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Bringing Linux Distros to your Android device!

About the Project

LinuxonAndroid is a ongoing project run by a University student with a passion to get full blown Linux distros (Ubuntu, debian etc etc) running on top of Android devices!

This opens a whole new world of possibilities to your Android device:

  • Ever wanted to run a web server from a phone?
  • Have some Linux software you really wish you had where ever you go?
  • Want to have just one device that can do everything you need?
Then LinuxonAndroid can help (and these are just a few ways our users have used the project).

For more information on our project please check out the HOMEPAGE and the projects Source forge page and of course if you want to ask any questions feel free to email me

So if the project is already running and has a large user base (40,000+) then why are we here on kickstarter? 

Well quite simply we need your help to take LinuxonAndroid to the next level! 

I primarily run this project with the help of two other developers, but we all do it for free and in our spare time, which has become very limited. 'Free time' has become so limited in fact that the project has almost ground to a halt, which is not what we want!

We want to raise enough funds to be able to commit our resources to this project and to kick start it into a new level. (and giving some cool swag out in the process is always a good thing)

Below is a overview of what we predict to be able to achieve with your backing:

  • £800 - And this point we should be able to give the project a complete month of our undivided attention which should allow us to produce a range of better guides and FAQs on our wiki, as well as build and release new Ubuntu 12.10, ArchLinux, Fedora and OpenSUSE images
  • £1500 - A solid two months of development would allow us to complete all the above, plus release Ubuntu 13.04 images, and develop the app further introducing new features like better widgets as well as better Linux integration.
  • £2400 - Up to four months of development would allow us to not only complete the above work but also work on more advanced features that until this point have had to be left on the back burner, getting native sound running from Linux, Integrating VNC into our app for a truly one click boot.
  • £3500 - Its time for the big push! we would complete all the above work and push to really integrate Linux and Android, with native graphics, running graphics over HDMI (for devices that support hdmi out) and other ideas that are in the works to give a seemless android/linux experience.
  • £4500 - At this point we will go all out, the project will be made completely open source (i.e no more donation keys for extra features in the app) and we will not stop until the LinuxonAndroid is a well polished smooth and feature rich method for installing Linux distros on your Android device!
Ideas and feature demo's

Here is a range of feature ideas we will want to implement along with the predicted price boundary at which we would have enough resources to complete them:

  • Working Sound - Currently one of the most asked features by our users is working sound, this is something we really want to implement, with successful testing on using ALSA 'native' sound on devices is not far from reality. This would be completed at around the £2400 mark hopefully 
  • Better up to date Distro support - One area that LinuxonAndroid is starting to slip on is keeping up to date with the current releases of its support distros, and supporting extra distros, from the £800 mark we would aim to change this by keeping all our supported distros up to date with their respective main stream versions
  • Native Graphics - Who wouldnt want native graphics with acceleration? With testing and work going into the Java X11 port and other native methods this again is something that would be very possible given enough time and resources, and something we would aim to get working at the £3500 mark.
  • HDMI out support - Many devices support HDMI out in one form or another, and some devices like the Atrix have use of Lapdocks and other devices would we would aim to support! This should be completed around the same time as native graphics at the £3500 mark
  • Control Android from within Linux - Something we have always wanted to do but never been able to find the time, at the £4500 mark we would have the time and resources to   
  • Even deeper integration - LinuxonAndroid ROM! - This is something we have wanted to do for quite some time now but never had the resources to carry it out, a full fledged LinuxonAndroid ROM, with everything you need to run Linux on your device built right into the ROM, this is something we would likely start working on from the £1500 mark and something that would evolve over time so the more resources we can commit the better!

And Finally... The LinuxonAndroid team would like to thank you very much for reading about our project and really hopes to gain enough funding to be able to expand and build on what could be come a very strong and useful project! 

About the Developers:

  • Zachary Powell - A second year Computer Science University student with a strong passion for Linux and Android operating systems. Zac has worked on a range of projects in the open source sector, most notably as the lead developer on the LinuxonAndroid project and working on the SlapOS project to bring SlapOS to android devices. For more information on Zac check out his (currently being rebuilt) website HERE, Zac is also a Recognized Developer and Recognized Contributor on XDA under the username zacthespack
  • Martin Møller - I have 27 years experience with various languages, and today i write in Java, C and C++. I mainly use C/C++ for my micro processors, and know how to write small memory efficient programs. (My favorite micro processor only have 2 kbyte of ram, and some of them as little as 128 bytes, so you really have to write memory efficient code!) The list of languages I know include Java, Basic, C, C++, LUA, Python, PHP, and probably more I forgot.

Backers Swag

Here are a couple of images of what the backers swag will look like, once the funding is finished we shall email out all backers that selected the respective levels to ask for t-shirt sizes etc.

Limited edition T-shirt
Limited edition T-shirt
Limited Edition mug
Limited Edition mug
Limited Edition hoodie
Limited Edition hoodie
Limited Edition bumper sticker
Limited Edition bumper sticker

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The largest problems we will face are in making LinuxonAndroid as smooth as possible. As we all have bills to pay and roofs to keep over our heads the larger a fund we can raise the more resources we can commit to the project and the more likely features can be completed.


  • There is a couple of key things that set us apart (once funding is complete and we are able to polish it up). Firstly we are independent of any Linux distro, so we are able to build and support a wide range of versions of linux and not just Ubuntu. We also plan to release tools to allow other users/developers to port even more distributions. Another difference is the fact that Ubuntu for phones has a minimum required spec, however we feel that any device that can run Android can run at least a lightweight distributions, so we impose no requirements other than being rooted to run our software, this allows anything from phone, tablet or even stick computer to run linux. Ubuntu for phones also requires the user to doc their phone in order to access it the Ubuntu GUI, we think that on devices with ever increasing screen sizes being able to access the GUI directly on the device is a key feature. I am sure there are many other differences but the biggest issue with ubuntu for phones is that fact that nothing has ever been released. While we already have released and are working to improve as we go (and thus this kickstarter campaign)

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