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It's gonna be Big! It's gonna be Angry! It's a Monster of a game! A game of Chaos and Destruction to be the last Monster standing!

It's gonna be Big! It's gonna be Angry! It's a Monster of a game! A game of Chaos and Destruction to be the last Monster standing!

It's gonna be Big! It's gonna be Angry! It's a Monster of a game! A game of Chaos and Destruction to be the last Monster standing! Read More
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Here is a preview video from the folks at Sit Down Standard. Be sure to check out their other videos as well HERE.

It's gonna be Big! It's gonna be Angry! It's a Monster of a game! A game of Chaos and Destruction to be the last Monster standing!

Big Angry Monsters is a board game where players assume the roles of giant Monsters in an attempt to be the last monster standing. This is accomplished by destroying each other and the island of Nacob in the process.

Players begin the game on the Island of Nacob. Monsters will then duke it out with a "press your luck" dice rolling mechanic where they can take each other down, destroy buildings, do super moves and gain power to evolve all while gaining crazy upgrades and effects in order to be the last one standing.

Big Angry Monsters will comfortably seat 2-6+ players and take as little as 30 minutes to an hour to play. 

RuleBook Download
RuleBook Download

Rule Book Download
Rule Book Download

Click HERE for  the Rulebook

Big Angry Monsters will include the following:

10 custom die-cut Monster standees on 2mm high density mounted cardboard with corresponding custom stat and abilities cards, 8 custom molded dice in 2 different colors, 25 double-sided location cards, 54 power cards each with its own artwork, a dry erase pen and a scenario/rule book.

Check out the final art for the Monsters included in the game:

Here is a quick look at a preview of what the Monster's stat card and both the basic and advanced ability cards look like. On the advanced stat cards each Monster unique has its own set of stats and abilities they can gain which make each Monster play differently. Download the rule book to see more details on all the Monsters abilities.

Below are some examples for a few the power cards:

Players may earn power cards in the power stream by using the power gained by destroying buildings and draining the power from other Monsters

Big Angry Monsters uses two types of power cards; Upgrade and Discard. The upgrade card is an upgrade that a monster gains while the card is in their possession. A discard card is used immediately at the time of purchase

Here is a preview of a few of the double-sided location cards. The top images represent the buildings and the bottom images representing the effect side of the location card.

The icon in the top left is how many hits it takes to destroy the building. The icon in the bottom left is what a Monster would gain by destroying the building. See the rule book for all the tiles and their effects.

Here is the art that is to be used for the dice:

  • The top icon is "Power Up". When a player rolls a "Power Up" they gain a power that they can use to purchase Upgrades from the Power Stream
  • The "BAM" icon represents a successful hit when attacking another Monster or building.
  • The Foot icon is "Side Step" when a player rolls a "Side Step" at the end of their turn a Monster can move to an additional location per "Side Step" result
  • The lightning icon is "Power Drain". When a player rolls a "Power Drain" when attacking a Monster it drains the amount of Power from that Monster and it Gains it for themselves.
  • The shield icon is "Block" when a Monster makes a defense roll during an attack. Every "Block" rolled reduces the amount of damage taken by 1.

Here is a look of a game in progress.

Note: The components in the picture are all from the prototype version and do not represent the final product.

 Here is a gameplay video showing a few turns of Big Angry Monsters

The Big Angry Monsters mission statement!

Hey everyone! First I want to thank you for checking out the Big Angry Monsters!!! revamp/relaunch; now with more exclamation marks!!!

The Revamp/Relaunch of the game is a product of the amazing feedback I've received from all the fans out there. Big Angry Monsters!!! has been completely revamped to make it stand out even more than before.

The major change is the addition of the new Advanced Game mode where all the Monsters have their own set of unique stat's and abilities.

The pricing has been decreased from $50 to $30 without sacrificing the quality of the games components. A lot of the Monsters that were originally going to be stretch goals are now in the base game!

Big Angry Monsters!!! is 99.99% complete and ready for production. The rules are complete and all the artwork is finished.

Once funding is complete and payments are cleared, I will send out the print and play version of the game in order to do one last public play-test of the game rules. I am going to run the play test for about a month so that I can iron out any rule clarifications and balancing issues before I send the game to the printer.

Due to high international shipping costs I will not be offering international shipping for the Kickstarter. However once I have the physical copies of the game in my possession I will take web orders to ship internationally as they will pay for shipping at time of order.


Below is a chart showing where the funds pledged are going.

Because the artwork for Big Angry Monsters is 100% complete and paid in full none of the Kickstarter funds will be used for this purpose.

Risks and challenges

I have spent countless hours researching and fine-tuning this version of Big Angry Monsters to ensure that this version will be one of the most entertaining and top quality games out today!

Once funding is complete and payments have cleared, I will send out the Print and Play version of Big Angry Monsters to all backers.

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