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A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
A Belly Dancing Hair-Whipping HD adventure from WayForward: makers of Ducktales Remastered, Adventure Time, & Contra 4!
18,558 backers pledged $776,084 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Zaein on March 19

      Now that I've finally managed to play the game—thanks entirely to XSeed and Sony and not even a little bit to WayForward—I can say from experience, after 100%ing it, that this is the worst Shantae game I've played. Actually it's the worst platformer I've played recently.

      It's good to know my money went so frustratingly towards such poor development.

      You can try contacting WayForward support, but by my experience, I'd say don't expect a reply any sooner than a month from now. Sorsha is way too busy jac—I mean, SLACKING off to address backer problems.

    2. Liam Rooney "BlueAura" on March 13

      The hardcore update was awesome! This game was severely lacking in the difficulty department, Wayforward did a great job enemy locations, damage, health, and boss patterns and I really appreciate the effort put forth.…

    3. Niki Coppola
      on March 9

      So hard mode installs itself on Wii U?

    4. #14015 - Mighty Morningstar on March 3

      @Vaggelis Sigalas

      Did you write the support email about it? I got mine changed like one month after the release I believe. There is a whole lot of work piling up on that support-mail so I would suggest writing as soon as possible if you didn't already do so. But they ARE working on the stuff we write about.

    5. Liam Rooney "BlueAura" on March 2


      "Write a support email with the subject line !!!NEEDCODE!!! We'll sort our inbox using this subject line in order to give our Backers priority treatment."

    6. Missing avatar

      RevolutionaryLoser on March 2

      Just bringing it up again. I'm still waiting for an WiiU EU code. If there is a proper channel to sort this out I would apreciate if I was informed of it. Thanks.

    7. Stephen W on February 27

      Played through the game, absolutely beautiful looking! Can't wait for the art book!

    8. Vaggelis Sigalas on February 25

      When I can expect my WiiU EU instead of the USA that I got… Or even better, if there is going to be a Switch version, I would prefer that instead…

    9. Missing avatar

      Zaein on February 16

      Does somebody want to explain why the Vita version I just downloaded is 1.00 and there's no option to update to 1.01?

    10. Sean Anthony Cruz on February 5

      Still waiting to get my updated code. I had no idea you'd just randomly drop PS3 three years into development. Would like to get a PC code, thanks

    11. Niki Coppola
      on February 2

      So my brother's been playing Wario land 2 and it got me thinking Deathbattle Risky Boots vs Captain Syrup.

    12. Missing avatar

      Neo on February 2

      Please give us a DRM-Free and Linux version!

    13. Liam Rooney "BlueAura" on February 1


      No ETA, but it is in production along with the physical rewards

    14. Missing avatar

      Martin Waters on February 1

      When does the digital art book come out?

    15. Chris Leonido on February 1

      I tried punching in the code for my Wii U version of the game, but the code isn't working. Can you send me a new one please?

    16. Niki Coppola
      on February 1

      @Kaggie i know your pain. I've still yet to receive anything from Mighty No.9, Hyper Light drifter, and a few others. I've backed over 100 projects and the thing about Kickstarter Backing is that you have to monitor your pledges daily for any update or survey. I wish you luck on Future campaigns.

    17. Missing avatar

      Samuel Aaron Cooper on February 1

      I have not received my physical copy of this game for Wii-U yet and was wondering where I go to contact them to ask them about it. Were they just handing out digital codes now and sending out physical copies later?

    18. Lordnine on February 1

      @Kaggie They did actually announce the cancellation in update #86. This was titled "Mega Update. "Some months back we asked you to please confirm your platform of choice, and there was a mass migration from the previous generation of consoles to Xbox One and PS4. Because we’re down to 1% of backers who still prefer Xbox 360 or PS3, we’ve made the difficult decision to cancel these versions of the game."

    19. Kaggie Kendall on January 31

      I never got anything no emails updates nothing I had to do it all on my own.
      I did email them stating I was going to contact my attorney and file a complaint with my bank if they didn't get back with me before Sunday and low and behold they did with in 24h.

      Guess they decided to not make the game for my system yet didn't let all the backers who own PS3 and Xbox360 know this so I along with quite a few of the unlucky ones to be left so far out of the loop and on hold for four years just waiting for nothing and they were just going to be fine with that? until I dug around and then mentioned bringing my attorney in.
      So they gave me the following choice. (Below)

      Support - Sorsha (WayForward)
      Jan 31, 17:08 PST


      "Thanks for your email. We've looked up your profile and see that you have marked PS3 as your selection. First, please accept our sincere apologies. The cancellation of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game was a difficult decision. We’re keeping track of every Backer who’s been left without a means of playing the game, and will make sure you’re included on that list.

      Please know that if, at any time, you’d like to request a full refund, please let us know. We’ll be happy to send you a free download code for the Windows Steam PC version, along with all future Steam DLC as a thank you for the inconvenience.

