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FlyInside places you inside the cockpit of your favorite airplanes and lets you fly! Oculus Rift support for FSX and Prepar3D!
479 backers pledged $30,350 to help bring this project to life.

We are a Go for Takeoff!

Posted by Daniel Church (Creator)

With 24 days remaining, FlyInside FSX is fully funded!  So many of you backed the Kickstarter so quickly, I can't thank you enough!

While the project is funded, the sky is the limit!  What stretch goals do you want?  Prepar3D support?  Leap Motion integration?  FSX-DX10 support?  Post a comment!

In the mean-time, I'll be continuing development on FlyInside to bring us towards the beta phase.  You are all a wonderful community!


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    1. Rhydian Yeoman on

      Excellent news Dan. Very well deserved. It's superb software even in alpha stage, can't wait to see what the future brings.

    2. Gregory Jan on

      Congratulations Dan,

      for me ...

      next cool features : panels inside VR (FSX dialogs like checklist, lessons messages, GPS, radios, ... and external windows like web pages for charts, VATSIM), magnifying glasses to interact with knob and see gauges with mouse

      next stretch goals : Leap Motion even if I'm afraid device precision is not good enough compared to mouse, DX10 if really better perf. gain, and of course support of the Q1 2016 Oculus Rift Commercial version

      Thank you, nice work

    3. Missing avatar

      Kelvin on

      Great piece of software! Would love to see Prepar3d working in VR with this.

    4. Space Monkey on

      Congrats Dan, this is great news! As for stretch goals, apart from P3D which others have mentioned, I was wondering about an external "walking" camera, ie an external view controlled as if waling in first person to look at the planes from outside in their true scale in VR (something we already discussed in emails in the past)

    5. Mark McRae on

      Congrats Dan! Would love to see Prepar3D support as a stretch goal as you already know your way around it it might be an easier first stretch?

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      Erick Lindo on

      Congrats Dan !!!

      Yes of course you know what we want to be supported on FlyInside ..."Prepar3D support? Leap Motion integration? FSX-DX10 support" and of course to be able to right click and select
      radio commands etc. in the HMD!

      Thank you for making FSX live again!!

      Erick Lindo

    7. Adam L Lau Gonzalez on

      Dan you made it!!!!

      I would love to see pop-up panel working in most aircraft, it makes it easier to plug in info on the FMC's and radios ect, while in FIFSX. Another thing would be DX10 integration and as a stretch goal see implementation on P3D.

      Again, congrats and lets get this thing going!

    8. Missing avatar

      Jim Rooney on

      Simply amazing work.
      As others have said, DX10 (especially for slower computers), Motion Compensation for motion platforms and P3D support seem to rise to the top.

      As much as I'd absolutely love to flip switches, I don't know if Leap Motion is the way to go. Maybe it is? What would be nice though is easier manipulation of the current systems. I think you've mentioned that you're already working on something.

      Maybe the most common thing I run into is wanting to be able to see the initial loading screen (the "Pick a Flight") in the Rift. I need to take my headset off a lot to change things. The stock "Map" screen" similarly.

      Again, amazing work and congratulations on reaching your GOAL!!!!!!!!
      Well deserved.

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      Fabian Riesen on

      Hello Dan
      in order to reach the ultimate end goal with FlyInside FSX it needs to work with motion platforms!
      Please integrate support for the "Motion Compensation" from Vection VR.

      The code is available here:


      Fabi & Team

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      Richard Goldstein on

      Congratulations. This is a great project and now it can only get better. P3D has better memory management which would make it more stable in the long run I guess, but at even at this stage the fsx version is a real achievement. Well done Daniel and thanks for your perseverance.

    11. Missing avatar

      James Galbraith on

      Great to see this funded as the Alpha is awesome. DX10 would be good. I'd also like the ability to bind the HMD calibration to a controller button (apologies if it's already in there. I couldn't find it. �) keep up the excellent work. Am really looking forward to the beta and more updates. �

    12. Missing avatar

      Gene Buckle on

      The win with the Leap would come when you properly scale the cockpit such that when your avatar hand touches the control, your actual hand touches the control in your simulator cockpit.

    13. Simone Riccetti on

      Daniel thanks! you're working at one of the greatest projects of last years... so you're getting the right success you deserve! I own a leap motion and I honestly wonder how practical it would be to perfectly reach the controls or how difficult it would be to "touch nothing in the air". But we can try :D Instead I'm sure now I would like to have a big number always visible above the directional gyro in order to easily read the actual value, due to oculus DK2 resolution.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Nicholas on

      Congratulations Daniel!! I would love to see the ability to have an avatar in the cockpit as I feel it's the biggest immersion killer not seeing a body there.

    15. Miguel Navio on

      Congrats Daniel!! Now for more features!

    16. Missing avatar

      amesbah on

      Great work Dan! Congrats! Will Fly Inside FSX support display of all 2D aircraft panels e.g. A2A's preflight aircraft walk arounds? P3D would also be awesome - as you know!

    17. Daniel Church Creator on

      Stuart, Prepar3D is certainly a practical stretch goal. I've been doing some research with it, wouldn't suggest it otherwise!

    18. Missing avatar

      Stuart Hurst on

      I have no idea what Leap motion is so I am going to have to google it, but, personally, as since they are similar, I would have Prepar3d as a stretch goal. But, based on how they've changed things and you had to update DCOC to make it work with 2.5, it might be easier for you to do what the others have suggested... But, my vote is with P3D :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Gene Buckle on

      I couldn't resist teasing you a bit. All in good fun. :) You've done an excellent job with FlyInside FSX and I'm looking forward to seeing where you take it! I spent an hour last Friday wringing it out and I had a blast!

    20. Daniel Church Creator on

      Now you're making me feel like a big jerk ;) I'm sure you know though, it's all about the software development itself, not the hardware in this case.

    21. Missing avatar

      Gene Buckle on

      Well since you've already got a Leap Motion Controller *coughs*, why not make that the first stretch goal? :)

    22. MK Khair on

      Leap Motion integration would be excellent.

    23. Missing avatar

      Maki Rippis on

      FSX-DX10 support would be great for the added effects and performance it has.

    24. Bastian Hellmann on

      Leap Motion integration for hand tracking would be awesome as a stretch goal; would definitely get me raising my pledge. It was one of the first things while trying out the alpha: trying to reach all the switches in the virtual cockpit with my hands ;-)