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Half Way to Bone and Barrow! Print Upgrade Options Unlocked!

Posted by Melior Via (Creator)

Thank you Backers!

With your help spreading the word, we've just crossed $7500. We're now half way to unlocking the third ebook, enabling us to include all four volumes in the World of Morden print release. With that in mind, it's now possible to discuss options for upgrading the print copy, as we hinted at in our last update. 

Print Versions

Backers who have selected a print copy of World of Morden, either through the $25 pledge level or as an add-on, will receive a Standard Softcover volume. DriveThruRPG does offer some other print options, and a few backers have inquired about them. We're now going to offer two other options. The first is a Standard Hardcover, and the second is a Premium Hardcover.

At this point, we're planning on including all four books (Sand & Stone, Frost & Fang, Science & Sea, Bone & Barrow) in the World of Morden print book. The $9000.00 goal is in sight. Let's be sure we make it. So, our numbers are based upon that page count.

Here's a comparison of the spines of the three versions of Melior Via's Thin Blue Line, which make a convenient reference for the thickness of the different formats. As you can see, Standard Softcover is much thinner than Standard Hardcover, and that's thinner than the Premium Hardcover (which uses a heavier paper that can absorb more ink).

 Here's two interior comparisons of the Standard Hardcover vs. the Premium Hardcover (pages of the standard softcover and hardcover are identical). Standard is on the left, Premium is on the right.

If you look at the sky above the precinct house and the refineries, you can see that the color is a bit more saturated on the right. If you look at the text, it's a little crisper in the premium (particularly on the ditto style sidebar in the second image). Is it a night and day difference? We don't think so, but it's noticeable. Is the standard awful? Again, I don't think so, but there's clearly a difference.

When we do a retail release on DriveThruRPG, the Standard Softcover will be $35, the Standard Hardcover will be $40, and the Premium Hardcover will be $50 (plus shipping) . For the Kickstarter campaign, we've already promised the Standard Softcover at $25. We can't quite offer the same cost savings on the Hardcover editions, because of increased shipping costs, but here's what we can do:

Standard Hardcover is a $8 price increase (So, $33 per copy, plus shipping for non-US backers).

Premium Hardcover is a $18 price increase (So, $43 per copy, plus shipping for non-US backers).

If you would like to upgrade the copy already included in your print pledge, please adjust your pledge by increasing the value as appropriately listed above. IMPORTANT NOTE: We will not be using a pledge manager. There will not be an opportunity to upgrade your copy after the Kickstarter closes. If you'd like a premium version, you must increase your pledge at this time.

One another addendum on the Print Upgrades - For backers at the Personal Witchmarked level ($250), we'll automatically upgrade your copy to Premium Hardcover.

More Press!

Richard Woolcock's Savage-Stuff blog released a great article today featuring the Kickstarter. Stop by and give it a read. We sure appreciate the added exposure.

Sneak Peek

Ross is hard at work on the Cairn Kainen material. He asked me to give you a quick look at his write-up for one of the new Banes!

Giant Raven (Wild Card)

Normal ravens are frighteningly commonplace in Cairn Kainen. It is said that every raven owes absolute allegiance to the Morrigan. Considered birds of ill omen, ravens are unwelcome in most clanholds, and are—at best—tolerated whenever they are encountered in the wild. However, the Morrigan has used her witchcraft to transform some of her favored servants into much larger and far more frightening shapes: the giant raven.

Giant ravens are rare, typically only making an appearance when sent to make a point for their Witch mistress. Those who displease the Morrigan can find themselves the target of these human-sized, black-feathered avengers, swooping in to peck and claw at any exposed flesh. In addition, these massive birds are notoriously greedy, and victims that survive the creature’s attacks often find small objects missing in the aftermath.

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit d8, Strength d8, Vigor d10

Skills: Fighting d8, Notice d8, Subterfuge d8

Pace: 6 Parry: 6 Toughness: 7

Special Abilities:

· Bite/Claws: Str + d6.

· Combat Reflexes: +2 to recover from being Shaken.

· Fear: Anyone who sees a giant raven must make a fear test.

· Flight: A giant raven flies with Pace 18 and a Climb of 3.

· Low-light vision: Giant ravens ignore penalties for Dim or Dark lighting.

· Theft: As a free action, a Giant Raven may make a Subterfuge roll to try and steal a small item from any enemy it is engaged with in melee combat.

· Uncanny Accuracy: Giant ravens that strike a target in melee automatically hit the least-armored location.

· Witchline (Morrigan): Banes of the Morrigan can be sensed by Revenant Accursed within 25 feet. Giant Ravens suffer +4 damage from cold iron weapons.

Don't Let Up!

Please help us keep folks aware of the Kickstarter by sharing the links when and where you can.

Thanks again for your continued support and good gaming!

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    1. Adam Loyd on

      Love the idea here. Just a couple things

      Is the raven sentient or should ur have the (a) tag in its intelligence? I'm good with sentient. Heck real ravens seem to be sentient... Lol

      As for the bane line weakness. Though true banes take double damage; only non accepted revenanrs take +4. I may be wrong, don't have my book with me. Also need to get a general style on how to write out banes. The outlands preview has the sense babes weakness and the material weakness as two different traits; here this bane has it as all one trait. Bit jarring.