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A party game in which it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to drop a boxcar full of rabid piranhas onto the King of France. LIKELY, even
A party game in which it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE to drop a boxcar full of rabid piranhas onto the King of France. LIKELY, even
10,666 backers pledged $556,596 to help bring this project to life.

SEATTLE! Intel cards, TIHYD Preview #5, FATE BLITZ & MORE

Posted by David Malki ! (Creator)


  • We broke 175K! That means we're adding an expansion pack of 100 INTEL CARDS for folks who want more specific prompts in their games! These will be free via PDF to ALL BACKERS, free in physical form in the Sidecar Box and Deluxe Box, or available à la carte for $10 via the Add-On Page. (Also newly added to that page is an empty Sidecar Box, for anyone who just wants the box itself.) 
  • BACKERS: If you'd like to help compile the information that'll go on the Intel Cards, watch for a Backer-Only Update soon!
  • Then we broke 185K!! That means another free preview story from THIS IS HOW YOU DIE. This one's called "TETRAPOD" and it's by Rebecca Black. It's about an expat English teacher in Japan wrestling with feelings for one her fellow teachers. It's a really lovely story, I think!

THIS IS HOW YOU DIE - Preview Story #5

  • We kept going and broke $192,837! That means you get to check out our previously private unreleased videos code-named “FATE BLITZ”. Kris and I recorded these videos just to have on-hand before he moved away from Los Angeles last fall. Things have changed somewhat since we first recorded them, but you guys pledged so now you get to see behind the scenes!!
  • Then we kept on chugging and broke 200K!! That means I get to put together a Machine of Death Artbook. I'm really excited about this one because I've been wanting to it for a long time! It'll be free via PDF to EVERYONE, and free in physical format to everyone who pledges over $35 (before shipping). (You don't need to pledge at any higher actual tier, you just need to pledge over the $35 dollar amount.) 
  • If you've pledged at $25 GOT PLAYED or $30 BOOKED and you need an excuse to put you over $35, well, the Intel Cards are $10 via Add-On. HOW...CONVENIENT
  • Yesterday ComicsAlliance premiered our second playtest video, an example of Head-to-Head Mode. Here it is for your enjoyment!

  • I'm in Seattle this weekend for the Emerald City Comicon. (At the TopatoCo table, booth 1002)! We'll be premiering this at the show: 

It's our convention-exclusive Black Market Gift Card! This card will only be available at our personal appearances throughout 2013 (any of them, all across the country). It's free, just come up to the booth and get one! When you get your copy of the game, you'll be able to shuffle it right in. This game isn't, like, Digimon where you can build a killer deck for tournament play, but maybe that's less because it's impossible and more because I didn't even consider that as an option until just now

Thanks so much for keeping the fires hot, everyone! Lots of comments and questions in the queue, and I'm tackling them in between flights and con setup. Hooray!!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Michal Kostecki on

      Hmm. The background of this update's video, supposedly taken in Seattle, matches up curiously with the background in the fate blitz video, supposedly taken in Los Angeles. Are there some shenanigans afoot here?

    2. Jason Erbele on

      Spindled = You get the game, the book, and a second box with any & all expansion cards. Intel cards are expansion cards, so the intel cards will go with the second box (and thus be physical).
      Or more simply: Spindled = Sidecar+MOD Book 1 Disposable Edition. If it's in Sidecar, it's in Spindled.

      The update indicates Got Played + Intel expansion is enough to bump you up to the art book, and that is $25 + $10 = $35. So presumably $35 would suffice (plus shipping if applicable).

    3. Michael Lierman on

      This might be a stupid question but does the intel pack come free in a physical form if you have the spindled package. I know it says its the sidecar package but with the book and all but I'm just wondering. Like I said it's probably stupid to ask but I'm just curious to know that it will be.

    4. Jacqland on

      @Thomas: Clever ploy to open up the INFAMY and TYCOON levels again.

    5. Missing avatar

      Joshua Carmody on

      Love the head-to-head video. Watching it though, I think when I play I'd add a little to the gameplay as follows:

      If a person fails their rolls, yes, their plan fails. But, the judge should then describe HOW the plan fails, leaving the plan in a partially-executed state. Then the next person then has to pick up where the previous player left off.

