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1Q is a compact, powerful Bluetooth sound system with a hand crafted, solid wood cabinet - perfect for iPhone and iPad
1Q is a compact, powerful Bluetooth sound system with a hand crafted, solid wood cabinet - perfect for iPhone and iPad
1Q is a compact, powerful Bluetooth sound system with a hand crafted, solid wood cabinet - perfect for iPhone and iPad
1,309 backers pledged $194,682 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Project delivery, update 16

Shipping, shipping shipping – about 200 - 250 per day! While you are waiting, I thought I would put out a quick post to coach everyone through your first 5 minutes with your new 1Q. Yes, it has a GREAT manual with everything nicely laid out – but who reads manuals, right?

• It’s a very cool box – slide off the sleeve and cut the small piece of tape on the bottom to open.

• Open…. pause for a moment ....savor the view!

• 1Q is in it’s bag on top, manual, cables and power adaptor are underneath.

• Bamboo is very ‘regular’ in grain and finish – light, beautiful, but with very little variation between units. The Red Beech turned out GREAT, just as I had hoped – very, very red with a visible Beech grain. Walnut – my personal favorite, has A LOT of personality in the grain variation, each one with a very distinct fingerprint!

• Note the slick international power adaptor and additional plugs for EU, UK and Australia - I think we have everyone covered! 

• Important: It may arrive with enough juice to power up, but you should really give it a complete charge. Plug it in until the red LED turns white and you’re ready to go – about 5 hours, could vary a bit.

• Power on, red/white/red/white means it’s ready waiting to pair with something. Open your device’s Bluetooth control panel, turn Bluetooth on, select Vers Q from the menu… 10 – 15 seconds you should hear a ‘chirp’ and your ready to play. Pick a song and control the volume from your device.

• No chirp? Try powering off 1Q and then turning it back on… also try turning Bluetooth off and then back on with your device – sometimes they miss each other during ‘discovery’.

• Tip: you get the most Bass boost when it is sitting on a table surface. Hold your hand to the back on full volume – it’s moving a lot of air out the port! You can get additional lift in the bass if 1Q is positioned against a wall about the width of your hand away… corners are even better. • Want to switch devices? Press and hold the power button until you get the red/white/red/white signal and repeat the pairing process with the new device.

• Note – it will power down by itself with no Bluetooth or 3.5mm signal – really saves battery power when you forget to turn it off!

That should be it. Any additional technical questions, please contact us directly at - 24/7, we’re happy to help!

Now back to shipping….


Project delivery, update 15

In any project, after many, many months of hard work, seeing multiples of a product you’ve worked on arrive is great… but watching a big pile of them drive a away in the back of a delivery truck is simply AWESOME!

Meet Antonio and his trusty 1982 AM General USPS Mail truck (we filled it!); he’s our concierge on the first leg of with our very first shipment to pledge #1, Mr. Bill Stansky and many more. Great guy – going to be seeing a lot of him in the next few weeks… he’s probably going to need a bigger truck!

Yes… it’s November and WE'RE SHIPPING 1Q! ...on time, too! Very, VERY exciting!

It’s going to take us some time to get over 2,000 units prepped, packed and out at the rate of 200, but we’re on it!


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Project delivery, update 14

I can't really keep you waiting any longer...

I have been on the phone and have been exchanging emails and documents with our logistics broker non-stop over the last week and a half. Good news: the first shipment lands tomorrow, will probably clear customs within a day and will be delivered to our warehouse on Thursday or Friday! 

Loads of back and forth - import documents, new material declarations, new bond documents, etc. - really dull, redundant, administrative stuff. It seems that every new product comes with a fresh round of surprisingly wide, extremely sticky, bright red tape - courtesy of US customs. 

What this means for you: We will most likely start shipping out 1Q's on Friday! Progress... I will celebrate when I can actually TOUCH them!

As always - thanks for your patience!


Project delivery, update 13

It's Shipping time!

Exciting, right? 

Back home - had a GREAT trip last week checking in with all of our partners; I have to say we have a really good team given our size AND the complexity of 1Q! 

The first fully inspected batch is about to be picked up from the factory today; it should be in our warehouse by the end of next week once everything has cleared customs. It would have been NICE to ship EARLIER, but shipping RIGHT is far more important. We had a couple surprises along the way, but are thrilled that all of the contingencies we put in place (simplified assembly, extra inspections, back up suppliers, etc) came through to help keep us on track. 

A Kickstarter project shipping on time ...imagine ; )

1Q shipping plan

Having read through a couple of other projects, shipping to 1300+ anxious supporters can apparently be quite a daunting task. We have a lot of fulfillment experience under our belt, so we know how to handle fairly large scale fulfillment logistics quickly and efficiently. Still, we need your full support, patience and trust here; we are 100% committed to making this phase of the project to go smoothly and efficiently for everyone. If there are ANY personal shipping related questions, please don't clog the KS comments section - email us DIRECTLY at to make sure the right people can respond quickly to your specific question.

