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1Q is a compact, powerful Bluetooth sound system with a hand crafted, solid wood cabinet - perfect for iPhone and iPad
1Q is a compact, powerful Bluetooth sound system with a hand crafted, solid wood cabinet - perfect for iPhone and iPad
1Q is a compact, powerful Bluetooth sound system with a hand crafted, solid wood cabinet - perfect for iPhone and iPad
1,309 backers pledged $194,682 to help bring this project to life.

1Q update + inspiration

We just crossed the 1250% mark today and the support is still accelerating! As you might imagine, there are alot of ramp-up activities going on here, as well as writing responses to all of your emails. We love the dialog, great feedback! 

A couple of brief project updates while we are waiting for more pre-production units to arrive:

Tooling – being textured at the moment, plastic parts with 30% recycled content will begin to show up in production quantities within the next 2 weeks. Note: texture = full commitment, no turning back!

Certification – pre-production units are out for certification testing now: CE, FCC, Ctick, etc. We are prepping 1Q to be world-ready, with US, EU, UK and AUS plug ends for the power adaptor as well. 

Wood – Walnut and Bamboo are looking great, Red Beech is still being refined – needs to be perfect! 

Parts, components, etc. - production components are beginning to show up, looks like everything is on schedule so far.

Press – A quick search of 1Q will show you the press we’ve been getting; nice mentions on Techcrunch, Gearpatrol and Engadget to name a few with more on the way. Check the project page for links… 

One of the great features of Kickstarter, as you know, is the ability to share a bit of the story behind our project. One of our inspirations here is this Admiral tube radio from the 40’s that I picked up at a garage sale when I was 12. It has survived my attempt to restore it in 7th grade shop class, 20 or so apartment moves and somehow, it looks better then ever. It’s followed me everywhere; I could never find a good reason to part with it. 

While the beauty, acoustic performance and renewability of wood are really great, it’s how wood actually improves with age (ie: scratches, dents, a 12 year old with sand paper, etc.) that truly separates it from plastic. Plastic is disposable, whereas you tend to bond with things made of wood; after a while it’s hard to kick them out… 

We hope the 1Q has that same effect on you! 


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    1. toeachhisownmask on

      @David > My apologies! I thought it was a BEACH edition, but now that you corrected me, it makes more sense, given the release date is around Christmas.
      Now, the image of a red and white beach ball bouncing on a sandy beach with a white beach towel and a pair of RED BEACH 1Qs is forever ruined!!!!
      Back to the Christmas tree....

    2. David Laituri Creator on


      You will be able to choose at the end of the project, along with providing your shipping address.

    3. David Laituri Creator on

      It is spelled Beech!: . Conservatively November... meaning possibly earlier if we can!

    4. toeachhisownmask on

      @Tom Reimer > Once the product is ready to ship you'll get a survey where you will indicate your selection.

    5. toeachhisownmask on

      * You misspelled Beach in 'Red Beech'. :)
      Other than that: it all sounds absolutely great! I am very excited and can't wait to add these mini eye candies to my collection. I am sure I'm not the only one. When did you say the estimated delivery date was, some time in November, right?

    6. Tom Reimer on


      Thses speakers are great! I came across your project last night and immeaditely signed up! I have a question about the wood. I may have overlooked it, but how do we make a choice of the wood we want?

      Good luck