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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
18,558 backers pledged $776,084 to help bring this project to life.

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Tinkerbat Dance How-To Guide:


 Hi Backers!

At this time, the “Tinkerbat Dance” Reward has been sent out to everyone at the “$55 and above” Tier! We hope you’ll have a blast transforming into the Tinkerbat!

Here’s a simple HOW-TO guide to show you how to unlock the Tinkerbat Dance in the game.

  • First, REDEEM your download code for the Tinkerbat Dance from the appropriate digital store (Nintendo eShop, Steam, Playstation Store, or Xbox Games Store).
  • Once it’s fully downloaded, exit the game completely. This will allow the new content to install. When you restart the game, you’ll get a confirmation message at the title screen.
  • From here you can start a new game, or dive right into a game already in progress. The Tinkerbat Dance DLC works with any of the Shantae Modes (Normal Mode, Hero Mode, or Hard Core Mode).
  • Collect 100 Gems! You’re going to need them!
  • Find a Snake Jar (one of those slippery dance vendors scattered throughout the game) and buy the Dryad Dance for 100 GEMS. NOTE: The earliest Snake Jar can be found at the top of the Mermaid Factory in World 2.
  • Talk to her again, and this time offer to TRADE the Dryad Dance for the Tinkerbat Dance. Now you’re ready to start dancing!



  • As a Tinkerbat, Shantae can slice with her scimitar, or get a longer jump by deploying the Tinkercopter on her back! Give it a try!

Have fun, and see you next update!

Set Sail for Pirate Queen’s Quest!


Greetings, Backers! 

This update delivers some BIG NEWS! Hold onto you hats, we’re diving straight in!

Pirate Queen’s Quest!

The Risky Boots DLC, “Pirate Queen’s Quest” is now complete, and has been submitted to Steam, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo! Yay! Some of you may have noticed that the game has already received an update over the past few days. That’s because we’ve added new achievements and trophies, as well as other game code to support the inbound DLC!

The game will be available publicly as premium DLC, but will be free to Backers. We’re working hard to ensure that Backers can play this content early, before it’s released to the general public. We’ll update you once we’ve passed submission and have codes in hand! Please remember that each platform handles codes differently, so we’ll do the best we can to get them out on or around the same time. We hope you’ll look forward to this HUGE ADDITION to the game!

As a reminder, you will receive the DLC code that matches the platform (or platforms) you already selected for the main game. We can’t mix or match the DLC, since we have to buy these download codes in advance, so thank you for your understanding.

Tinkerbat Dance DLC is here!

We’re happy to report that we now have Tinkerbat Dance Download Codes for every platform. Without further ado, we’ll start distributing those to qualifying Backers this week! This DLC will allow Shantae to transform into a Tinkerbat to slice foes, and double-jump using the Tinker-Copter!

Keep your eyes on that inbox!

NOTE: We’d like to remind everyone that DLC was created exclusively for Backers at the “$55 and above” Tier. Since then, a lot of you have requested that this be released publicly for those who missed it. At this time, our desire is to keep this content exclusive to those who backed it. However, we’re considering releasing it at some later date, after a lengthy exclusivity period.

We’d really like to hear what you, our Backers, think about this. Please share your opinions in the comments section of our Kickstarter Page.

Color Swaps + Drifter Blade DLC Update!

Some more good news: The “Blue Shantae” and “Classic Risky” color swaps, as well as the “Drifter Blade” are complete! We’ll have more info on that next time. We’ve got a lot of content for you, coming in HOT!

Friends Mode DLC Update!

With Pirate Queen’s Quest behind us, we’re hard at work on the Friends Mode DLC. We’re making excellent progress on this new mode, which (like Pirate Queen’s Quest) adds an all new storyline, new levels, and a special boss encounter. At present, we’re about halfway done with this mode. Sky, Bolo, and Rottytops are all playable and lookin’ good! We’ll do a full update on this exciting new content soon!

See you then!

Happy E3 2017 Week!


Howdy Backers!

As you know, E3 week is the busiest week of the year for the game industry, with folks flying in from all over the globe to meet, play games, and talk business at the LA Convention Center! WayForward will be there too, showing off the latest and greatest content for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero! We hope you’ll all have a fun and informative E3 week! We’ve got a lot to share with you, so let’s dive in!

Introducing Pirate Queen’s Quest


Our Risky Boots Mode now has a name: Shantae: Half-Genie Hero – Pirate Queen’s Quest! This will be our first Premium DLC Pack, and of course it will be free to all Backers. Development of this mode is nearly complete. We’re down to minor balancing and testing, and we expect it to release sometime in the July/August timeframe for all platforms. 

Click here to enjoy your first look at Pirate Queen’s Quest!

Enemy ScorpGal!

ScorpGal, another of our Game Boy favorites is making her return in the upcoming Risky Boots DLC, “Pirate Queen’s Quest!”. As you might expect, ScorpGal inhabits the desert levels of the game, and is a high risk/high reward enemy. If you need to gather up loot, take the time to engage in deadly combat with this fierce foe!

