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St. Louis's best (and only) podcast devoted to food is looking to make the best bester. We need your help.

So it's come to this: we're begging for money.

When we started StewedSTL oh so many months ago, little did we think we'd be Ira Glass-ing your ass so soon. But then again, we didn't think we'd have anyone listening to this shit either.

So here we are, and here is the deal. If we want to continue getting Stewed – and do it in the way that we envisioned when we started out - we're going to need to make some upgrades to the equipment we've been using.

We have had some awesome guests and some semi-decent hosts, however we often have audio problems that make the show less than fun for us to produce and ultimately for you to listen to. We’d like to fix that. We’ve taken a hard look at the tools and technology we’ve already purchased – things like audio interfaces, microphones, drives, cables, filters and sound proofing – and then focused in on the areas where improvements to our gear will have the greatest impact on the quality of our show.

This means we're going to be purchasing new equipment, things like headset microphones so the guests are always on mic. This will vastly improve the sound quality of the show.  Honestly, what's the point of getting guests as awesome as Gerard Craft, Josh Galliano and Mike Emerson if you can't hear what they're saying?

We're also in need of a replacement of our a/d audio converter, a nerdy box with knobs and inputs that is the heart of our set-up. (Just nod your head if you don't understand, it's what we do when Bill tells us that we need it.) By replacing our existing converter, we'll have the capacity to do cool stuff like work in audio clips and hopefully take phone calls. These are things that will add another layer of texture to the show and get our listeners involved as well. We're pretty pumped up about this idea.

"So what the hell do you want from us?"


Well.  Not "lots," just $2000. This will allow us to not only upgrade our equipment but hopefully make it a bit easier to take the show on the road in the future. We really love making this show and then sharing the stories behind some of St. Louis's best eats and drinks with you. If you've enjoyed our past shows and believe in what we are doing, please think about pitching in to help us make it even better, and thanks for listening.


Q: Wait, I've listened to the show, you've got equipment!
A: That's technically not a question, but you're right, In fact we've already invested about $2000 into this show. But we want to do the show at a higher level than what we're currently doing it. (At least from a production side, the content side will probably be the same as always.) So this campaign will help make the show what we've always wanted it to be, but hasn't been.

Q: You're asking for $2000 now, what's keeping you from doing this again in one year?
A: Honestly, nothing is keeping us other than our barely beating hearts which really aren't out to keep going for a money grab. But, we're tired of piecemealing the upgrades of the equipment. We hope that with this one big upgrade we'll be good for a long future to come.

Q: Does this upgrade means you'll start producing more shows?
A: Well, it doesn't necessarily mean that, but the easier we can make these podcasts the more we can make. Believe it or not, we actually enjoy each other's company and we really like making these, so I foresee many episodes in all of our futures.

Q: Am I going to have to pay for this shit?
A: If by "shit" you mean "podcast" then no. We have no desire to have people pay for this podcast. We barely have enough people listening and it's free.

Q: So, will you take my phone call?
A: That's almost a guarantee, but Sweeney is pretty hang-up happy, so we'd suggest not sucking.

Q: Was Andrew Mark Veety actually serious with that "accomplished eater" bullshit?
A: Oh god yes, and we'll never let him live it down.

A: Do you people even know what a question is? Anyway, yes, this upgrade will allow us to add some additional sound clips to the rich tapestry that this show has already become.

Updated: 04/10/2012

Q: Wait. You raised all of your money already? And now you want more?
A: Listen, no one is more surprised than us that we were able to raise over $2000 in 20 days. It's not our fault you people are so awesome. But yes, we would like some more money, because there is always some piece of equipment we could use to make things easier.

But, we're not going to be crazy greedy. So, now that we've gotten to our goal, we're going to donate 30% of every dollar over $2000 to the St. Louis Area Foodbank. It didn't feel right taking all of this money over our goal, so we thought we'd do something good with it.

Q: I like to drink and I don't like using a credit card on the internet, how else can I give you money?
A: First of all, good work on the drinking, you're in good company. Second, this Thursday, April 12th from 4PM to 9PM, 4 Hands Brewing will be donating 25% of the total ring of the night at their brewery to the StewedSTL Kickstarter.  Which also means you'll be donating to the St. Louis Area Food Bank as well. 

So, this is a good opportunity to not only drink with the ne'er do wells that run StewedSTL, but also a chance to raise some money for a good cause. Also, the fine folks from Guerrilla Street Food will be serving up some tasty food from their truck.


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