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The Klinker Brick is designed to work with LEGO® bricks for you to create your own custom iPhone, iPad (+mini), & iPod charging stand.

GREAT NEWS! We ONLY need to raise $15K for the Klinker Brick to work with ALL iOS devices!  -December 1, 2012

-A simple redesign of the Klinker Brick allows us to make both the iPhone 4 (30 pin connector) and iPhone 5 (Lightning connector) compatible mold.  

Raising $50k+ (Stunning!) You will receive both a Lightning cable and 30 pin cable versions of the Klinker Brick.  Plus.... we will host a dedicated website called for everyone to upload pictures of their Klinker iPhone stand creations...

The Klinker Brick

Thanks for checking out our project. We call it the Klinker Brick

The Introduction of the Klinker Brick

The Klinker Brick integrates the iPhone charging connector into a custom designed brick to hold the all iPhones, all iPods, and all iPads. It will fit and attach to any Lego piece and allow users to build and create a unique iPhone stand. Imagine the possibilities. 

The Klinker Brick has two functions: 1) to hold the 30 pin and Lightning charging connector; and 2) to connect with Lego pieces. 

Pretty cool, right? 

Simply add the Klinker Brick to your personal Lego collection and begin to build whatever kind of iPhone stand and charging station you wish. This is why we are excited about this project. It easily brings together two well-designed, well-loved products in a fun, creative way. 

The Story of Klinker Brick’s Creation 

All the credit goes to my seven year old. While I was away on a business trip, my son decided he wanted to make me something for a welcome home gift. He loves Legos, building, iPhones, and creating stuff. My son took apart Darth Vadar's Imperial Fighter and started to make a holder for my iPhone.  It was a great custom build.  But there was one thing that needed an improvement. The plug into the iPhone was cumbersome when unplugging and plugging the charging connector into my iPhone.  Often times, I would have to deconstruct some of the bricks to simply unplug it. 

That's when we had the idea to integrate the connector into the brick.   The bottom of the brick would be able to connect to any standard Lego stud.  The challenge of the design was it needed to retain the connection with the attached bricks while removing the iPhone from the 5 pin connector.   

The Company behind Klinker Brick

We make apps for a living and we're right in middle of making our first game, hopefully to be launched before Christmas.  By trade, I'm a mechanical engineer and I like to tinker, design and invent things.   I worked and tinkered at both Chrysler and General Motors Powertrains for nearly 15 years.  I used to write software as a hobby but now I do it as a living and I tinker as a hobby. 

The Place that Inspires 

We are an American company. We are a Michigan company. We are from the hard working area of Detroit where intellect and creativity is common, but understated. Detroit has many portraits painted in peoples’ minds, but for us, it is a place that inspires. We are proud to announce that the Klinker Brick will be manufactured in Michigan and our fulfillment operations will be handled by Allied Printing of Ferndale, Michigan just one mile north of Eight Mile Road. It’s a Made in the USA product 100%. We are really pumped that its production and fulfillment operations are local to our offices in Royal Oak, Michigan.

The Story of the Klinker Brick

Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you!

-the Marvel Apps Team and the Antaran Family 

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Risks and Challenges

Designing the Klinker Brick meant understanding and appreciating how LEGO® manufactures bricks. Some challenges included designing the mold to include the tight tolerances and understanding the basic manufacturing process from design, mold, and cooling/curing process. Being a mechanical engineer, these technical tasks were much easier for me then the procurement side of finding a qualified manufacturing facility.

Another challenge was the overall design of the Klinker Brick itself. Designing the Klinker to provide the best user experience became an increasing challenge. Functionally, I could manage a simple drawing to be durable enough to hold the iPhone 5 under its own weight. For sure, making a brick style mold seems pretty straight forward, literally. However, accounting for the use cases and accounting for standard brick designs, a vertically straight iPhone did not provide the best user experience. Thus, I had to benchmark other iPhone stand out there and determine the best angle for the iPhones. Yes, iPhones. So I needed to wait until I received my iPhone 5 and the longer, lighter version to test on.

Production and Delivery

The mold and delivery of the Klinker Brick will take 6-8 weeks once funding is complete. We have a lot of dedicated hard working “Made in Detroit” people ready to make it happen.

The Klinker Brick has a labor of love for me and my family. We have put a lot of careful thought and energy into this project, and we hope that you will enjoy building your custom iPhone stand as much as we enjoyed making it.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Please share with any friends that like well-made products and have iPhones.


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