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Ursula Vernon's quirky, award-winning, 6-volume graphic novel series about a practical wombat aspires to become a single, epic tome.
1,812 backers pledged $142,240 to help bring this project to life.

Nearly To Our $80,000 Stretch Goal! Have some Ursula Outtakes.

Posted by Sofawolf Press Kickstarter Team (Creator)

The Kickstarter campaign marches on, despite Ursula’s absence! You can track her progress via Twitter (@UrsulaV, where you can learn about disgruntled humpback wales, angry Arctic Terns, and souvenirs much too large to fit in one’s luggage. And if that is not enough Ursula for you, the video posted with this update contains some outtakes of her talking about wonders of the animal world, collected from video shot to produce our Kickstarter video. You have giraffe birth facts, wombat poop, hyena anatomy, and another cameo by Angus.

Back at the Kickstarter, we are less than $2000 away from our $80,000 stretch goal! That’s where we bring Boneclaw Mother into the rewards, and we also up the number of pins and stickers for everyone who was getting at least one in the first place. We’ll also release a special Kickstarter-only dustjacket for those getting hardcover editions of the book. So please keep the pledges rolling in and spreading the word. Let’s keep the momentum going! (Yes, we are also excited about the prospect of hiring help to pack and ship the orders, probably moreso than you all, but it does mean that we'll be getting your books and other rewards out that much quicker, so yay for everyone!)

Also, we’d like to congratulate Ana Sayavedra for being our 1000th backer! It’s a little tough to nail down the exact number as backers come (and sometimes go), but we’ll take her self reporting on the fact that she was number 1000.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been spending our time running numbers, talking with our printer, and narrowing down the costs for various bits of production of the books and the rewards. So far, things are still in alignment with our initial expectations and back-of-the-envelope calculations. No nasty surprises, which is a relief!

We are also starting to think of possible stretch goals beyond $100,000. Some of you have been sending in suggestions, which is great! Please keep them coming in. If the pace of new backers stays at its current rate, we will hold off on announcing any new stretch goals until after Ursula returns from vacation. Many of the ideas involve extra writing or art on Ursula’s part, so we need to confirm what she will be able to work into her schedule before we commit to them here.

Finally, in case you missed it, we now have a reward matrix up on Google Docs, to help spell out what you get at each reward level. It’s not as pretty as some that we’ve seen here on Kickstarter, but hopefully you find it functional and easy to interpret. Please help us the final bit to $80,000 where we will have to update the matrix with new stuff!

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    1. pencilears on

      hell yeah, book only people will also get an e-book.
      the additional swag is delightful, and I hope more people opt to buy it, but I am now completely satisfied.

    2. Missing avatar

      Alan Bellingham on

      Thanks, I really appreciate the spreadsheet. Oddly, under Opera, it asked me to log in. Not under Chrome (I already was) or Internet Explorer (where I'm not and have never been). Go figure

    3. Missing avatar

      Victoria Vesey on

      "Dinner and an Axe" is the name of my next band. ;)

      Thanks for the update!

    4. Glenn Copeland

      The cuteness.. Angus AND Ursula!
      Where's that Kevin guy?

    5. Marisha on


      How cute can she getttt