number of submissions from our artists so if you haven't submitted your art, please submit it ASAP.  We're extending the deadline until 3/16/2015 at 11:59 PST, but after that we can't guarantee your art can be included.  If you backed at the “Your Art in Game” Reward Tier and did not receive an email, please check your spam filter or email us at!

Desert World Concept Art!

The team has left Mermaid World behind to work on the Desert World, the Race World, and some revisions needed for the Intro section of the game. The underwater areas have been given a lot of attention in the past months and look absolutely stellar! Here are a handful of images to enjoy.

 WayForward turns 25!

Lastly we’d like to invite you to celebrate WayForward’s 25th birthday, which just landed on March 1, 2015. We’ve been doing this for a quarter of a century and love making games for you. To help spread the love, we’re holding some epic sales in the coming weeks on fan-favorite games. Prices range from FREE (this is for you, Vita owners!), to 25%, 50%, and even 75% off. Some sales are restricted to certain territories, so check out our Facebook page for more details. As backers you’ve done plenty for us already, so we’ll say it here – DON’T MISS THE FREE STUFF!!

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    1. Anderson on

      probably wont make the art feature with very limited time, hope they can extend it a bit further..

    2. Missing avatar

      Antonio on

      Sure is Monster Musume in here... Or should I say Mu-Suu-me.

    3. MetalShadowOverlord on LMAO! I know, right? Still kind of cute.

    4. MetalShadowOverlord on

      Cute! The slime enemy is definitely fitting.


      Someone snuck their fetish into your game, lol

    6. Kim Schwartzbach on

      Wow, SlimeGal looks very good! Looking forward to seeing her slime about ingame. Congratulations with her, A.J. :)

    7. janju on

      I would like to see a video from the artist how how creates these images. From concept to final art.

    8. Richard J. on

      SlimeGal is adorable. I'm really looking forward to the game finally coming out. The waiting sucks but as long as the pay off is good.

    9. Gary Stewart on

      Great update and really looking forward to SlimeGal.

      Happy 25th too! (I plan to pick up MSF2 Wii U edition)

    10. Matt & Joey on

      It's been a while since I posted here but congrats on the 25th anniversary! Also, Slime gal looks great as does the other concept art, good work AJ and Wayforward. Can't wait to see what everyone has come up with ^_^

    11. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      still, they made an announcement before the end of KS about adding the limited tiers to the paypal for those that wanted to still purchase them. Then sometime after KS ended they made the announcement that they decided not to add them because they decided that "you had a deadline to get them in KS, and that it wouldn't be fair to purchase after KS". So, yea I'm a little steamed cause I wanted that tier and was hoping to be able to get it through PayPal, so extending the deadline to submit your art in the game is like a double slap to the face for those of us that was willing to upgrade and purchase higher limited tier rewards through PayPal.

    12. Eric Bjornson on

      AJ and WayForward are the greatest!

    13. Jack Lok on

      I actually really like the new enemy design. It does look like she fits in the Shantae universe. Looking forward to seeing what else she can do.
      Also happy 25th birthday to WayForward!

    14. Stephen Roesch on

      Slime Girl? More like Bubble-Yum <3

    15. Weakwall on

      Hmph. Just what Wayforward would have liked for the game. (Miiverse will is gonna have a fieldtrip with this enemy.)

      I hope i'm not one of the two that's missing in 'your face in game'.
      I did send the mail.

    16. Santos on

      Slime Girl looks adorable! Fantastic enemy design!

      And congratulations on a quarter of a century!

    17. Paradoxigent on

      Progress looks great. Keep it up everyone!

    18. FinalCataclsym on


      Some people, myself included, never got an email detailing what to do with Your Art In The Game and was also further complicated as the method they had set up didn't work with my WayForward account. Though I am thoroughly guilty of procrastination, I had to work with Bri to manually submit it to them before the initial deadline was up. Also realize that if they made space for 100 pieces of artwork and only 30-40 were actually used, that would be a really lame sidequest considering you'd unlock 3 or 4 pieces at a time vs 10.


      Congratulations my friend! I remember the conversation we had back during the Kickstarter about having you create a slime girl for Half Genie Hero. I would like to catch up with yah otherwise so expect to hear from me sometime this week.

    19. Trevor McDoctor - Day 0 Shantae Fan on

      BIG UPS A.J.!! SlimeGal looks so loveable, and huggable but you have to resist hugging her for fear of being absorbed. I love the idea of an enemy that's not completely evil, but just wants to that so wrong :)? Great job AJ!
      And of course GREAT JOB AND HAPPY ANNIVERSARY WAYFORWARD!! You're gonna make me sing My Lucky Star....but I won't. That desert looks "I will skate throoooough"-no! Uh, like the Mayan archtectu-"Both near and faaaaaaar"- um looks good. The green water with the tunnels makes me want to swim right n-"Searching for yooooooooooou"! Well I couldn't resist, congrats and good work everybody!

    20. Jeremie Lariviere

      Slimegal does look pretty cool; looking forward to the finished game, and what you guys do for the 25th birthday - congrats!

    21. AJ Ferolie on

      I am the AJ that designed Slimegal, and I couldn't be happier to share it with everyone here! This game needed a slime girl, and I was happy to throw one in. Glad you guys seem to be liking her.

      Happy 25th birthday! Not sure if this is possible to do, but why not let everyoe have a chance to play your very first game? I forget what that is though.

      Desert looks nice. Can't want to see it in motion

    22. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      Nice SlimeGal baddy, defiantly am looking forward to seeing her in the game.

      Wait, they are extending the deadline for the art in game. Now this is me, but if they wouldn't extend the chance to purchase those tier rewards through paypal why should those that got the rewards get an extension to submit. I was told a deadline is a deadline.

    23. Michael St. George Matatics

      Congrats on that cool SlimeGal design, A.J.!

      Also, congratulations to you, WayForward, for hanging in there this long as a company and always managing to make games that are plenty of fun.

    24. Missing avatar

      Edward Latina on

      A.J. is the real hero, making sure we have our slime girls properly represented in this game.

    25. Niki Coppola

      I'm getting a vibe similar to Rottytops. Very cool.

    26. Missing avatar

      Frost on

      Wait... what... what's free for Vita owners?

    27. Missing avatar

      Kyle on

      Suu is the most capable. Bestat housekeeping. At mealtime is also most helpful. Everyone's leftovers are cleaned up by Suu!

    28. Missing avatar

      Stian on

      Oh god my heart. She is so cute.

    29. Velton Ross

      Slime girls look awesome. Can't wait for the game.

      (Slime Girls is also the name of a chip tune artist that I like)

    30. Josh Wise on

      SlimeGal looks nice! Great to see more of the environments of the game. Can't wait for the next update. :)

    31. Oscar Tong on

      Noooooooooooo... How can someone so pretty be so evil????????? T_T