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Uneasy alliances, hidden agendas, sabotage, and walking away with the score of the century.
Uneasy alliances, hidden agendas, sabotage, and walking away with the score of the century.
Uneasy alliances, hidden agendas, sabotage, and walking away with the score of the century.
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    1. Karl Tiedemann Creator on September 18, 2013

      Hi, Chris,
      The "One Last Job" card needs to be in play before the player attempts their heist. The heist does not need to be successful.

      Player's can trade any card that isn't actively being used in their Ability Deck. And at any time. Trading Notoriety points isn't allowed.

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris on August 31, 2013

      For the card "One Last Job" when the card is played, does that mean the persons last job would be the current heist played and the would the heist needs to be successful to count or could it backfire?

      Can we trade between each other at any time? The rules weren't specific on that besides that you can only trade your ability deck to remove it from your current pile.

    3. Karl Tiedemann Creator on August 27, 2013

      Hey, Karl!
      The biggest, most common, and peculiar questions I am compiling into the updated rulebook. For everything else, yeah, that could be very helpful. I'll see what I can do.

    4. Karl Collins Tan on August 27, 2013

      Hey Karl, Think there is a way to consolidate the questions asked in the forums to an easy to print format?

    5. Karl Tiedemann Creator on August 16, 2013

      I finally received them this week. So we'll send them out next week. At long last.

    6. Tyrone
      on August 16, 2013

      What is the time frame for us Host backers to receive our cards?

    7. Daniel
      on August 12, 2013

      Just got my purple playing piece in the mail. Thanks for the awesome support :D

    8. Karl Tiedemann Creator on July 29, 2013

      @TobyP -- Fantastic! That really makes my day.

    9. Toby Penney on July 29, 2013

      Brought the game up to my cabin along with some good friends, and Perfect Heist was the hands down favorite!! First night, started at 7pm, ended up playing 5 games back to back it was crazy!!!! Took a few to learn the rules and or debate them, but not once did it take away from the game play!! Needless to say it was a hit! We had it maxed out with 6 players there was so much sabotage lol

    10. Karl Tiedemann Creator on July 26, 2013

      Hey there! Yeah, I fully intend on producing a more helpful gameplay walkthrough. I always find those helpful, too.

      In the mean time, I hope everyone is finding time to play. Again, if you have questions be sure to check out the Q&A here: There's already a lot of great stuff posted and I do my best to stay on top of it.

      For those of you who are still waiting on your custom cards, I should have an update soon. Turns out that getting such a ridiculously small amount of cards made throws a huge wrench in a printer's gears. But, we'll get through this.


    11. Toby Penney on July 26, 2013

      that is the same video on the front page... silly me. :P

    12. Toby Penney on July 26, 2013

      @Rod I found this video posted by Karl on youtube :)…

    13. Mark Johnson
      on July 26, 2013

      Received my Creation Deck in the mail today, so now have all my items. Thumbs up, all look great!

    14. Rod Fage on July 23, 2013

      Any chance we could get another video of a play through. The Watch It Played format is great. I think it would clear up some of the play questions.


    15. Mark Johnson
      on July 23, 2013

      Got a call that my copy is waiting for me at home. Look forward to opening it up tomorrow :)

    16. Cameron on July 22, 2013

      Got a few games in finally! It was really intense when the group I was playing with started negotiating an all in Pro heist. Pretty freaking awesome if I do say so myself.

      Also, any ETA on the custom/special bonuses?

      Thanks for making an amazing game Karl!

    17. Karl Collins Tan on July 21, 2013

      Chiming in from the Philippines. Just received the game yesterday and I am just waiting for the sleeves to arrive (Would you believe there is not 1 pack of premium transparent sleeves in the country?) before we start playing the game. First or Second Kickstarter project i backed so I'm glad that I have finally received it

    18. Karl Tiedemann Creator on July 19, 2013

      @Daniel: you're missing purple. You're definitely one of the 3 "lucky" ones. :)
      I'll mark you down for a purple piece and send one asap.

    19. Daniel
      on July 19, 2013

      Just got my copy today, however! The manual states there are 6 player pieces, yet I can only find 5 in the sealed bag thqat came with the box with the 6th no-where to be found.
      The player pieces I have are coloured black, orange, green, red and blue. Is this a common issue or was I just incredible unlucky?

    20. Karl Tiedemann Creator on July 16, 2013

      Yeah, I got a little crazy with the packaging tape. Ha!

    21. Rod Fage on July 16, 2013

      Just got mine in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Packaged perfectly. Almost too perfect. I was afraid I would need a knife to cut it out. Looking forward to playing it the first time.

