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Uneasy alliances, hidden agendas, sabotage, and walking away with the score of the century.
Uneasy alliances, hidden agendas, sabotage, and walking away with the score of the century.
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4 Days Left! About the Custom Cards…

Posted by Karl Tiedemann (Creator)

What could possibly make pulling off heists with your friends even more fun? How about playing with your own custom cards? 

At the HOST reward level ($85), you can create your own weapons, traits, and equipment with your own rules. (Up to 4 cards)

Rob a casino with the "Portal Gun" that lets you walk through walls. Travel through time with a "Flux Capacitor" to steal a weapons shipment. Or take out an unsuspecting guard with "The Cornballer." It's really up to you. You tell me what you'd like, and I'll help you craft the rules to work in the game.

[Above: sample custom cards. These will not be in the standard game. Design not final.]

These cards will be yours alone and not available in the standard game. At the HOST level, you can create a maximum of four cards. Contact me for the list of standard ability cards, if you like, so you can see what cards currently exist.

Only 4 days left!


Aw yeah! New custom cards. New rewards!

Posted by Karl Tiedemann (Creator)

Well, this is it. The final week. To take us home in style, I'm opening up some awesome new rewards to amp up the game with your friends.

Custom Ability Cards (Traits, Weapons, and Kit)

At the HOST funding level ($85+) you can now get your own set of custom Ability cards, with your own rules (given they don't introduce a game-breaking element). Want a sword in the game? Why not. Get yourself a katana. Want to have some strange psycho-kinetic ability? Let's do it. I will help you craft this new weapon, trait, or kit card.

The best part: Get up to 4 custom cards for you and your friends. Craft rules particular to your group of friends. If you're all huge Avatar fans (who isn't), maybe get yourself some air, fire, water, and earth bending skills. 

For the Game Designer: Draw four cards to invent something new.

I love making tools for brainstorming new things and telling stories. But better than that, I love getting those tools in other people's hands and seeing what they can do with them.

So, I'm introducing another reward level called THE ARCHITECT ($65), which includes both a copy of The Perfect Heist, and one of my tools that I used to help design it.

The Creation Deck is a tool kit which distills various gaming, psychological, and social components down to their core. By mixing and matching the cards, you can invent new games, businesses, and services. I developed the Creation Deck as a challenge to come up with radically new campaign ideas for clients. But in the end, I used it to brainstorm ideas for board games. 

The deck is in extremely limited supply. So if you're at all interested in game design, jump on this while you can!

If you're already pledging at a higher level, but would like a copy of Creation Deck, just let me know and I'll work it out… 

Thank you for your support.


Goals Met, Pricing Updates, and Onward…

Posted by Karl Tiedemann (Creator)

I'd like to start off by emphasizing how much I appreciate and how important your support is to me and this project. Without Kickstarter and all of your support (especially you, Reddit), it's unlikely I would ever finish, much less print this game. And that's a pretty lame future. So, thank you.

So, what has happened over the past couple weeks? Well, let's start with the fun stuff…

Josh Alves, our character illustrator, is hard at work designing all the new player characters based on our own backers. The sketch you see here is hot off the press. This character is one of the technicians, who specialize in technological equipment. 

A bit of BIG news for my international friends is that I have dramatically reduced the shipping costs. Effective immediately, you can lower your pledge to match the new rates:

My favorite news is that I've switched manufacturers.  The original funding goal was for a bare-bones product made in China. But now I can officially announce I've brought it back to my home state. This was one of my major goals. Today I met with a rep at Delano Services in Battle Creek and the ball is rolling.

Additionally, these quality goals are met: Wood player pieces are IN. High quality card stock is a GO. I'm still pursuing other interesting options (like bullet-shaped player pieces) so long as they don't jeopardize the ship-date. Unfortunately I had to give up my dream for silver-plated bullet pieces. The one guy who makes them isn't taking orders. Plus they were crazy-expensive.

I can also confirm that my goal of shipping in time for Christmas is still a GO. So long as I am able to get all my deliverables completed in time, everything should be fine. It's another reason I can't distract myself with creating a bunch of "Stay Calm and Get in the VAN!" shirts, right. Focus, focus.

Onward to the future…

I am working with some developers to build a free smartphone app to be used alongside the game. The idea being that it could not only work as a scoring aid, but as a helpful on-the-spot reference for any of the 240+ cards, i.e. how they can be played, fun ways to use them, and for settling disputes. Of course, that's base line. I've got bigger plans for it, but first things first.

OK, that's all for today. More to come. Feel free to ask me questions any time here in the comments section, or on Twitter (@soapko). I do my best to respond quickly.


New funding levels, new rewards!

Posted by Karl Tiedemann (Creator)

I have confirmed with my illustrators that I can open up more custom artwork for you. 

To that end, I have opened 3 more spots (up to 10) for the $400 Mastermind level. This allows you to get your face in as one of the major characters.

I have also added a $300 level to allow you to get your own custom character card, but only you will receive. So, it's truly one of a kind.

Thank you, everybody!

Vote for The Perfect Heist!

Posted by Karl Tiedemann (Creator)

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