The Perfect Heist: a board game for 3 to 6 friends

by Karl Tiedemann

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    1. Mark Johnson

      Great news! Be great to see it in hand soon.

    2. Stephen on

      Great news! So when does this mean you'll start shipping the games out?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jesse Warren on

      Congrats, Karl! You went through a lot to get to this point! Must feel great!

    4. Anthony Sweet on

      This looks great, Karl. I can't wait to get my copy!

    5. Toby Penney on

      SWEET!!! So pumped!!! Can't wait to get my hands on my copy!!

    6. Alex Barbieri on

      Karl - you have done an amazing job with this. I'm really glad you took the time to make sure everything is top-notch quality. Can't wait to play!

    7. Eric Dunfee on

      Congratulations, what an amazing feeling this must be! I can't wait to play!

    8. Eric Heine on

      I think my game night group might finish Monaco right around when we get this. May the heist gaming never end! :)

    9. Cameron on

      Extremely excited to get the game and start playing!

    10. Missing avatar

      Andrew Pastilha on

      Ahh, i still remember when this was nothing more than an idea in your head and a comment on reddit. Mirroring everyone else's sentiments when I say that I can't WAIT to play!

    11. Shadus Tain

      Congrads Karl! Very professional looking. I can easily see this on a shelf in a FLGS.

    12. Mic-B on

      This is awesome. I am super stoked to play!

    13. Mikhael Weitzel on

      Out of curiosity, will you be sending out tracking numbers or shipping notices? Thanks! Super excited to play!

    14. Joseph Sturgeon on

      Any chance I get this before May 31st? I'm going on vacation with some friends, and I think this game would be perfect for evenings at the cabin.

    15. Cameron on

      Question of the day: Any updates on dates? My group of friends and I are getting stoked and want to know when we can play!

    16. Stephen on

      I can't speak to dates, but Karl responded on Twitter to say shipping has started. He's hoping to get an update up here, but I can imagine getting the games out the door is a big job for one man. They are on their way.

    17. Cameron on

      @Stephen I didn't think to look at twitter, thanks for the info!

    18. Missing avatar

      Greg Lahti on

      So... I still haven't received mine, have other people?