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Small, craft chocolate manufacturer has developed new method for making bean to bar chocolate!
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Colin Gasko

312 backers pledged $25,571 to help bring this project to life.

Reached $6,000! Roaster, too!

We've at day 6 and we've reached over $6,000 in backing funds for our Kickstarter project so far! This is a big milestone at 30% of our project goal. Right now, we need to continue to raise an average of $583 dollars of funds per day to meet our goal. This seems like a lot, but it is possible if we can get more people invested in whatever way possible, from small amounts of even $5-10 dollars, to spreading the word about our project and its goals. I'm actively contacting our retail stores to tell them about how success in this project would positively affect them and their customers. We're also telling friends and family to reach out and tell as many people as possible about what it is we're doing. My hope is that our track record and commitment to quality over the past 6 years will help reinforce confidence in this project and inspire people to pitch in. 

Also, I've been working hard at determining the most cost effective options to implement this project. I managed to find some really inexpensive used equipment and cheaper versions of other pieces. The exciting news is that with the cost saving difference, there is enough money left over to also build a new, state of the art roaster that I've been engineering and designing over the past several years! Utilizing radiant heat transfer, this roaster will drastically improve the quality of our roasts by reducing steam distillation of aromatic compounds, reduce the thermal gradients in the roasting cocoa beans, and at the same time require a significantly lower energy input due to the inherent efficiency of radiant heating. Furthermore, this roaster will be optimized to improve the safety of processing raw cacao by offering a significant improvement in log reductions of bacteria and other microorganisms. This is one of the major technical issues related to lighter roasts at this time, due to the low water activity and temperature of cocoa roasting. There are currently no roasters that function using the control methodology that I've developed for this roaster. They will be the most sophisticated control techniques possible with the current state of the art. This will produce more repeatable roasts that allow us to really dial in specific atributes in high quality cacao. I'm very excited to be able to add this to our goals. It is one more element that will elevate our process far beyond its current state. 

Thanks again for everyones support! I can't tell you how pleased I am with the response so far. More updates to follow! 



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