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A party game in which it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to drop a boxcar full of rabid piranhas onto the King of France. LIKELY, even
A party game in which it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to drop a boxcar full of rabid piranhas onto the King of France. LIKELY, even
10,666 backers pledged $556,596 to help bring this project to life.

Halfway mark! (with FATE BLITZ #3 + TIHYD Preview #6)

Posted by David Malki ! (Creator)

Thanks to everyone who said hello in Seattle over the weekend! SO MANY of you are as excited about this game as we are. We're so grateful for all the kind words and support!!

If you missed us in Seattle, but still want to pick up the convention exclusive game card we give out at personal appearances, here's a few places I'll be later in the year (me only, unless specified):

  • March: PAX East (Boston) – Kris only
  • April: Calgary Comics Expo
  • May: Toronto Comic Arts Festival – David & Ryan
  • May: Maker Faire (San Mateo) – tentative
  • May: Phoenix Comic Con
  • June: MaxFunCon
  • June: MOD x 826LA Benefit Party (Los Angeles) – tentative
  • July: Readercon (Massachusetts)
  • July: San Diego Comic-Con – David & Kris
  • August: World Science Fiction (San Antonio) – David & Matt
  • August: Gen Con (Indianapolis)
  • September: Small Press Expo (Bethesda MD)
  • October: Alternative Press Expo (San Francisco)
  • + maybe others?? Who knows????

Cool! What else happened this weekend?

  • We broke $214,365! That means it's time for FATE BLITZ VIDEO #3 (right above!)
  • We unlocked a bunch more artistsMeredith Gran, Jeffrey Rowland, Phil McAndrew, and Dylan Meconis! More about the Webcomics Pals in a future update. 
  • It's time for THIS IS HOW YOU DIE Preview Story #6! This one's called "LAZARUS REACTOR FISSION SEQUENCE" and it's by Tom Francis (who also wrote "EXPLODED" in MOD Vol.1). It's about a supervillain's henchman who is tasked with disposing of his boss' enemies in ways matching their predictions. (A bit similar to the premise of our game! But with a twist.)

THIS IS HOW YOU DIE – Preview Story #6

TopatoCo has been in the web retail business since 2004, selling T-shirts, books, prints, and more for webcomic creators and artists of all stripes who want to offload their merchandizing to a third party. The new Kickstarter fulfillment arm Make That Thing quietly launched last month with two campaigns, Diaz’s book and a card game called Machine of Death: The Game of Creative Assassination. Make That Thing is essentially an extension of TopatoCo’s existing model — a way to help creators deal with the logistical challenges of making money off of their art.

I sat down with Aaron to discuss how best to maximize the potential of our respective campaigns:

  • A common question I'm hearing is about international shipping. I hate to say it, but it's just expensive: 

I wish it weren't so! But it's not my choice.

Still, international shipping for some of the smaller Add-Ons was coming out as extremely expensive, so I took another look at the small items like the Intel Cards. If you were worried about the high cost of international shipping with Add-Ons, check it again to see if my recalculations affected your order at all (they may or may not have).

And finally

The other very common question I'm getting is clarifications on what all comes in what pledge tier. It's a bit complex, absolutely! So, since I failed at making it make sense in my earlier attempt at a chart, I instead hired Justin Pierce to create an infographic to explain it all. 

In going through it and laying it all out logically, I realized that to be fair, I had to make some EXECUTIVE DECISIONS. So, from here forward:

  • Blank card template PDFs will come free with every tier at or above ELECTROCUTED ($10).
  • The expansion pack PDFs will come free with every tier at or above VOLTAGE ($15). 
  • Same with the German base game PDFs (I realized that VOLTAGE is, or should be, exactly the same as TÖDLICHER SCHLAG).
  • The German expansion pack PDFs will come free with every tier $20 or above.

And just as a reminder, the physical Artbook comes free with every pledge $35 or above (regardless of what tier you select). It's not on the chart here, but a PDF of it will also come free to everyone at JUST THE TIP or above.

I hope this clears things up, but as always, if there are questions, send me a message or leave a comment here – the commenters are doing a great job answering questions before I can get to them! Thanks for that, folks!

We've got two weeks left in this campaign, and while I'm extraordinarily thrilled with what we've accomplished so far, I think there are ways we can move forward and use this momentum to do some good. Things aren't over yet. Thanks a million for your continued support!!


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    1. Missing avatar

      William Schlieper on

      There seem to be two 826LA locations; which one will the MOD event be at?

    2. bagheadinc on

      Any chance you'll be at the Philadelphia Wizard World in May or Baltimore Comic Con in September?

    3. Heath_Bar on

      Will be at PAX East, where will your table be?