We've put together a couple simple guidelines that we will be following with shipping to make sure everyone has the same set of expectations: 

First pledged, first out – Only fair, right? We will work through shipments from pledge #1 (Bill Stansky, our awesome web designer) through #1309 (Kickstarter superstar Scott Wilson – Thanks, Scott!). 

First paid, first out – If the shipping portion of your pledge payment was incomplete, or if you upgraded units or pledge levels after the project closed, you should be getting an email from Laurie, our logistics director, on how to pay the difference. We’ve set up a secure PayPal page co collect these extra payments – super easy to use. So please follow through once you have received an email so you can hold your spot in the original shipping cue. I see that the extra payments are now coming through now, so everything is working well here.

Ship what we have, as soon as we have it – The factory is working in wood finish batches – Walnut first, followed by Red Beech, then Bamboo, then back to Walnut. We will ship what comes in first; shipments will be arriving regularly over the next several days & weeks - not all in one big, complete batch.

Shipping complete orders only – We will only ship out 100% complete orders, meaning if you had a ‘mix’ of finishes, we will ship your pledge when we have everything together in one place. It will be much easier for both of us, with fewer chances for things getting lost along the way! 

US Post is our default method – We have had very good experience shipping worldwide via post; though ‘slow’ (and least expensive), there is no reason not to trust this shipping method. That being said, we cannot offer international shipments any tracking info or guarantees once the package leaves the US – please note. Most projects are projecting a 3-4 week delivery time for international orders, which seems about right in our experience. HOWEVER, if you want to upgrade to FedEx for your own comfort and added ‘speed’, you can – we will credit your $10 shipping payment against the FedEx amount and let you know what the balance is. Same deal – we will send you an email and direct you to our PayPal page to resolve. 

$180+ pledge level premiums – Your 1E earphone stretch premium will be matched to your 1Q finish (unless you sent us a special request before the freeze in order changes) and will be INSIDE one of your 1Q boxes… poke around, they will be in there somewhere! 

Inner carton default – we always use a retail-ready inner carton (2 units) / master carton (6 inner cartons) combination to ship from the factory to our warehouse. We will reuse these cartons again to split the shipment for all orders – they’re tough, double wall corrugate and are built to survive international shipping conditions. 1Q is safely nestled squarely in the center of the finished box, protected like an egg – there should be no issues with it (or the box itself) arriving safely. 

Non 1Q pledge components – Tshirts, earphones, Limited edition sketches will all be sent out very soon! 

No address, can't ship! – We’ve been emailing all of our missing addressees almost weekly for the last couple months, but there are still 12 of you that we have not heard from. We will certainly honor your pledge at any time, but we can’t ship if we don’t know where to ship to! 

I’ve tried to think of everything here – I’m sure I have missed something. As always, were are open to any and all advice! A couple of you have already emailed us with tips from your experience from other Kickstarter shipments – thanks for those, please keep them coming! We are getting VERY close to the end here – this has really been a lot of fun for all of us, can’t wait to do it again! 


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Project delivery, update 12

Hello all, I apologize for the long silence…

I’ve spent most of the last week in Hui Zhou at our assembly partner’s factory. Huizhou is a medium-sized city in southern China, about a 4 hours northeast of Hong Kong (see map). I’ve been working with this team for several years now. They’re very creative, care deeply about quality and most of all, they appreciate all of the important details that we put so much time into achieving - a nice combination.

I’ve also used the time to check in on our tooler/molder for plastic parts, two of our wood shops (took 3 to get it right on this one!), our custom cable producer, our PCB (printed circuit board) production facility, and have had a chance to review all packaging and final labels.

The last few days have been dedicated to reviewing all of the MANY small issues that only show up during production ramp-up on a first build. There have been a couple short assembly runs over the last week for training and reliability testing purposes. Example: we put some of the wood enclosures through a standard temperature cycle testing process (time in a refrigerator + time in an heated room) to simulate typical ‘extremes’ to help understand the effects on product performance and reliability. The bamboo enclosures had a higher then expected occurrence of cracks in a couple thin areas from this test. It’s a material-related issue that we know how to correct, but it will put about 8 days into the delivery schedule on Bamboo 1Q. Not a disaster by any means, just one of the things you can only learn through the process. We will ship what clears quality assurance as soon as it is available, so Walnut will arrive first, followed by Red Beech and Bamboo a bit later.

If you every wondered why you don’t see too many wood-enclosed tech products out there, this is it. As beautiful as wood is, it really has a mind of it’s own – things like surprise cracks can pop up when you least expect them. Manufacturing in wood also a slow, craft-based process; a 1Q cabinet takes about 7 days to produce end to end. A plastic part by comparison would pop out 1 every minute. We simply love the challenge of working with wood, but it would certainly drive plastic-focused sound system companies insane.

Full production began on Thursday - see the photos... units #1 & #2 off the line! A HUGE thrill for everyone to see everything come together in a retail-ready package!

More soon,


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