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A party game in which it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to drop a boxcar full of rabid piranhas onto the King of France. LIKELY, even
A party game in which it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to drop a boxcar full of rabid piranhas onto the King of France. LIKELY, even
10,666 backers pledged $556,596 to help bring this project to life.

TIHYD Preview Story #8! And: PLANNING VIDEO

Posted by David Malki ! (Creator)

Today's video is a little BEHIND THE SCENES PEEK at some of the planning that went into this Kickstarter campaign!

• We've unlocked THIS IS HOW YOU DIE Preview Story #8! Wowsers! This one is called "SCREAMING, CRYING, ALONE, AND AFRAID", by Daliso Chaponda (whom you may remember from his story "WHILE TRYING TO SAVE ANOTHER" in our first book). Matt suggested that this story would be a nice counterpoint to the ones we've shared already – it's more of a procedural, a little darker, and it has a different cultural background. Hope you enjoy the read!

THIS IS HOW YOU DIE – Preview Story #8

• We've unlocked the mobile and web app!! This is gonna be really cool, you guys. As I conceive of it now, it'll feature randomization of all the target intel data, as well as timer music and die rolls. (If you want to automate any of it as you play.) We'll definitely make it a mobile-friendly webpage accessible from any type of phone, and probably prioritize an iOS app as well. But I am talking with developers now and we're in process of figuring out the finer details.

• We also unlocked A MYSTERY GOAL. It's something I'm really excited about and can't wait to share with you!! And I will...IN JUST A FEW DAYS.

I can't wait to see where we end up next Tuesday! This has already been beyond my wildest expectations. This game is gonna be SO GREAT. Here for your enjoyment is a BONUS VIDEO of me and Kris playing TWO PLAYER CO-OP MODE!


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    1. Philip Bowman on

      If there's a coin for the new rule, it shouldn't just be YES or NO - maybe SELF-AWARE or OBLIVIOUS, but I'm sure David or the backers can come up with something more appropriate

    2. Jason Erbele on

      If you look at the appearance schedule in update #14, there is a mention of 826LA, so it's not completely baseless speculation. Also, the fact that kickstarter has rules that state that creators cannot say that funds will go toward a charity while the funding is in progress indicates that charitable donation is very likely what the mystery stretch goals are going to be unveiled as.

    3. Terence Chandler on

      @Scott - there's some postulating it has something to do with 826 National - a writing organization.

    4. Scott on

      I just realised that both the hidden pledge and backer streatch goals use the number 8260.
      I wonder if that has anything to do with what the goals entail, or if it's merely coincidence...

    5. Philip Bowman on

      Yay, iOS :) (though I have an android phone too)

      So would this only be an accessory to the main game, or is there a chance for a full App version of the game?

    6. Andy Satterthwaite on

      Mr. Malki, I'd be honoured if you'd like to add that idea to the official rule book (and/or the randomisation in the web-app) ... no credit needed.

    7. David Malki ! 8-time creator on

      @Andy - that's a great idea for a rule. MAKE IT SO.

    8. Jason Erbele on

      A quick websearch indicates that indeed, the cereal is still being made, although with some changes made to the recipe to make it more nutritious in 2006.

    9. Chris on


      Death by Honeycomb cereal would be amazing. Do they even still make that?

    10. Tyrone

      @Andy That's a good point and an interesting game mechanic in either upping or lowering difficulty.

    11. Hank Przybylowicz

      You guys are pissers!! I LMAO on every video! Man, how I wish it was September!!! LOL!! Really looking forward to this game! I really hope ya make the $400 grand mark!

    12. Andy Satterthwaite on

      Feels like whether the target knows their death prediction or not is a BIG factor in the plan.
      Suggest that there should be a game rule that this is established as part of the Intel on the target (could just be a coin flip to determine)

    13. Mike Maxson

      For the record, I actually have a steel pocket comb. I got it from a Kickstarter. It's also a bottle opener.

    14. Jon Yates on

      Look, just, how much do you want for your Achewood shirts?

    15. Juan Miguel Expósito on

      Your videos are the best!!! I'm loving the co-op mode!

    16. Jason Erbele on

      Or with the cereal.

    17. Missing avatar

      Joshua Carmody on

      We're almost in "MADNESS" stretch-goal territory

    18. Chris on

      I'm surprised you guys didn't think "honeycomb" and killed him with bees. Haha.

    19. Chris Smith (Smoothsmith)

      Mobile web page, yay I approve! Platform specific stuff frustrates me a bit (Windows phone user :P)

    20. Tyrone

      @Elaine It's already part of the game. You can see it in the game contents picture, it has the "Pow" on the front.

    21. Neil Day on

      "...probably prioritize an iOS app as well." He didn't necessarily say that Android was out but a clarification on the Android app's future would be nice.

    22. Missing avatar

      M on

      Man, "SCREAMING, CRYING, ALONE, AND AFRAID" was great. I've been really enjoying these preview stories! Followed a link yesterday and found the podcasts for Machine of Death, haven't been able to stop listening all day!

    23. keviokevio on

      HAHA this Kickstarter has, by far, the best "update" videos.

    24. bagheadinc on

      Boo, iOS. Oh well, at least there will be a mobile friendly website.

    25. Elaine Wilson

      Yeah, we're all going to need a special coinflip coin.

    26. DropDeadCriminal

      iOS :(

    27. Neil Day on

      Very funny! Like the 2 player co-op.

    28. Katharine on

      JUST A FEW DAYS! Aaaargh what could it be! Guesses are opening up now...