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A party game in which it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to drop a boxcar full of rabid piranhas onto the King of France. LIKELY, even
A party game in which it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to drop a boxcar full of rabid piranhas onto the King of France. LIKELY, even
10,666 backers pledged $556,596 to help bring this project to life.

New backer goals, TIHYD Preview #7, + KITTEN UPDATE!

Posted by David Malki ! (Creator)

Since we passed $325K (a ludicrous number), we've unlocked a seventh preview story from our upcoming Machine of Death book, THIS IS HOW YOU DIE! (I show off the book proof in today's video – it's getting closer and closer to release!!) This story is called "BLUE FEVER" and it's by Ada Hoffmann. It's about a member of a royal court who must compose a 'deathsong' for a visiting dignitary. Read it right now:

THIS IS HOW YOU DIE – Preview Story #7

Also, a kitten update! As you may remember, the 2500-backer goal was for me to videotape kittens romping in a pile of death cards. In the interest of getting the rompingest kittens possible, I've been in touch with a local shelter, and they've informed me that they are currently weaning kittens now, and the kittens will be in prime romping form in about 4 weeks. I didn't know, when I made that pledge, that it wasn't kitten season yet. The kittens were still green on the trees! But I have been informed that there will be plenty of kittens available for filming next month, so we'll look forward to that a bit later!

New backer goals

I also want to point out for those who haven't been paying laser-close attention to this campaign that I have added a few new backer tiers for jet-setters and members of royalty. They include:

  • $299 – "GOAT STARE" – Any lesser tier that you want (except EARLY BIRD), PLUS we show your copy of the game to a goat before we ship it to you. (Photographic proof provided.)
  • $369 – "IMPACT" – Any lesser tier that you want (except EARLY BIRD), PLUS your copy of the game ships completely destroyed. Includes a video of us destroying your copy of the game specifically, and calling you names while we do it.
  • $488 – "PENNED" – Any lesser tier that you want (except EARLY BIRD), EXCEPT that your copy of the game features COMPLETELY BLANK CARDS that I have PERSONALLY HANDWRITTEN all the info back onto.
  • $10,000 – "BAD DECISIONS" – A 4-hour MP3 of garbled, distorted, unlistenable wails of your name, screeched over and over and over and over by the foulest voices we can summon. No copy of the game is included with this tier. (To add a copy of the game, use our Add-On page.)

LET IT NEVER BE SAID that I did not listen to what the people want. To check out the full list of new backer tiers, check out the Kickstarter page!


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    1. Eric Leroy Simpson on

      Say it ain't so, I will not go, turn the lights off, carry me home

    2. David Malki ! 8-time creator on

      @Chris – Are you referring to this bit?

      "The deathsinger before Athba had once sung a deathsong in which Keloth was dragged across shards of glass while comically tangled in his horse’s reins. He was forgiven, or so people whispered, for the grisly description, but not for making Keloth look foolish. In any case, no one ever heard from him again."

      It refers to "the deathsinger before Athba", who was presumably male. Was that the part you meant?

    3. keviokevio on

      HAHAHA which tier gets the Tweet Me Harder Video Series funded??

    4. Chris on

      Just an editing comment on the preview story: on the 3rd page, where Athba is thinking about the one time she insulted Keloth by singing a deathsong that embarassed him, I think there's a gender error, calling Athba he instead of she. Just putting that out there to help.

    5. Michael on

      I would like the confirmation on the BAD DECISIONS + Goat Wailing too, I just wanna make sure I'll get what I think I'll get before the money leaves my hands

    6. Missing avatar

      Ty Von Plinsky on

      For BAD DECISIONS, will the goat participate in the wailing?

    7. Ahdok on

      I absolutely love these new reward tiers.

    8. Doug Martin on

      Machine of Death Updates: Now with infinitely more special effects.

    9. Ryan Bell on

      Hilarious video. The Mega Tier is so close now! You are so far ahead of Tomorrow Girl now. MOD FTW.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jennifer on

      So excited about "TIHYD!"

    11. Shane Charleson on

      How much to have the goat sent to me instead?

    12. Terence Chandler on

      PS: Sorry for the double post - twitchy touch pad/tap click

    13. Terence Chandler on

      @Warpunk and Patrik - *all* possibilities are being postulated on the main comment page. Yes you can choose PENNED and IMPACT CONTAINMENT and GOAT STARE which means that David will handwrite each card, then destroy it, then show it to a goat, and pack it in something laying around his house and ship it to you. Unfortunately, the goat will not participate in the destruction =(

    14. Terence Chandler on

      @Warpunk and Patrik - *all* possibilities are being postulated on the main comment page. Yes you can choose Penned and IMPACT and GOAT STARE

    15. Warpunk Games

      @Patrik...I was wondering the same thing! Can I have the goat help destroy the game?

    16. Missing avatar

      Patrik Johansson on

      So, does "any lesser tier" include the new tiers as well? I.e. is it possible to get a single set that is both personally handwritten, completely destroyed and shown to a goat?