Enemy Mummy!

This versatile villain from Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse is a welcome addition to Risky’s adventure. He appears in desert and spooky locations, and can even be carried on the wings of eagles! You’ll need to unravel the mystery behind this foe’s weakness if you want to survive. There must be some way to send him spinning!

Tinkerbat Dance Codes Update!

The download codes for the Tinkerbat Dance have started to arrive! Once we have them for all platforms, we’ll release them to everyone at the same time. We can’t wait for you to try it out!

Physical Rewards Update!

After a lengthy search, we’ve found our poster manufacturer! The company “YesAnime” will be manufacturing (and framing) our lenticular print. They have extensive experience converting anime box artwork to lenticular posters, which are sold at Anime Expo and other conventions. We’ve decided to go with a smaller size poster that comes pre-framed, because they’re sturdy, easy to display, and look awesome! Here’s a preview of the poster all 3-D-ified (in animated gif format).


Other physical rewards:

  • Coin! Our coin manufacturer is locked in! We’re going with a 1.75 inch “antique gold” colored coin with text engraved on the edge, and an image of Risky and Shantae on either side.
  • Shirts! Our manufacturer has done a fresh batch of sample shirts for us, and we’re digging the quality. We’ll send you an update once we have a final image for you!
  • Music CD! Our Backer Exclusive OST and bonus tracks are now ready for manufacturing. This now includes additional tracks from the upcoming Risky Boots, Friends, and Costumes DLC! Hooray for music!
  • Art Book! The team is pouring through favorite concept images and character designs for inclusion in the book! As a reminder, some pages will be exclusive to backers, even if we do a publicly available art book later on.

Nintendo Switch Version!


Shantae: Half-Genie Hero is out now for Nintendo Switch! The digital version is being published by WayForward, and the retail version will be published by Xseed. Price, release date, and other details will be announce by Xseed!

For those asking, unfortunately there is no way to transfer save data or DLC content between a Wii U system and a Nintendo Switch system. Sorry for the inconvenience.

That’s all the news we have today! Hope you have a great E3 week!

Update of EVIL!


Greetings and smellutations, Backers!

You asked for it, and oh yeah, you’re going to GET it. Nasty villainous DLC, that is! We’ve got some updates for you, so pardon our candor – it’s what happens when you work side by side with Risky Boots and her horrible hench-monsters the Tinkerbats for any length of time! This is a hefty update because we’ve been up to NO GOOD in our studio of skullduggery! First, it’s time to take a peek at the upcoming Risky Boots DLC, a huge add-on that is a literal game-changer. Next, we have an update on BACKER REWARDS, including the Tinkerbat Dance, Blue Shantae, and Classic Risky. So be sure to read the entire update – Risky Boots commands it!

You ARRR a Pirate!

Back in 200X, you all funded a stretch goal that enabled us to create an entirely new campaign for the bodacious buccaneer, Risky Boots! Today we’d like to give you a preview of what you’ll be getting when this exciting new campaign launches THIS SUMMER:

A Brand New Adventure!

In this brand new storyline, you’ll play the role of Risky Boots as she travels to the four corners of Sequin Land in search of components needed to deliver destruction on poor Sequin Land. Risky Boots DLC is filled with new puzzles, new enemies, and a new End Boss…. (Any guesses who it might be?).

The Captain’s Cabin!

Risky’s base of operations is her ship’s cabin. From the comfort of her luxurious bathtub, Risky can order around her crewmen and decide where they should travel to next. Players will be able to sail to any of the “Shantae Mode” levels in any order - but the content found within those levels will be radically different this time around! More on that in a moment. For now, enjoy this Captain’s Cabin concept art!

New Moves and Cursed Magic!

If you played Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse, you’ll be happy to know that Risky Boots DLC brings back the “Pirate Gear” style of play. Risky will unlock new equipment as she progresses, which includes the Cannon (for multi-jumping), the Pirate Hat (for gliding) and some new gear like the Grappling Hook! If you liked Pirate’s Curse, you’ll feel right at home in this mode!

New Enemies!

Yar, matey – thar be monsters! Yes, Risky Boots will be facing new enemies, too! We’re bringing back some fan-favorites, and we’ll touch on two of them today:

Wetman is back, and he’s gonna defend his watery turf with claws of snipping! A sizable foe that can block attacks and attack with terrifying swiftness!

Batgal returns! Another of our favorite Game Boy combatants is back to whip players into a tizzy! She’s ready to bring the pain, but Risky Boots is no pushover, so Batgal better keep on her toes!

Cristina Vee in the Booth!

Did you know that Cristina Vee is the voice of both Shantae AND Risky Boots? Yep, it’s true! Cristina came by Mint Potion recording studios recently to voice Risky, and she slayed us all with another killer performance! Risky has a lot of witty one-liners, and Cristina had us swabbing the deck with tears of laughter. We can’t wait for you to hear it!

Setting Sail this Summer!