    22. Toby Penney on July 16, 2013

      Just my copy!! Can't wait to get the gang together to break it in!!!

    23. Chong Pak on July 15, 2013

      Karl, I just received the game. Haven't played it yet, but looks good so far. Congrats!

    24. Blenderboy on July 15, 2013

      Just got mine in Denmark, Europa.

      Now i just need to get my gaming group together and play it.

    25. Tyrone
      on July 14, 2013

      I received my game today. Thank you very much.
      It looks absolutely gorgeous, I love the box colors.

    26. Karl Tiedemann Creator on July 13, 2013

      @Justin: No, the Notoriety points stay the same. I talk a little about why here:!topic/theperfectheist/ISFIiC7zFSg

    27. Justin Magnini on July 13, 2013

      If a heist has sabotage cards played on it that increase the difficulty, does that also increase the notoriety?

    28. Cameron on July 11, 2013

      Just got my shipping confirmation, all I can say is:

    29. Karl Tiedemann Creator on July 10, 2013


      WOW. First off… congratulations on the wedding. Secondly, I'm relieved that my game still hasn't ruined a wedding. Yet. Marriages… possibly. The data is unclear.

      1) Absolutely. Bribes, threats, bluffs are all important tools. Use any card you've got in your hand or inactive Wildcards sitting in your deck, too.
      2) Yes. I haven't officially announced it, but my fresh storefront is up at
      3) Yes, but I don't have anything to show for it yet. It may show up as another Kickstarter. We'll see.

    30. Brandon Dorry on July 10, 2013

      I've played this game several times now (including the morning of my wedding ). Been loved by all, really great work. Thanks for posting answers to these questions - will help in the future (didn't know about trading or playing wildcards from your hand). Two quick questions:

      1) You said you can trade any card not currently in use in their Ability Deck - including from your hand? Can any card also be used to bribe folks into your crew?
      2) My brother loved this game, any extras available for purchase now / in the future?
      3) Any planned expansions? If so, where can I put my money?

    31. Missing avatar

      Cameron Keng on July 10, 2013

      w00t got my shipping confirmation email! Can't wait to get it
      (im from Montreal)

    32. Tyrone
      on July 10, 2013

      How close are you to having fully shipped the games? I have this weekend off so I'm interested to see if my copy might be close to being inbound or not.

    33. Karl Tiedemann Creator on July 9, 2013

      Hi Brandy,

      Yeah, we ended up having to ship the Creation Decks separately. After all my careful preparation to ship them together, it would've cost too much. Sorry. Coming soon.


    34. Brandy on July 9, 2013

      Received the game yesterday! Was the Creation Deck supposed to ship with it, or separately? I didn't see it included.

    35. Karl Tiedemann Creator on July 8, 2013


      This is a fantastic question. And it's related to the answer of another question "When does the game actually end?"

      From the rules: "The game finishes when the first player reaches the end of the board." But more specifically, the game ends when their *player piece* has reached the end of the board.

      So, until Player A's piece has been physically moved to the end of the board, the game is not yet over. And during the time it takes to move the piece, other players may Sabotage or play Wildcards to move them back a space.

      Thank you for the question as it will help me revise the instructions to be evermore clear and hopefully prevent future arguments. :)

    36. Missing avatar

      Oleg Lukoshkin on July 8, 2013

      Karl, I was playing with some friends and we ended the 2nd game in argument about how to interpret some cards. Player A was one spot from reaching the finish, it was his turn, and he played the use instant card to advance forward one space(this card can end the game). Player B played the go back one space wildcard. This is where the arguments started. Player A interprets that he goes forward one spot to the finish, causing the game to end and no more cards can be played. Player B interprets that both cards cancel each other out and no movement of game pieces takes place. I was player C and I think that A wins, because the card says that it can end the game, if the card can end the game why wouldn't it? Please help us with this dilemma.

      I read on an earlier post that the use instantly cards are meant to be use immediately and we will treat them that way in future games.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Baron on July 8, 2013

      Just posting to say I got the game! I've been looking over the cards; they look very nice. I just haven't wrangled up my group to play with them yet.

    38. Karl Tiedemann Creator on July 7, 2013

      @Will: Glad to hear it went well!

      You definitely need to balance the cooperation & sabotaging. Some players come out swinging too early like that gives you an early advantage. But then they lack the firepower they need later in the game. So, cooperating early is actually a pretty good way to go.

      Loot is much more valuable in the early to mid-game than Notoriety. By the mid to end-game, Notoriety is the primary driver, so it makes sense no one would want to trade in Notoriety. I don't know about giving the player with the most Ability Points extra Notoriety, but I could see giving all Players extra Notoriety based on their Ability Points. It's worth trying.