      If you’re not interested in a refund, please look at our follow up email sent on September 2nd which included additional options for you. These options included Option A (Refund) or Option B (Free Steam Code, plus 2 Codes of your choice because you are a backer above the $55 tier) We gathered up as much information from our Xbox 360 and PS3 Backers as we could to find an arrangement that is fair for everyone. This e-mail will have been sent to the e-mail account you used to pledge to our campaign."

      They made an arrangement? With who?! I l wasn't in the loop
      So I sent another email stating I desired to distance myself from this epic fail of a "business" and wanted a refund. And that I would be reporting them to kickstart (what good that will do I know lol) and to the BBB.
      Had high hopes for this game but you can't just let the people who paid for the game left on the hook for years and years with nothing while others get their money's worth.

    20. Liam Rooney "BlueAura" on January 31

      I have a feeling we'll get more info in February/March. Hopefully no later than then.

    21. Josh Wise on January 31

      Wonder when they'll update us on the rewards and DLC? Thought they would say something this month.

    22. Lucas Fröjdendahl on January 31

      I finally got my code, thanks dudes, u da bess! :*

    23. Petar Petrov on January 29

      I just got my WiiU EU code. Everyone just be patient a little bit longer and don't be mad. As I already assumed, they are working very hard on fixing the issue!

    24. Liam Rooney "BlueAura" on January 28


      Wayforward sent the digital rewards through backerkit. Have you checked it?

    25. Kaggie Kendall on January 27

      Am I the only one who has gotten nothing
      $200 leave pledge and I have yet to get anything codes game etc yet I see ppl on YouTube who didn't help kickstart the game playing it already? What am I missing ?!

    26. #14015 - Mighty Morningstar on January 27

      My WiiU code was updated to an EU-WiiU Code right now.

      They be processing "needcode"-emails. :3

    27. Lucas Fröjdendahl on January 21

      I don't think they lose money by just "making" cd keys unless they somehow need to approve like a batch of keys to nintendo in the case of the wii u and that the license costs money but I honestly have no idea since I am not a developer. Quite frankly I don't really care either, I really like wayforward and their games though so I hope they get through whatever this is ok.

      Closing in on two months now, I'm trying my hardest to not see people playing the game or getting too triggered by the fact that I still haven't even gotten a response yet.

    28. Niki Coppola
      on January 21

      @Zaein Wayforward has been kinder than Mighy no. 9's team. I still never got the game or anything back from them no replies nothing ($60 in the trash). Also everyone tells me that the game was terrible and that i shouldn't even bother buying it ( "i'll wait to till i find in the bargain bin for $10). I didn't get Shantae until 4 days after they started giving the codes out. I got the game and had a ton of fun ( it got great reviews too). Now i'm just waiting for the DLC and the physical stuff. Just be patient.

    29. Petar Petrov on January 20

      @Zaein I can see your concern, but try /even a little/ to understand that WayForward is a very small company and absolutely cannot handle thousands of errors at once! I'm sure that they work 24/7 without interruption, but at this rate it'll take much, much time to respond to everyone's messages! OMG, they are so busy that even could not post a new update and it's been already a month after the last one!
      Also everybody must understand that we, the backers, aren't important at all to WayForward, because I'm absolutely sure, that they must beet Sony and Microsoft's requirements, as probably stated on the contracts, to offer immediate support for the console versions and as a small studio, they must use every available resource for this matter!
      Just imagine how little is our contribution in comparison with the big money from Sony and Microsoft, so everyone just be patient or why not - buy the game on PS4 /or wait for a month or two to become a free PS+ title/ and try the support over there to see what a "lightning" response means ;)

    30. Missing avatar

      Zaein on January 20

      I'll respect WayForward when they treat me like a human being. I waited over a month and a half for them to respond to the refund request they TOLD ME to make.

      Quite honestly, at this point, I wouldn't mind seeing them go bankrupt. I've given them money, active support, and three years of faith, and all they've given me is silence, headaches, lies, and more silence.

    31. Liam Rooney "BlueAura" on January 19

      Not really, the only title that has me interested is Super Mario Odyssey and that comes out at the end of the year so I think i'll pass.

    32. Niki Coppola
      on January 19

      Anyone else getting a Nintendo Switch?

    33. Vintson Knight on January 19

      The COMMEMORATIVE METAL COIN featuring Shantae on one side, and her arch nemesis Risky Boots on the other. That Medal.

    34. Vintson Knight on January 19

      So any chance for a sneak pic of the Medal?

    35. Petar Petrov on January 18

      @Zaein Don't be too harsh, because there may've been a huge mistake! Just imagine the enormous loss of WayForward! I can guess, that they're waiting for some income /hope that the game's selling well at least on PS4/ to issue new WiiU EU codes! The worst thing is that 90(+)% of the WiiU US codes cost money and it's not that easy to cover the loss!
      Be respectful and have faith in WayForward, because nobody wants them to go bankrupt!
      P.S. We've been waiting for so many years, so another one isn't really a big deal!

