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The camping grill that's as portable as your lunch: for the woods, beach and city.
The camping grill that's as portable as your lunch: for the woods, beach and city.
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Stretch Goal! A Fire Starter / Grill Cleaner Multi-Tool

Posted by Wolf and Grizzly (Creator)

Friends!  A few days ago, I mentioned that we would be posting a stretch goal... and I'm excited to show you what we've been working on.

For a successful meal, you need three things: a grill, a fire and food.  We've already helped with the first part, and the third part is up to you (sorry!).  If we hit 70k, though, we'll help with the second part, too!

What we've drawn up here is a beautiful ferro rod / striker / grill cleaner multi-tool.  This would replace the off-the-shelf cleaning tool that we've been looking at with one that is designed specifically for the WG Grill.  Just use the small groove in the striker to scrape off the grill rods, and use the ferro rod and striker to get the spark necessary for your fire.  The two pieces are held together using a ring-shaped carabiner for easy detachment.

We'd love to hear your thoughts -- either in the comments section below, or through the WG Feedback Community that we're going to be opening up.  If you're interested in joining the community, feel free to submit your email address using the feedback form and we'll be reaching out in the coming weeks with more info.


Thanks again for all of your support.  You guys really are awesome!


P.S.  As always, pleased to share with you some projects we love.


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    1. Wolf and Grizzly Creator on

      @Björn Torkelsson
      I like t! let me see what we can do!

    2. Missing avatar

      Björn Torkelsson on

      Will there be a pocket in the carrying case for the scraper? Maybe also a "chain" to attach it so that you do not lose it the first thing you do? (just some ideas... :-)

    3. Wolf and Grizzly Creator on

      @Geoff S
      Thank you! Seriously glad you like it!

      @Winston J
      Great question!
      The striker would also be made of stainless steel for rust resistance, and because of our mild obsession with the material :D
      The groove would match the diameter of the grill rods, and would continue to soften as it wears in. We'll learn more in testing, but our expectation based off of the material experience we've had so far is a level of scratching that wouldn't be any more noticeable than that from a bristle BBQ brush -- that is, really minor and unnoticeable in the context of normal grill surface wear. We'll definitely keep our eyes open for this as we prototype and test, and make sure we do the right thing. If we notice something damaging, we'll adjust course :)

    4. Winston J

      What kind of metal is the scraper made of and could it potentially scratch the grill rods when scraping them ?

    5. Missing avatar

      Geoff S on

      I like the idea of that, nice and simple and that tool will work nicely for cleaning the grill.