      1. "Witness Protection" can be used against anyone. It's perfect for keeping a player from ending the game.

      2. "Versatile" is in effect until the card is removed from your Ability Deck, yes. And all it does is allow you to play an additional Specialist card. It doesn't lock you into anything. Similarly, "Gun Case" gives you an additional Weapon space, but you can swap Weapons in and out as you see fit.

      3. "Blackmail" is a History card, so you retain this ability for the entire time the card is in play. And good question: it only works for cards that the player has chosen to discard (or is forced to) without using.

      4. For the "One Last Job" card, if you end up pulling another job after the "last one" then you should discard it. You blew the challenge. And yep, it's possible to play the card very early in the game and sit on it, but the opportunity cost is too high to make that gamble. And it will become obvious what you're doing (because you never attempt your own Heists) that eventually someone will steal the card from your Ability Deck, leaving you with nothing. Ouch. Likewise, you could play this agenda late in the game, and that could work really well for you. But even still it isn't a sure thing.

      The one thing I'd say about "One Last Job," though, is that it probably shouldn't be allowed to end the game. So, if you're on the last board space… you probably shouldn't be able to put this agenda down, then take on the Whacko Taco to get a free 21 Notoriety Points to win the game.

      5. With "Unhealthy Fixation" you GAIN the perks and Ability Points of the targeted player's Traits. Only the Trait cards. And it is additive. So, in your scenario, it's unlikely that Player B's Trait cards add up to 20 points. It's more likely that they add up to 5 points or so. And maybe one of their Traits is "Resourceful" that gives you a x2 Bonus to 1 Kit card. Under this situation, Player A would gain an additional 5 Ability Points as well as a x2 Bonus to one of their own Kit cards. This can confer a huge bonus on a Player, for sure. But only for as long as they are behind on the game board. I've seen players sabotage themselves to move back a space just to kill another player's Unhealthy Fixation with them. Ha!

      6. Yes.

      7. I play with the Notoriety scoreboard visible to everyone. You can't really trust it, of course, since there are inevitably a few "Inheritance" cards in players' hands and perhaps even the "One Last Job" out there. I've heard of people trying to keep Notoriety hidden, but it's not like you can't track everyone's points anyway. You know how many points everyone gets from their jobs. You'd just end up with everyone tracking everyone else's points on their own paper, but you'd still probably be wrong (due to Inheritance cards and whatnot).

      8. I think you should have to announce the moment you've completed the agenda. Not because it's a rule, but because the other players will want to validate that you actually achieved it. But, like I said, it isn't a rule.

      Phew! Is that everything? Did I miss anything?

    39. Missing avatar

      Will P on July 6, 2013

      Karl: I played the game last night with 3 people and we came across some questions. Overall we loved the game, though we were decidedly too nice to each other in the early game.

      Unfortunately the end game became a lot about careful watching of notoriety points and not wanting to partner with people who were ahead. It seemed that the value of notoriety points is much higher than that of loot. It might make sense to have the person who has the ability deck worth the highest points receive some sort of notoriety bonus.

      As a result of the notoriety points being so important, no one ever traded notoriety points in for extra loot cards.

      1: "Witness Protection" cards, can this be used on any player to prevent them from crossing the finish line on the board or just on yourself.

      2: "Versatile" cards let one person count as two specialists for the length of time the wild card is on the board? If so can that person chose to replace one of those two specialist cards with another without loosing the versatile perk or are they locked into those two.

      3: "Blackmail" The card sats you may take any one card that the target discards. Is this a one time use card or is this one card per set of discarding or one discard per heist. Does this also count towards cards they have "used" but are placing in the discard pile or is it only for cards that they choose to discard without using.

      4: The One Last Job card says that the person playing it wants to do one last job and that is it. How exactly did you intend this card to work. If this hidden agenda is placed on any heist except the last one I would assume that participating in other heist should make the player discard it. Otherwise it is just an extra 20 points at the end of the game. As an example, placing this down in the beginning of the game, having it sit there the whole time and then adding 20 points when the game ends because they "got out" and what ever the last heist they completed was their "last job".

      5: Unhealthy Fixation says that the person who plays the card mimics the targets traits, gaining all their perks and ability points. We couldn't decided how this card was intended to be used. Which of the following is supposed to occur giver player A has 10 ability points and is behind player B on the board who has 20 ability points.

      Player A has the abilities of Player B added to their own, giving them 30 points total and any perks player B might have had or does player A play as if the cards in their ability deck were that of player B, giving player A 20 ability points and whatever traits player A might have.

