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FlyInside places you inside the cockpit of your favorite airplanes and lets you fly!  Oculus Rift support for FSX and Prepar3D!
FlyInside places you inside the cockpit of your favorite airplanes and lets you fly! Oculus Rift support for FSX and Prepar3D!
479 backers pledged $30,350 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Yutaka Hirata on

      Hi Daniel,
      I can not log in to your Web site since last August.
      Your password reminder currently does not reply to my e-mail.
      Can you check the status of my account?

    2. Missing avatar

      Oleg on

      Hi Daniel, thank you for your work, I'm just delighted, amazing work.
      I can not download FlyInside Backer Beta, I can not log in to

    3. Missing avatar

      Clark Taylor on

      Hi Daniel,

      From what I have seen, you seem to be specific about FlyInside working with Oculus Rift DK2. Will the software we backed function with the full consumer version of Oculus Rift once it is released?

      Thank you for your work on this project, I think it could revolutionize the way we learn to fly!


    4. Missing avatar

      Erick Lindo on

      Hi Dan,

      I backed the beta but chose the "I just want to back this project" option and maybe that is why I did not get your invitation email for the first beta release,please let me know if there is some way I can have access to it.


    5. Robert Norman on

      Hi Daniel,

      I just realised i totoally chose the wrong option when funding the project. I was meant to have selected the beta backer option. Any chance I can upgrade my option to beta backer and pay you the difference?

      Been sitting here patiently for the beta to come and and then I just realised i wasnt going to get access to it :-(.

      Keep up the great work.


    6. Kim René Mossige on

      Thanks for the reply man!

    7. Daniel Church Creator on

      I'm doing everything I can to release the first beta by the end of August. It's feature packed with improved aircraft support, Leap motion integration, virtual desktop support, and it brings the FSX/Prepar3D main menu into VR!

      I'm spending the next week or two improving stability and polishing it, and then I'll make it available to all of you backers!

    8. Kim René Mossige on

      When will we see the beta?

    9. Missing avatar

      Carsten Maul on

      Congratulations :-) Let a new sim age begin.

    10. Missing avatar

      ForceMd on

      Congratulations Daniel and thank you for bringing Flyinside to the VR community. Good luck on the continued development and in your future projects. I now wait in giddy anticipation for November.

    11. Missing avatar

      Random Internet Person on

      Thanks and congrats! I finally will have a use for Leap Motion also.

    12. Missing avatar

      Paul Davis on

      Nice one! Hopefully my pledge will be of use to you - I found DCOC on P3D stunning, so am really looking forward to seeing what you can do with FlyInside

    13. Missing avatar

      Peter Allen on

      Whoo hoo! Fantastic that you made the stretch. Congratulations Daniel.

    14. Missing avatar

      Peter Allen on

      Whoo hoo. You did. Fantastic and congratulations.

    15. Missing avatar

      remy tremblay on

      Congrats! thank you Daniel !!!!!

    16. Nick Holme Kjeldsen on

      So excited for you Daniel, (my self), and all other simmers out there. First time I ever backed a project, but this one is excatly what VR has been needing from day one :) and the level of potentiel is so huge.

      Great great job so far Daniel!!

    17. Missing avatar

      Tony Flahant on

      Well done Mr Church :) well done fellow pledgers :)

    18. Missing avatar

      John DeKruyter on

      Congrats, Dan! Glad to see so many other people are interested in supporting your work. I'm really looking forward to where this is going, and thank you for all your help with the L-39. . Your making my childhood dreams a reality.

    19. Missing avatar

      Luis Gimenez on

      Congratulations Dan!!! Good job man!!! I'm sure you are pretty happy right now!!

    20. Missing avatar

      TomRift on

      ..aaaand stretch goal #2 P3D reached! Fantastic!

    21. Missing avatar

      AFay on

      We are so close! Lets do this!

    22. MK Khair on

      For those wondering about PMDG 737NGX and FlyInside FSX. Here's a vid.…

    23. Missing avatar

      Oleg on

      Hi Daniel,
      Signed up for the first time and pledged $60.

