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I want to create a series of limited edition prints of my favorite pictures I've taken over the years.

My project is something I've been noodling on for a number of years. My home office has several of my favorite pictures matted and framed hanging on the walls. I find myself more calm and at peace surrounded by them, I hope you will too. I've used photo printing services for years but always felt that I was lacking control over one of the most important steps in the process, namely printing. This project aims to resolve that issue.

I've already purchased a large format 17" * 22" photoprinter, an Epson Stylus Pro 3880. It is scheduled to arrive on Thursday, 10/28/10. I am almost giddy with anticipation. I also ordered hardware to calibrate my monitor and several kinds of paper.

Why a kickstarter project? Large format printing is expensive, the ink alone costs $60 per cartridge and there are nine of them in the printer! While the ink is expensive, the real sticker shock is reserved for fine art archival paper in big sheets. A 17" * 22" piece of paper will set you back over $6 and they come 25 sheets to a package. To buy a small assortment of paper almost requires a mortgage. I anticipate the learning curve will be steep and fraught with expensive mistakes. By making a pledge you are simply confirming what I hope to be true, that people will be interested and motivated enough to purchase one or more of my prints. The funds will help cover my learning curve so the first and every subsequent print I ship will be the absolute best I can produce.

Please understand, this isn't a charity. I firmly believe in providing the highest quality print I can at a great value. Your pledge will result in one of my prints (details in the pledge section, see for the available prints) printed on archival quality paper with inks tested to last for more than 50 years. I plan to have the prints ready to ship in time for Christmas, they should make unique gifts.


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    For your pledge you'll receive a personal thank you e-mail and project updates via the project blog. Your name will also be placed on the Backer list on my website.

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    You will receive a personal, signed, post card with the project print as well as project updates and your name on the Backer list.

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    You will receive four note cards with the project print on the front as well as four envelopes. Just in time to send out thank you notes for that Christmas gift from your aunt. Yes, you get your name on the Backer list and project updates too.

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    You will receive one of the very limited 16" * 20" edition project prints of Bald Eagle I. Only 50 will ever be printed. Remember, if you snooze, you lose. If that isn't enough your name will appear on the Backer list and don't forget the project updates.

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    You will receive a 16" * 20" print of your choice of the pictures on Each picture will be limited to 100 prints and of course printed on archival quality fine art paper. No fair picking the project print of Bald Eagle I, it really is limited to only 50, ever.

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    Your generous pledge will net you the #1 edition print of your choice of prints on Yep, you too get Backer status and project updates.

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    Your more than generous $150 guarantees you the primo #1 edition of the project print. Plus my gratitude! Since I'm in a generous mood, you also get Backer status and project updates!

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