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Uneasy alliances, hidden agendas, sabotage, and walking away with the score of the century.
Uneasy alliances, hidden agendas, sabotage, and walking away with the score of the century.
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Assemble Your Crew…

Posted by Karl Tiedemann (Creator)

Hello everyone!

After some fits and starts, I'm happy to officially announce that The Perfect Heist is shipping. Up until now we've only been able to send out a few packages at a time, but after working though some issues with the USPS, we'll finally start to make some real headway and send out as many as 100 a day. That may not sounds like a lot for a game company, but it is for us. Check out my living room…

(And that's just a fraction of what's sitting in my garage.)

Everyone will receive a shipping notification via email (with tracking number), so you'll know when to expect delivery.

I can't adequately express how exciting this is for me to finally share this project with you. Frankly, it's completely surreal. Prepare to assemble your team!

Thank you for your support,


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    1. Karl Tiedemann Creator on

      Cliff: Not many. So very soon now!

    2. Cliff Hicks on

      About how many are left to ship? I'm still eagerly awaiting my copy! :)

    3. Karl Tiedemann Creator on


      I'm glad you had a great time. And I'm impressed that your friend was able to successfully pull off all those Pro jobs in a row! Well done.

      However, I'm afraid my ambiguous wording may have given her an edge. Regardless of whether they are a Professional or not, a Player may only attempt a single Heist during their turn.

      The problem is that in the rules I wrote "as a Professional, the Player must attempt any Heist card they draw" -- which seems to apply to ANY time a Pro draws a Heist card regardless if it's their turn or if they've already attempted a Heist. But no, the intent was for this rule to ONLY apply to the start of their turn and draw cards from either the Pro or Main deck.

      Sorry for the confusion, but apparently you all managed to have fun anyway! I'll update the rules to make this more clear.

      Thanks for your support.

    4. Nathan Reed

      Thank you Karl, we had a great first game and look forward to getting into the thick of things again here soon. The only other question we had was, is there a limit to the number of heists a player can play in a turn? Our situation was near end-game and the player started Trading In cards and drawing a mix of loot and main. Luck was on her side and she drew a Heist and a Loot worth 3+, being a Professional we understood that whenever a heist was drawn it had to be played. So she would do that heist and despite the group's efforts she would succeed and through the next loot drawn she would trade in and got lucky and got another heist and did the above again and in doing so, crossed the finish line first and with just a few Notoriety points ahead of everyone else. I am sure it was a fluke case, but it did bring up the question of how many heists and does a Professional have to play them even if drawn in the Trade-In activities?
      Thanks again for making this game.

    5. Karl Tiedemann Creator on

      @Nathan: I'm working on the official TPH site which will have a good place for Q&A, but in the meantime I'll answer any question anywhere I find it. :)

      The glossary is actually in error. I used to allow combining AP and Notoriety for trading in, but later removed it for the sake of forcing a choice between giving up cards or giving up Notoriety. Apparently, I did not update the glossary to reflect this. Thanks for bringing my attention to it.

      Let me take the opportunity to mention this about trading on Notoriety points: You *can* go into debt and go below 0 Notoriety Points when trading in. Of course, you're writing checks that your body can't cash, so you'll have to dig yourself out of that hole.


    6. Nathan Reed

      So if we have rules questions, what is the best method to get answers.
      We hit a snag on the Trade in rules on Page 6 vs. the Definition of Trade in Cost on Page 7.
      (pg 7) Trade-In Cost: 5 ability points, 5 notoriety points, or a mixture of the two.
      But on Page 6, there is nothing noting the combination of using both Ability Points and Notoriety Points to pay for Trading In. So is the Glossary of Terms in error or should that exist on Page 6?

    7. Eric Dunfee on

      Received my copy last Friday afternoon! I had a really busy weekend, but managed to sneak in a first play. Really enjoyed the game, and looking forward to playing it a bunch more!

    8. Karl Tiedemann Creator on

      Ha! Oh jeez. I think you've got that backwards. Thanks for being patient with *me.

    9. Eric Dunfee on

      Thanks for being patient with us Karl! I'm just really excited to play.

    10. Karl Tiedemann Creator on

      I know it has been a long wait. I'm going as fast as I can, while still keeping my day job.

    11. Eric Dunfee on

      I'm with Colin, very (impatiently) awaiting that shipping notification!

    12. Missing avatar

      Colin Horak on

      These haven't all gone out yet, right? So some of us should still be looking for that shipping notification soon, and not already have it.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jesse Warren on

      Congrats, Karl! Looking forward to putting together the old crew for some heist-ing action.


      ~ JW

    14. Missing avatar

      Sam "Samaritan" Fokker

      Just got it in the post. Busily calling people to get together a game.

    15. Mark Johnson

      Congratulations Karl, great to see your baby finally hitting the shores! This must make you proud now.

    16. Missing avatar

      Scott Dunsmore on

      WOOOOT! I got game night with the guys in a couple weeks *crosses fingers it comes in time*

    17. Eric Montero on

      Very excited. Can't wait to play the final version! My group enjoyed the demo over the winter holidays, we have been ready for the final!

    18. Eric Dunfee on

      Congratulations, I can't wait to play!

    19. David Zande on

      Awesome! I'm really excited to try this with my gaming group! :)

    20. Carroll Best

      Cool, can't wait to play!!

    21. Rod Fage on

      Exciting news! Thanks!

    22. Marcus on

      Hey Karl, awesome work. Cant wait to see it for real :)

    23. Missing avatar

      Greg Lahti on

      Heh, timely update I just posted wondering if I should have gotten mine yet. Great news!

    24. Missing avatar

      zombiphylax on

      Excellent news! Thank you very much!

    25. Taylor Sharrock on

      Awesome Congrats! Can't wait to get mine! :D