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Uneasy alliances, hidden agendas, sabotage, and walking away with the score of the century.
Uneasy alliances, hidden agendas, sabotage, and walking away with the score of the century.
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We're going to IndieCade!

Posted by Karl Tiedemann (Creator)

Put down that flamethrower for a moment, backers. I have news!

The Perfect Heist has been hand-picked for the international games festival, IndieCade. 

To say this is an honor would be an understatement, as I am among a mere handful of board games at the event. So I will be flying out to LA for the festival to represent and run special Heist sessions for fans and petty criminals alike. If you are likely to attend, it'd be great to high-five in person. Maybe we can invent a new game.

Please review The Perfect Heist online

As I prepare to take the next steps with my game—namely working with distributors to get the game into stores—it would be fantastic if you would take a minute to review The Perfect Heist on Boardgamegeek,, or even Amazon. This will help me prove to distributors and stores that the game is worth picking up. And in turn this will help me take the plunge to producing the expansions I have planned (stay tuned).


Shipping Update, Gameplay Q&A, and Online Store

Posted by Karl Tiedemann (Creator)

Hi, everybody! This is a short, but big update.


All games will have been shipped out by the end of the week. Additional materials like custom cards or the Creation Decks will ship out separately afterward. I'd planned to ship them together in a single box, but it just isn't going to work out.

Gameplay Q&A

The response to the game has been overwhelmingly positive! The stories people are sending me are so fantastic to read that it is making me even more excited to work on the game expansion. (Stay tuned!)

I've done my best to root out gameplay questions around the internet and answer them where I can. But I want there to be a central repository for game questions, so I started a Q&A forum over at that is to be a compilation of every gameplay question and my official response. I hope this will be a great resource for all of you, especially if a question arises during a pitched game.

So, for any new gameplay questions you may have, please post them to the Q&A forum.

Online Store

Some of the best feedback has been from friends of Backers who had such a great time playing the game that they also wanted to buy a copy for themselves. Well, now they can at my new storefront. 

And once this Kickstarter page has been retired, all game updates, tutorials, and discussion will happen over there.

Gen Con

Last—but not least—I will be at Gen Con this year. If you are not familiar, Gen Con is the biggest gaming convention in the world. And it takes place in Indianapolis August 15-18.

I won't have a booth like I'd hoped. Largely because I was still finishing my game when everyone else was booking booths. Oh well. Next year.

At any rate, if any of you will be there, it'd be awesome to give you a high-five in person. I'll be roaming and tweeting from @soapko and @heistgame no doubt. 

Thank you

Cheers, everyone. And heist on.


Assemble Your Crew…

Posted by Karl Tiedemann (Creator)

Hello everyone!

After some fits and starts, I'm happy to officially announce that The Perfect Heist is shipping. Up until now we've only been able to send out a few packages at a time, but after working though some issues with the USPS, we'll finally start to make some real headway and send out as many as 100 a day. That may not sounds like a lot for a game company, but it is for us. Check out my living room…

(And that's just a fraction of what's sitting in my garage.)

Everyone will receive a shipping notification via email (with tracking number), so you'll know when to expect delivery.

I can't adequately express how exciting this is for me to finally share this project with you. Frankly, it's completely surreal. Prepare to assemble your team!

Thank you for your support,


Posted by Karl Tiedemann (Creator)

Great news, everyone…

A mere day after sending out that last update I got the word I'd been waiting years for: The Perfect Heist is complete.

So, now we're in the endgame and I am preparing to ship boxes out.

If you have moved or anticipate having a new address in the next couple weeks, now is a good time to send it to me.

Here's a sneak peek at the box and promotional print.

The final game:

The promotional print is 5x7 and has an awesome metallic finish. Photos don't do it justice, but here is one anyway:

It's amazing and humbling to look out over my small fort of game boxes. Amazing to see it all come together into an actual product. And humbling to know that I couldn't have gotten here without your enthusiasm and support.


Misprint Mischief

Posted by Karl Tiedemann (Creator)

Hello, everyone!

So, I had hoped to send out this update with a big photo of the complete game boxes. Actually, I had hoped to do that two weeks ago, but a misprint of 500 boxes set us back. That's a full third of all the games.

The printer has been a little coy about how long exactly it would take to reprint all the boxes, but given that was two weeks ago now, I could get word that everything is finished any day now. Unless something else happens…

Which leads me to a little segment I call "Lessons for Making Things."

Throughout this whole process, I have repeatedly been humbled by lesson number 2 and bitten a fair amount by point number 3. But truth-be-told, had I known more about all the things that could go wrong, I probably would have thought harder about whether I wanted to jump into this game printing adventure. Nevertheless, I'm still glad I did. 

I thank you so much for your support and your patience. I aim to make it worth the wait.