    4. Chris on

      Where is Kris going to be hanging out in the BCEC for PAX? I want to rush over after my shift as an Enforcer to get the bonus card and have it autographed.

    5. Ryan Bell on

      Alright over 5,000 backers now I wonder what the backer reveal is for 5,000 backers? I'm sure we will see soon enough.

    6. Katharine on

      Yes! Come to Australia! Or go to London for Worldcon next year :D

    7. Missing avatar

      chris hirst on

      You should come down to Melbourne, Australia for the first ever PAX outside the US (hey its a good excuse for a holiday umm tax deductible business trip)

    8. Kristen on

      @Ahdok - No. The Webcomic Pals are the stretch rewards; they come for everyone, either in PDF or PDF + physical cards, depending on the pledge tier.
      The EXPANSION CARDS (which are not the Webcomics Pals cards) come in the Sidecar and "Deluxe" packages.

    9. Nicky Hunt on

      Loved the short story! Incredibly stoked to get the original book! :) You guys have some rocking stuff going on!

    10. Ahdok on

      It's not 100% clear from your graphic, but I think I get it. The Webcomic Pals stuff comes in sidecar, but not in got played, right?

      If you're thinking about other awesome upgrades, (or possibly add-ons) - I'd like the option of having three dice rather than one in my game, as I would personally replace "roll 1 dice 3 times" with "roll 3 dice and look at them all at once" when playing. :)

    11. David Malki ! 8-time creator on

      @Chris – you are correct. Anyone at a dollar amount (excluding shipping) of $35 and above, regardless of pledge tier.

      @Will – you'll get the PDF, for one thing – but yeah I can make an actual list available as well.

    12. Will Templeton

      Is it possible to get an ordered list, once complete, of all the death cards? It might spoil the surprise of drawing one a little but I'm thinking I'll give the privilege of writing a death card to a game winner at the end of each play session and it'd be irritating if they used it up on a duplicate.

    13. Chris Hopkins on

      To be clear, the Art Book goes to everyone pledging $35 or more, including Add-Ons, correct? Not just those at a base tier above $35?

    14. Jason Erbele on

      Looks like the Webcomic Pals section of the infographic will be out-of-date verrrrrrrry soon.

      I just crunched the numbers with a back-of-envelope calculation (literally on the back of an envelope). With the 50 infamy backers (50x1), 25 tycoon backers (25x1) and 2 from above backers (15x2), the base game (as of now) should be getting 389 cards, with another 400 in the sidecar/deluxe sets. And now with 15 (soon 16) Webcomics Pals, the 700-800 card estimate on the main page may need to be revised. :)

    15. Chris on

      Very excited to hear you'll be at PAX East! Once I'm done with my shift as an Enforcer, I'll make sure to drop by to say hello and get the exclusive card!

    16. Kristen on

      Love the infographic! Maybe it should be posted on the Home page also, seeing as you continue to add new backers?

    17. Elaine Wilson

      Got it, thanks. The graphic really does help. I've switched my pledge between Got Played and Sidecar so many times. I keep thinking I'm missing something.

    18. David Malki ! 8-time creator on

      @Jok –  They're not listed specifically in the tiers because the 20 blank cards are included in the base game (see the top of the graphic).

    19. Missing avatar

      Jonathan KALFA on


      There is no "physical" blank cards expansion anymore in the infographie. Normal ?



    20. David Malki ! 8-time creator on

      @Elaine – the themed sets (from the tins) have always been death cards, not gift cards. But I'm going to urge the TYCOON and FROM ABOVE backers to create more gift cards. Note that while the death cards aren't used a lot in the game, they are specific, where the gift cards are general, so I think it is important to have more variety in the death cards. Theoretically even one gift card gives you an infinite number of gameplay options.

      @Andy – For the sake of clarity, I left off the tiers that were sold out. But yes, it's PILED ON plus your extra special bonus.

    21. Kosongz on

      I think that Voltage is slightly overpriced. I only have to add $10 to get the base game! Now I can't decide whether I want to add another $5 to my pledge or another $25 to get the base game. And I wanna save my money for Zombicide... decisions decisions decisions...

    22. Andy The Sane on

      Thanks for the graphic! It's so much clearer now!

      I notice my level, INFAMY is missing, but I guess that's just PILED ON with the bonus of naming one of the 50 death cards in the base game.

    23. Ahdok on


    24. Elaine Wilson

      The 300 extra cards in Sidecar are all death cards? I thought they were the themed gift cards that were in the tins at first?

      Does the full game PDF include the intel cards? Or, put another way, is there a digital version of the intel cards, and what tiers get it?

    25. Katharine on

      Love the infographic! Awesome update! Exclamation! So excited for this game :D