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A party game in which it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to drop a boxcar full of rabid piranhas onto the King of France. LIKELY, even
A party game in which it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to drop a boxcar full of rabid piranhas onto the King of France. LIKELY, even
10,666 backers pledged $556,596 to help bring this project to life.

Pictures of the prototype game!

I just received an email from our manufacturer with THESE PICTURES ATTACHED:

These proof copies are IN THE MAIL to me, right at this exact moment. I can't wait to see them in person!

I've shepherded many, many books to production over the years, some of them unbelievably complex, but at their core they were still all just pages bound between covers. This game has BOXES that have to be sized to fit CARDS and then fit inside OTHER BOXES and all of them have to be measured and trimmed and folded and tucked inside one another. So I'm very excited to see it all come together in physical form!

This week I'm at the San Diego Comic-Con (booth #1229!) and I expect to have these physical prototypes in my hand on Friday. If you're around, stop on by to take a look!

Deluxe-box crafter Jason Lioi also whipped up something really cool with his laser cutter:

It's a working* Machine of Death. This thing is NEVER LEAVING MY SIDE. (Here's how it's assembled.)

*For certain definitions of "working."

FINALLY: We have TWO DAYS LEFT to tally copies of This Is How You Die toward our efforts at becoming a New York Times bestseller. Thank you for tweeting support & sharing pictures of your copies! Two more free preview stories have been posted in the last few days: Ryan North's funny and sweet "CANCER", at Lightspeed Magazine, and Ryan Estrada's fascinating "SHIV SENA RIOT", at Wired.

If you're interested in the book but still on the fence, I urge you not to wait! Grab it on Amazon today, or your favorite retailer. If you're not interested in the book, no sweat, I'll have more info on the game soon! I'll post a video when I receive the package :O

:O :O :O ;D


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    1. Frank Bromley on

      i have GOT to get my digital copy printed

    2. Lou Mercado on

      I stopped by the booth today to find out my own demise. I was so excited, and the crew at the table was awesome. My mind keeps exploring ways "Museum Exhibit" could finish me off. I feel like the Lions guy.

    3. Jason Erbele on

      @Andrew, accroding to Jacqland (in the main comments thread), the e-book showed up in the Sony Reader Store about 4 days ago. I don't know about other e-versions.

      I don't have a Kindle, either, but I do have a Kindle app on my computer and on a mobile device. It's a free app, so you aren't necessarily limited by the hardware. I can understand if you want to avoid that format for other reasons, though.

    4. Andrew Loch on

      Is the ebook for sale anywhere else? I don't have a kindle.

      DRM is awful. I wish publishers would stop using it.

      Game is looking fantastic, you must be thrilled.

    5. Jackson Starky on

      I really can't wait to get my physical copy now! Looks great!

    6. Vien on

      boxes look great! i cannot wait to open them XD

    7. bagheadinc on

      Good to know, time to purchase a physical copy.

    8. David Malki ! 8-time creator on

      @Matthew – At this point we have no plans for NYCC, sorry.

      @Micah – Good idea, I can post the tuckbox designs for printing...I can't guarantee that the paper stock that you use will make them fit properly, but it doesn't hurt to post 'em just in case.

      @cDave – I believe the publisher requires DRM on the ebooks (against our wishes). Probably the easiest way to get a print edition in the UK is via the Book Depository:

      @bagheadinc – All sales help, but the NYT does break out the print and ebook editions on separate lists. We don't think we have any chance on the ebook list, but we do think we have a good shot at the print list.

      @Florian – whoops! I can't edit the post now, but the correct link for the second story is:

      @Leo and others – Yes, the wooden box will have the individual tuck boxes included in the box by default. All you won't get is the outer box.

    9. Andy Satterthwaite on

      I'll just add my comment to the general "deluxe-backer" clamor ...

      Please can we get those wonderful card tuck-boxes in the wooden box?
      (assuming you are not planning something even more wonderful that is)

    10. Alexander Kucera on

      I'm a deluxe backer as well, but man, those card boxes do look swell. For a second there I was regretting getting the wooden box. Lol

    11. bagheadinc on

      Ooo, good question Leo. As a deluxe backer I am also interested in this answer.

    12. Leo Lalande on

      Will the deluxe wood box versions of the game include the paper/cardstock boxes?

      I hope so; because the box art is fantastic! It would be saddening to miss out on those cool boxes.

    13. Missing avatar

      Florian Schulze on

      The link of the second short story is pointing to the first one. Please fix :)

    14. Doug and Gemmar

      One more sale once it hits the uk..

    15. bagheadinc on

      I assume the e-book version counts toward the NY Times bestseller stats, if not, I may have to pick up a physical copy of the book as well.

    16. Missing avatar

      cDave on

      Does the Amazon ebook have DRM on it? (there doesn't seem to be a way to tell on the site).
      When will the dead tree edition be available in the UK?

    17. Micah Rose on

      Those tuckboxes look awesome! Thank you so much for making them, so many games just don't make that kind of effort. I love it!

      Any chance the Death by Genre and extra death tuckboxes can be made available as a PnP, or for that matter, what about all the tuckboxes, since outside the states there are likely to be plenty of digital backers?

    18. Jere Kasanen

      I like that NES look! Awesome stuff! Can't wait! More exclamations!!!

    19. Matthew Wang

      Unfortunately I am missing SDCC for the first time since 2004 because of my honeymoon. Will you guys be at NY Comic Con?