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The camping grill that's as portable as your lunch: for the woods, beach and city.
The camping grill that's as portable as your lunch: for the woods, beach and city.
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Beyond our bolts and dreams. Here's where we're going!

Posted by Wolf and Grizzly (Creator)

Who knew that in a matter of just a few days, you guys would take us over 30% beyond our goal.  Cheers to you guys!  Let me take a moment to tell you what's been going on behind the scenes.

First, some of you have been asking about whether a stretch goal might be possible.  The answer is a resounding yes!  Joseph is working on some accessories today, and we'll update you shortly.  Stay tuned.

Second, an update on bolts.  At the beginning of the project, we'd mentioned that we were looking for the perfect bolt.  One that was beautiful, strong and of course, made of 304 stainless steel.  We needed something low profile to match the clean aesthetic of the frame.  And, it needed to be just the right length to lock the frame together.  Finally, it needed to be at a cost that we could afford.  They say if you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself.  Since we couldn't find anything quite like what we wanted, we found a manufacturer who could get us a custom bolt at an amazing price.  We just got photographs of the first sample, and it's kind of gorgeous.  Here's a picture of the cute little guy, for all you bolt lovers out there :D.

Third, let's talk about pricing for a second. Shooting past our goals goes a long way to giving us more negotiating power with suppliers. Our initial order size of 800 units is a lot for the likes of us, but is small beans in the world of mass manufacturing. The more backers we get, the better the prices that we get can negotiate. Which means that we can permanently bring down the price to make WG products accessible to all. You can help by sharing the campaign using the links provided below.

Lastly!  (Sorry, this is a long update!), very shortly, we're going to be setting up a WG feedback community to get your thoughts on our future concepts and ideas.  We love you guys, and want to make sure your voice is heard as we continue to create new tools to help get you adventuring.

Thanks for being so awesome and for getting us here.

Excited to share more with you over the next couple of days!






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