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1Q is a compact, powerful Bluetooth sound system with a hand crafted, solid wood cabinet - perfect for iPhone and iPad
1Q is a compact, powerful Bluetooth sound system with a hand crafted, solid wood cabinet - perfect for iPhone and iPad
1Q is a compact, powerful Bluetooth sound system with a hand crafted, solid wood cabinet - perfect for iPhone and iPad
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Details, details...

There is clearly ALOT of enthusiasm out there for 1Q, as well as many good questions. 

We have more details on the 1Q development progress to share. We have a fully assembled rear panel now, complete with prototype label. The photo shows details of what will be included on production 1Qs: Power on/off + Bluetooth link button (back-lit), 3.5 mm extension speaker jack (lots of requests for this feature, working on it now – more updates later!), 3.5 mm Aux In jack (for ANY audio device with a headphone jack), mini USB charge jack and the tuned bass port. 

It’s a very simple and straight forward user experience; all audio control functions are managed on the transmitting device and Bluetooth connection is as simple as selecting 1Q in the Bluetooth settings window. 

Also, we have the final prototype carrying bag (100% organic, unbleached cotton)… the little details matter! 

 Again, thanks for all your support – keep the questions coming. Back to work…. 


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    1. David Laituri Creator on

      We've tooled up for the USB mini since we had plenty of real estate on the board & rear panel as well as easy accessibility to mini components. Also, each 1Q comes with an international power adaptor with plug ends for US, EU, UK and Australia. Will certainly keep it in mind, though!

    2. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      Hi David,

      Do you have any thoughts on using a micro rather than mini USB port for charging? Mini is actually now deprecated in favour of micro, and additionally (and much more importantly), micro is the standardised charging connector for new phones sold across the EU (and is fast becoming more common elsewhere too). Obviously I appreciate that this is a US-based project, but you can see the logic in it.

      I'm already a backer and this would be nothing like a dealbreaker for me, but I thought it might be a nice detail to add to an already great product!

    3. David Laituri Creator on


      The cone is pretty tough and flexible - aluminized mylar with a butyl suspension ring. We've been carrying prototypes around for months in backpack through regular commutes without any issues.

    4. janschi on

      Looking really great and I've been waiting for speakers like these :)
      Would be great, if you could add some kind of easy-on-and-off protection for the membrane during transportation in a bag.

    5. David Laituri Creator on

      Good question - we have thought this through in previous projects and have compared notes with others in the Bluetooth business. Moving all volume control to the transmitting device simplifies the user experience and assures 1Q and the device will never be out of sync (i.e. phone on 'high' + speaker on 'zero' = lots of returns).

      The mute 'effect' is achieved with the power button; the 1Q auto pairs when turned back on. Again, super simple

    6. Arne Gulstene on

      Second that on the manual volume control or at least a mute button. Let us know when you are working on a subwoffer

    7. siruba on

      Very cool. If extension speakers could work, it would be great to offer a new reward level for a pair of 1Qs.

      BTW, it will also be a good idea to add a volume control know or button as well, as volume control may not be always available from the connecting devices.

    8. Missing avatar

      Dan Lape on

      Looks absolutely brilliant. Well-done from an aesthetic and marketing perspective. Delighted to be a backer of such genius!