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An episodic 2D adventure game blending cinematic platformer and RPG into an immersive and beautiful lo-fi sci-fi universe.
An episodic 2D adventure game blending cinematic platformer and RPG into an immersive and beautiful lo-fi sci-fi universe.
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Add-Ons + New Character Reveals

Posted by Red Cloak Games (Creator)

Hello everyone!

Just want to make a quick announcement in regards to some add-ons for the campaign. Check the image below for details! If there's a particular add-on that you'd be interested in, let us know and we'll figure out if we can make it happen. Thanks! :)

Also, I wanted to share a first look at two more dangerous oddballs that you'll be able to recruit into your crew of survivors during the course of Rook's journey across future Earth:

 Doko Roko by Eric Mack

Doko Roko is a 2D rogue-like, vertical action game with an emphasis on lightning-fast combat and rich atmosphere. Taking place in a massive tower that continously evolves and changes as you ascend upwards through it's beautiful and mysterious levels and interact with it's otherworldly denizens, Doko Roko looks to place a lot of emphasis on ambient storytelling. As a huge fan of immersive, atmospheric worlds and narratives that invite the player to explore and understand them organically, I'm super excited about this game! Add in adrenaline pumping combat and incredibly beautiful pixel art, and it looks like this could shape up to be an all-around awesome experience. Go show Eric some love!

Pankapu: The Dreamkeeper by Too Kind Studio

Pankapu: The Dreamkeeper is a very pretty hand-painted action/platformer, inspired by the spirit of old school simplicity and fun. Blending action, platforming, and RPG elements together, players will take control Pankapu and explore the colorful dream-world of Omnia on a quest to protect it from invading Nightmares. Featuring branching skill trees, collectable equipment/outfits and multiple forms that can be shifted between in real time (each with it's own unique abilities!), Pankapu looks to put a fresh spin on a classic formula. The story also has a clever twist: unfolding through the context of a fairytale story being told to a troubled child by his father, the narrative aims to have dual interpretations depending on how deeply you decode it's symbolism, which I think is really clever approach to telling a story! Definitely head over to their page and check Pankapu out!

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