    24. Missing avatar

      Ryan Trembley on

      My best guess was is that at that point I was running the 6.0.1 runtime (helps to read before you install stuff!). Right now I'm running the 5.0.1 version because I couldn't find the 6.0.0 runtime file anywhere (not that I looked that hard). Good luck with the last day of funding!

    25. Carlos Millan on

      I´ve been testing the P3D for a couple of weeks now and for me is far more solid than DCOC was. Awesome work Dan. Did u manage to get a Vive DK?
      Come on guys just a bit more pledges to get P3D at the same FSX dates. Pretty please :p

    26. Daniel Church Creator on

      Achenar, at the moment I can't interface that deeply with FSX's virtual cockpit, and only have the option of sending mouse-like commands. I'd need to work with Dovetail to really add complex interaction for various lever/knob/etc motions. Of course, who knows what the future could hold... As far as a yoke, I think you'll always want something physical for the force feedback. No matter the accuracy of hand gestures, it's just not going to have the right feel without a physical mechanism to hold/resist/etc. Of course, if you bought a yoke (Saitek makes a USB one), you could probably align it with the in-Aircraft yoke for the full visual+touch experience!

      Ryan, glad to hear you got FlyInside running. Any idea what was going wrong when you got the warping effect?

      Thank you all for your pledges! I know that, especially, first-time pledges can be a bit intimidating.

    27. Missing avatar

      Ryan Trembley on

      Tried the Alpha a few weeks back and was super disappointed (bare with me) because there was really strange warping effects. So glad I tried getting the Alpha to work again earlier this week. Amazing is the only way I can describe it. The Alpha features alone are worth the money that I pledged. Really excited for the other features to come!

    28. Missing avatar

      Achenar on

      Hi Daniel,

      Signed up for the first time and pledged $60 for your efforts - long time casual FSX fan and whilst I have not yet experienced Oculus VR, I'm still really excited with your ostensibly rapid progress and the level of potential here.

      I was particularly interested in the recent Leap Motion video - I wanted to ask whether you are thinking about Oculus Touch and whether the fidelity of hand and 'pseudo' finger-tracking may be good enough to offer a compelling in-cockpit experience of switch / knob / lever / handle control and even possibly virtual yoke control (e.g. for the latter, with hands held in stable edge positions loosely recreating the position they would be in on a physical yoke)?

      If so that would be particularly, cool and may be more accessible than Leap Motion given it will be 'the' preferred Oculus input solution and also cheaper. May be uncertain at the moment due to patchy understanding of Oculus Touch capabilities, but really interested in your thoughts on this!

    29. Missing avatar

      Steve Braaten on

      I pledged! First Kickstarter ever. Thank you for the Alpha, once I played it I was hooked. Thank you for doing this!

    30. Missing avatar

      David on

      Everything runs buttery smooth at 4k. Dan has achieved the impossible.

      Specs: 5930K, 32gb ram, Windows 7 64 and 780

      Immersion and presence is finally being realized. Landing softly on the centerline is much easier now. At times I feel as though I am really in the cockpit and in command. Now if I could just find a way to open the cabin door and say hello to the crew and passengers. Amazing.

      Speaking of amazing. I was able to recreate a recent 777 flight to Hawaii, as a passenger, using Captain Sim 777 PAX. The PAX model includes a high resolution passenger cabin. It doesn't include the cockpit, but it can largely be automated though the CDU and MCP. It was quite a rush landing the airplane from seat 34A!

      You can move about the plane via standard eyepoint shortcuts, bound to your controller. All external views are available as well.

      I hear via the P3D Avsim forums that the next release will be version 3, and will support 64 bit, meaning more available VAS memory, and hopefully a bit more performance. I'm hopeful that Dan will support this platform as well.

      If do do not own a VR headset now, chances are you will in the future. Back Dan now. I am sure you will be glad you did.

    31. Daniel Church Creator on

      Hey everyone, I just got back from a short trip and I'm catching up on all of your forum posts, comments, and e-mails! Y'all are great!