      The first situation seems incredibly overpowered while the second one seems to be more along the lines of how you intended the rest of the game.

      6: Just one quick question about the game ending. The game ends when someones game piece moves from the last spot on the board to the finish. Then notoriety points are compared to see who won.

      7: Do you play the game where everyone can see each others notoriety at all times or with the notoriety hidden from other players.

      8: Do hidden agendas have to be announced once they are completed or could a person sit on a bunch of them and use them to move ahead in notoriety points at the end of the game?

      Thanks again for making the game, it is really quite fun and the effort you have put into it really shows.

    40. Karl Tiedemann Creator on July 4, 2013

      Hi, everybody! A full shipping update coming soon. In the mean time:

      @Jeff: 1. Really excellent question. Unless a Wildcard is labeled "One use", you can assume that its effect is continuous **so long as you have the card active in your Ability Deck**. So, in the case of the "Gun case: You gain 1 additional Weapons space" you would put the Wildcard down among your weapons (or where you'd expect them to go). If another player sabotages you and removes the Wildcard, then you'd lose that extra Weapon space. Does that make sense? I think I should add specific instructions to the rulebook to explain this. Thank you for bringing it up.

      2. Sabotage cards do not cost anything to play, and you do not gain any Notoriety from playing them either (although that is an interesting concept). Players may play as many Sabotage cards as they wish.

      3. Players do not need a Specialist card to play anything. By default every player has 2 Weapon, 2 Kit, and 2 Trait spaces to work with.

      4. There are History cards, Hidden Agendas, and Traits that allow you to acquire Loot in other ways.

      @Rahul: That means a lot, thank you.

      1. Ack. That's just me being inconsistent in my wording. The "Use Instantly" Wildcards should read "Play Immediately." They're meant to be the same thing. Something for me to correct in the next edition.

      2. My general instruction has been to go ahead and play them as soon as the game starts. This goes for the Event cards and even the "Move Forward 1 Space" cards. In limited cases it makes the opening round tougher, but other times gives everyone an early boost.

      I hope that helps!

    41. Blenderboy on July 3, 2013

      Hi, Have you started to ship it to Europa yet?

      Really wanna try this game. =)

    42. Rahul Vaidya on July 3, 2013

      Just played my copy for the first time last weekend. I've played a lot of these types of games and The Perfect Heist is easily on par with the big bestsellers. I love how some of the cards can really set up some epic backstabbing moments, and I'd like to see more of those.

      A couple of questions:

      Some cards have "Play immediately" and some have "Play instantly". Can you explain the difference between the two?

      If you get a "Play immediately" card on the first initial draw before the game starts, when do you play it?

    43. Missing avatar

      Jeff on July 2, 2013

      Hi Karl, great game! Just got my first chance to play it and we're playing it again on Friday! Just a couple questions:

      1. Are the wildcards continuous? Some of the effects are 'one additional slot to tech', does that mean from that point forward or as long as the card is in play you get that additional slot? Or does it only last one round or one heist? I understand some of the wildcards are 'one time use only', but I'm asking about the rest of them.

      2. With the sabotage cards, do they cost ability points to play? Do players who play sabatoges get notoriety if they play them or just if the sabotage is successful? Can a player play more than one sabotage card during a heist (will it cost additional ability points)?

      3. Does a player need to have a specialist in order to play techs, traits, and weapons?

      4. I noticed while playing it was very difficult to get loot even though there are just as many loot cards as there are in the main deck. Are there other ways to get loot other than from heists and trading?

      Once again great game!

    44. Cameron on July 2, 2013

      Any shipping to North Dakota? I am chomping at the bit really bad to play!

    45. Rod Fage on July 2, 2013

      Just checking in to see if you have fired any out to Ontario, Canada yet.

    46. Anthony Johnson on July 1, 2013

      1000+ names in the back, mines the only one not capitalized. =p
      Got my game today, looks brilliant. Cant wait to play it this week.

    47. Anthony Makarzec on July 1, 2013

      Can anyone recommend what sleeves to buy for the game?

      That way when I get it in, I will be that much closer to playing.

    48. Missing avatar

      jonathan aisenbrey on July 1, 2013

      I played my 1st game this weekend - excellent game. If for some reason a person needed training in being devious this would fit the bill for sure. thanks

    49. Missing avatar

      Zach on June 30, 2013

      Just got my copy today as well, but unfortunately I had to work tonight! I'm so excited, and I'm glad I could be a part of helping this idea/dream/effort become a reality! I'm very impressed with the design and everything so far, just can't wait to play it now!

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