      For example...
      JUDGE: You created a dynamite rigged germ-free scaffold. However, it turns out that Plausible's germ detecting abilities don't work through closed car windows. He doesn't notice the scaffold and doesn't go for it.

      "PLAN B" PLAYER: Ok, now I use the car virus to make KITT point out the scaffold "Mr. Plausible, the scaffolding over there seems to be strangely germ free. Let's stop and investigate."

    6. Andy Erickson on

      For the Machine of Death Artbook, do we need to pledge $36, or does a $35 pledge get it? A clarification would be nice, thanks!

      Looking forward to play this game and find out exactly how demented my friends and family really are.

    7. Thomas 'Chewie' Ladwig on

      *watches Fate Blitz video* Well, now everyone just needs to cancel their pledges. All at once.

    8. Missing avatar

      Glenn Fowler on

      Any chance of the con cards coming to PAX Aus?

    9. Michael B. on

      Sweet, if you guys are at SPX, that's only a couple miles from me.

    10. Ahdok on

      I thought the death card deck was the "Killer deck"

    11. David Malki ! 8-time creator on

      @Ali – "I think you have the wrong image for the convention-exclusive Black Market Gift Card." – Nope, this is correct! In the video I show the reverse side.

      @Kristen – "Any plans for Portland, OR?" – I'm looking at the new Rose City Comicon, but don't know yet if my schedule will allow it!

      @Christopher – "Awesome stuff so far, when do you think will you be in the Midwest?" – I'm looking at CAKE in Chicago this summer, but same deal, it's not certain yet.

      @Terence, Zeonic, James, Mike – Kris will have these cards at PAX East. I'll be at Gen Con. I'm applying to Maker Faire in San Mateo and we're also looking at doing an MOD-specific event in San Francisco proper, sometime in the summer or fall.

      @Andy and others asking about international orders – There's no way to make an offer of site-specific bonus card fair for everyone. But don't worry, I have other ideas brewing for my many non-US friends.

    12. Nine

      @balthamoss2b I cannot agree more

    13. Jacqland on

      @Terence: I saw earlier today that topatoco's also on the exhibitor list for the Calgary Comic Expo April 26-28

    14. Paul Harris on

      @balthamoss2b A MOST EXCELLENT SUGGESTION.

    15. Carlos S. on

      It would be nice if you added the card for free starting from a certain reward level for us who live outside US. Just sayin'...

    16. Andy Satterthwaite on

      Any chance of putting that convention-exclusive card in with the international orders?
      It's just about impossible for us to get to any conventions (12 hour flight to even get to the US) - and a bonus card would make up a little for the gazillion dollars of postage.

      [or perhaps just an international card "Redeemable for Something From Far Away, e.g. Tropical Diseases; Penguins; Asteroids]

    17. Mike Maxson

      You guys have a new game. You should come to Gen Con. It's actually getting a lot bigger for webcomic artists.

    18. James Flaagan

      Dang, nothing in the bay area. Gonna either have to try and finally attend ComiCon SD or get one of my buddies to help me out!

    19. Edward Kirwan on

      Agh, I finally get to go to PAX East this year and I see that I won't be able to get this card there, when I thought there was a decent chance of it happening.

    20. Terence Chandler on

      Here's the listing from Wondermark's website of "upcoming appearances." I wonder if there are any others?

      •Mar 1-3 : ECCC : Seattle
      •May 11-12 : TCAF : Toronto
      •May 23-26 : Phoenix Comicon
      •July 18-21 : SDCC : San Diego
      •Aug 29-Sept 2 : Worldcon : San Antonio
      •Sept 14-15 : SPX : Bethesda MD

    21. Christopher Ledvina on

      Awesome stuff so far, when do you think will you be in the Midwest? I don't even have the game yet and I feel addicted!

    22. Kristen on

      Any plans for Portland, OR?

    23. Rhain DiPilla on

      If only your convention appearances could be outside the US in 2013... it seems a long way for me to travel from Australia for a single card

    24. Ali Grotkowski

      I think you have the wrong image for the convention-exclusive Black Market Gift Card. But other than that, thanks for the great update!