      Carsten, please make a forum post if you haven't and we'll try to sort out the crash you're running into :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Tony Flahant on

      Come join us on the forum. Post the error and Dan or one of the testers will try and help Carsten :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Carsten Maul on

      I tested the Prepare3D Alpha and it crashes regulary (Prepar3D_v2_Professional_2.5.12946.0). Sometimes it crashes after 1 minute, sometimes after 5 minutes. I never had any crashes with the Flyinside FSX Alpha. Just a little feedback for you. My system specs are Intel i5 3450K,16 GB RAM, NVIdia 970.

    34. misoswan on

      I'd like to see how does it work leap motion. please

    35. Missing avatar

      Gene Buckle on

      I just upped my pledge to get the P3D version too. :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Carsten Maul on

      After 2 days of playing around with the software I can say that FlyinsideFSX is an awesome experience. About the leap motion support, I just can't wait to feel what it's like :-)

    37. Missing avatar

      Craig Hyde on

      Awesome P3D this week !!!!!!! Woohooo cant wait :D

      Thanks !!!

    38. Missing avatar

      John Bird on

      Thank you that's excellent news:)

    39. Daniel Church Creator on

      Thank you all for your pledges and friendly comments. For those of you waiting for FlyInside P3D, you'll have your Alpha Preview sometime this week.

      As far as an in-cockpit pilot, that's something I'll investigate once all the Kickstarter features I've promised are complete. I haven't made it a stretch goal because there's a lot of risk in getting the avatar to move believably with head motion.

    40. Missing avatar

      John Bird on

      I'm am, or was, a P3D man with a ton of flight sim addons and was saving up for a large curved screen. But wow! after installing FlyInsideFSX into my unused FSX SE I have seen the future and I love it, as it is an amazing,immersive experience. OR and FlyInside will rule over the large screens.
      Could not wait to back your Kickstarter campaign.
      Thank you Daniel for what you have achieved so far and I feel honoured to be a supporter of your FSX and P3D projects:)

    41. Missing avatar

      Carsten Maul on

      I tested the alpha version with my DK2 and I loved it. Daniel, thank you very much for your work. Years ago I used FSX and it was fun. Later I bought a TrackIR and FSX became a lot more immersive. Now with my DK2 and FlyInside FSX a dream became real. This is a new chapter in home flight simulations. This is what I dreamed of when I played flight simulations as a kid in the 90s, when I first flew with sublogic flight simulator 2 on my C64 and the simulated world were just some grey and white lines in a green desert.

    42. Missing avatar

      Paul Chapman on

      Thank you Daniel, since trying the Alpha I have re-found my enthusiasm for FSX. The down side of this however, lots of late nights just flying about inside as many aircraft as I can find. Despite the lack of sleep and red eyes, here is another small token of $65 for you. Make it great, I'm sure you will.. :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Nicholas on

      Hi Daniel, I changed my pledge to $100 to support P3D. I know its not a stretch goal but what are the possibilities of having a pilot model in the cockpit? I know some 3rd party aircraft have this when you are viewing from the outside. Is it possible keep them in the cockpit when using the VC? Thanks for all the great work on this!!

    44. Derek Speare on

      Congratulations on your efforts! Here's another $35.00 to help it along :)

    45. Missing avatar

      Craig Hyde on

      Hi Daniel a quick link to my new rig, ready and waiting for the FlyInsideP3D alpha/beta which ever I can get my hands on :)…

    46. Missing avatar

      Andreas on

      Just saw the updated rewards...pricing steps are good now
      Instantly upgraded my pledge to fsx+p3d! :)

    47. Daniel Church Creator on

      Thank you Will an Craig! I will make sure that the software is great, so that it is worth every dollar!

    48. Missing avatar

      Will Whiteside on

      OK, I clicked on the $100 support. Looking forward to the release of a Flyinside P3d Alpha!

    49. Missing avatar

      Craig Hyde on

      Ive backed you for $75 as soon as you officially said you would do P3D :) Awesome Daniel hope we can reach the 30k goal !!

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