The new Risky Boots campaign will arrive this summer, and as always Backers will be getting this DLC at no cost. We’ll have more information on Risky’s Mode in our next update!

Exclusive Backer Reward: Tinkerbat Dance DLC:

We’ve finished development of the Tinkerbat Transformation Dance! With this new addition, Shantae will be able to haggle with someone (or something) during her adventure to unlock this new Transformation Dance. As a Tinkerbat, Shantae can slash using a speedy scimitar, and glide by deploying a Tinker-Copter! The Tinkerbat Dance will work with Shantae Mode, Hero Mode, and Hard Core Mode.

This content was created exclusively for “Tinkerbat Tier” Backers ($55 and above), and will not be made available to the general public. The Tinkerbat DLC is being submitted to all gaming platforms for approval, and should be ready to roll soon! We’ll update you the moment codes start to arrive!

ALSO: Please remember that with all DLC, you will receive the code (or codes) for the platform(s) that you previously selected. WayForward has to actually purchase these DLC codes in advance, and for this reason we are unable to freely swap codes between platforms. Thanks for understanding.

Reward Update!

We’re also putting the finishing touches on Blue Shantae and Classic Risky, and will soon begin work on the Drifter Blade attack! 

The Collector’s Coin and Lenticular Poster is also under way, and we’re almost done lining up manufacturers for our Music CD, Shirt, and Art Book.

Of course, the playable Sky, Bolo, Rottytops are also in development, along with the Costume Modes! We’ve been busy!

Excitement Abounds!

We’re as excited as ever about these new Shantae: Half-Genie Hero modes and Backer Rewards! It’s going to be a fun summer, and believe it or not, there are still surprises in store! See you next update, Backers!


Update 1.01 is Ready! Hard Core Mode and More!


Hi Backers! In our last update we mentioned that a fun surprise was on the way. We know it’s difficult to wait for Risky Boots and other DLC characters to arrive. And while we’re deep in development and can assure you that wait will certainly be worth it (oh yes it will!), we really wanted to give you something to enjoy in the meantime. So to thank you once again for your patience and support, we’d like to bring you this all-new, and totally unexpected new mode! Drum roll please…

Introducing HARD CORE MODE!

Hard Core Mode is a new difficulty setting for the main “Shantae” mode in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. This mode is designed to provide an old-school, tough-as-nails challenge to players who miss the days of rage-quitting and throwing controllers. This mode offers a stiff challenge to any player daring to test their mettle. The same studio that developed such unforgiving brutal bliss as Contra 4, Bloodrayne Betrayal, Double Dragon Neon, and the original Shantae has returned to its roots, preparing for you a scalding hot platter of anger food. Trust us, there is no mercy to be found in this new mode, and if you want to survive you’ll need to master the game completely. There is no mercy to be found here – it’s Hard Core!

Warning! This new mode is not for everybody! On the other hand, it IS for everybody since it will be FREE to Backers, and anyone who bought the game.

What to expect in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero HARD CORE MODE:

  • Pain and suffering!
  • Harder hitting enemies!
  • Faster enemy patterns!
  • Faster scroll speeds!
  • Remixed enemy locations, and more of ‘em!
  • New Boss patterns, attacks, and stats!
  • Healing Items capped at six!
  • Re-balanced magic items!
  • Poor Shantae!

Again, HARD CORE MODE is free for everyone, and is included with Update 1.01


Bug Fixes!

Thanks to everyone who reported a bug or sent us a video. Twitch streams, Let’s Play videos, message board comments – it’s all helped us make the game better. The first game stability update (Update 1.01) will arrive on March 6th, and includes:

  • Bug fixes for all platforms
  • PSTV support (Playstation Vita version)
  • Free bonus content: HARD CORE MODE

We’re supporting every platform in every territory with this update. So if your particular version doesn’t update on Monday at 9:00 AM PST, it will soon! This includes retail versions.

What is next?

The team is hard at work on DLC! Risky Boots Mode is coming along beautifully, and our animation team is almost done bringing Risky to life. Now we’re creating custom level content for her, and we expect to be working on this mode through Spring. We’ll share more details soon, so please hang in there and enjoy HARD CORE MODE in the meantime.

Attention, Your-Name-In-Credits Backers

To anyone who was omitted from the credits (we’re looking at you Matt “Pikachu Fan” B@z@n), an email was sent out on 3-1-2017 which included a form. Please find that email, click the link, and fill out that form so we can get you into the next update! Included in that form are guidelines for which character counts are allowed, along with some other restrictions as well. Get your form turned in so we can include you! Thanks!

Happy Nintendo Switch Day!

Last but not least, are you buying the new Nintendo Switch? The team over here is excited for Switch, and WayForward is a Switch developer. And yet, we haven’t announced… anything at all? It makes you think we’re up to something. It’s all so suspicious!  Don't worry - we'll have more info for you soon. Enjoy launch day, and we’ll see you on the other side!

Closing remarks:

Thanks again for Backing Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. We hope you enjoy Update 1.01 and the included HARD CORE MODE - We look forward to watching your streams!    

- See you next time!