    36. Missing avatar

      Zaein on January 17

      Weekly update: And I'm STILL waiting for the thieves at WayForward to respond to me.

    37. Missing avatar

      Marius Thomassen on January 17

      would be nice to get some info on when the EU codes will be sent out to those who got the wrong region code. seems to be quite a few with the same problem, including me.
      I have sent a mail about a month ago and still not gotten an answer back.

    38. Petar Petrov on January 17

      @Lucas Fröjdendahl Are you sure, that there were additional optios for the region of the WiiU version? In this case WayForward may not be at fail, so please confirm it!

    39. Matthew Bricker on January 16

      Has the shirts been sent out yet, or are we still waiting on those?

    40. Missing avatar

      Michael Levy on January 16

      I also didn't see my name in the credits. Didn't use any weird characters or symbols, just my first and last name.

    41. #14015 - Mighty Morningstar on January 16

      yeah my survey only has "Wii U" as well. :\

    42. Paul Simmons on January 16

      I just finished the game and can't find my name in the credits. What gives?

    43. Lucas Fröjdendahl on January 13

      I can see why this eu/us code thing is a thing. I looked at my survey and saw that my choice was just "Wii U" and not "Wii U PAL/EU" or anything like that which was probably something they added after i had locked in my choice.

      Still pissed that I haven't gotten anything but an automated response.

    44. Tony Strong on January 12


      I also have the same problem :(

    45. Senchaholic on January 11

      I have mailed the support several times that I have received a PS4 code for the incorrect region. Nothing is happening.

    46. Sean Anthony Cruz on January 11

      Also looking to get my codes switched from the platform selected, you guys dropped PS3 support kind of suddenly and I haven't kept up on the emails after over 3 years waiting. Which is fine, but it'd be nice to see if I can still get the PC version

    47. Michael Sharp on January 10

      So yeah,'s been nearly a month since my initial email regarding my incorrect platform code, is anyone ever going to get back to me? I find this response time sorta nuts.

    48. Missing avatar

      Zaein on January 10

      I've stated my case here before, I was just venting about how awful my experience with WayForward has been. But since you asked, here's my still growing list of complaints. I don't know what you want in the way of proof; I mean, I could forward you my e-mails with support, but it's simple enough to edit that kind of evidence.

      I started contacting them back in June of last year; since then, I have attempted to contact them probably a dozen or so times, and have very rarely gotten a reply within a week. More often, it's been roughly two weeks—sometimes longer. Since October, it's been rare to get a reply at all without sending several e-mails.

      They promised they'd work personally with backers affected by the dropped platforms (360/PS3) in their initial announcement; when I contacted them immediately afterwards, I was told to wait half a month for options to be presented to me—though that date was more like a week off by the time they actually got back to me.

      I also found it odd that even as close to release as it was when they finally presented our options, they didn't provide minimum or recommended PC requirements. In fact, I asked several times in the e-mails I had about other concerns over the three months afterwards, and they never once replied.

      They only informed me that PSTV compatibility had been dropped after asking directly, and lied when pressed for a reason—a lie that was so transparent all I had to do was look on Wikipedia to see through it. When I mentioned that I would attempt to confirm their "reasoning" with Sony, they immediately backtracked and made a flimsy excuse. Worst of all, to the best of my knowledge, they never announced that decision publicly. Sure, the PSTV is about as common as bubonic plague victims in Toronto, these days, but I know of at least a few backers who had asked for Vita versions and were looking forward to splitting play time between the two devices before I broke the news to them, myself.

      I was told a meeting would be held to address my concerns in mid-October—that meeting got pushed back three weeks, and when support finally got back to tell me the results, the only thing they could say was "We understand that none of the options that have been presented will work for you, and we would recommend at this time that you request a refund for the money you pledged to the project."

      Well, I finally did just that because I was tired of trying to dig answers out from the clutches of a support agent who clearly didn't want to be bothered with me. That was well over a month ago now. I still haven't heard back from "Sorsha."

      I even tried e-mailing Matt Bozon directly—I found his company e-mail on a professional site—, but I haven't heard back from him, either.

      Now, maybe the bad link here is me. I don't know. I tried being polite and patient as long as I could. I'll admit a few of my e-mails were worried when I didn't hear back as soon as I might have expected, and by the middle of October I had started to get a little sarcastic; but I made no personal attacks on my support agent or any employee of WayForward until quite recently, when I started sending follow up e-mails about the promised refund. And even that was just because I'm tired. I'm tired of WayForward treating me like I'm not even a person, let alone a backer. But maybe I should just be patient, the way I've been for months on end.

      And to respond to your other implication, I went into this Kickstarter the way I go into every crowdfunding project I've backed—expecting no remuneration or compensation. All I expect is a little courtesy and consideration from the people to whom I've given my money. To date, I have received none from these people. Their promises have been empty, they've lied to me without bothering to at least make their lies believable, and the only thing I've gotten from them, I can't even use.

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