1Q: Natural sound for your mobile life

by David Laituri

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    1. nockgeneer on

      Woohoo! I've been wanting a pair of these :-D

    2. Jason Alexander on

      Very nice! I'll be spreading the word here!

    3. Robert Woods on

      Does an international backer need to add any more money for the headphones over the $20 for the 2 x 1Q?
      A good incentive to upgrade as I had a look at the headphones. Although to be honest a protective case to hold both of them would have been more tempting, although I understand there isn't one yet where as the headphones already exist.

    4. Missing avatar

      Anthony Hooper on

      Already pledged for 3x 1Qs - hope we make it to 200k, love the look at the look of these earphones

    5. David Laituri Creator on

      Robert - we'll handle the difference in international postage. The 1E's com with a cool metal tin - and you're right, we have just added this at the end as a kind of 'thanks'!

    6. Kahuna Kevin on

      Awesome... telling the internets...

    7. Don McDonald on

      Decided that this will make a great Christmas gift for a bunch of people this year, so I raised my pledge to $850. Now, Christmas shopping for at least 4 people (5 if I get the earbuds) is done for this year. Plus, I get my pair for $10 less. A win-win!

    8. Missing avatar

      Rob Brunner on

      Some of the best looking speakers with the best features. Can't wait until they ship. Good luck going for the $200k goal! If you haven't backed this project, what are you waiting for?

    9. Don McDonald on

      Oh, but can I mix and match the 10 (some will want Bamboo, others, Walnut)? David?

    10. David Laituri Creator on

      For you Don, absolutely! You will be able to select your mix at the end, along with providing your mailing address.

    11. David Laituri Creator on

      Thanks Rob!

    12. Don McDonald on

      Awesome... everyone will LOVE these. They'll be a huge hit with my kids!

    13. toeachhisownmask on

      That's awesome! Thanks David! I've been meaning to snatch a pair of these earphones! I've already pledged $180+. I'll repost this on FB and ask of my friends to do the same. I'm very excited about the mini speakers, and the headphones! Hope we make it to $200, 000.00 in less than 24 Hrs!

    14. Marneus on

      I hope for this to happen!

    15. Jason Veach on

      I have also been thinking about getting a pair of these earphones! Here's to meeting the 200k goal!

    16. Robert Woods on

      Upped my pledge. Not sure we're gonna make the target for the headphones, but still a good deal (assuming they actually sound any good, as we're kinda working on trust at the moment!).

    17. toeachhisownmask on

      @Robert. Yeah, I agree. It would be nice though. Somehow I cannot see us making 15k in 4 hours. That's $62.5 a minute; basically an upgrade to $180 every minute.

      Come on people, don't be stingy! You know once you get your 1Q you'll wish you ordered another one!

    18. David Laituri Creator on

      It's happened before!

      He's right - 2 are better then 1!

    19. toeachhisownmask on

      90 minutes to go! We need every 12th person to up their pledge and we'll make it to 200K! Come on you cheap *astards! Spend! Spend! Spend!

    20. David Laituri Creator on

      He's right! We're so dang close! You can do it!