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A book for children and former-children about overcoming one's fears and limitations through courage, friendship, and adventure.
A book for children and former-children about overcoming one's fears and limitations through courage, friendship, and adventure.
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To satisfy your curiosity...

Posted by Gretchen Lindemann (Creator)

My, how the time flies! Except when you're stranded in Bali because of a surly volcano. Then it goes verrrrry slooooowly. It's good to be back in Melbourne.

We are 69% funded and have 11 days to go! THANK YOU SO MUCH! We will nail this!  For those of you wondering where the project funding goal came from, this is the post to satisfy your curiosity. If you're like me and prefer words to numbers, feel free to hop to Update #4 to read about the story behind the story of Mr. Schnoozle.

For the rest of you, we’ll jump right into it. The project goal of $15,000 AUD will offset most of the costs for a 500 book print run. This amount will greatly help me with the following: 

  • Illustrations provided by Simon Howe, master of fantastical whimsy. Finding an illustrator who’s vision fits with mine was a challenge, so I am thrilled to be working with Simon. (26% of costs) 
  • Printing by Impact Digital Printing in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia. Their environmentally friendly company uses 100% recycled paper and is 100% carbon neutral. (22% of costs) 
  • Book design by Bec Yule with Red Chilli Design. Did you know she designed covers for a series of Dr. Who diaries? This woman is all kinds of talented. (18% of costs) 
  • Shipping & Packaging will likely involve an envelope stuffing party at my place (Melbournians – take note!) Then off to Aus Post we go! (~17% of costs) 
  • Editing by the lovely Laura Garwood at Indigo Editing, based in my hometown of Portland, Oregon. This was a beautiful collaboration, and I hope to work with her again. (13% of costs) 
  • Swag (stickers, bookmarks and posters) created by a few different companies – keeping an eye on the eco-friendly – to make sure I am only delivering the best. Percentage (3% of costs) 
  • ISBNs & Barcodes: The International Standard Book Number is the number that goes on the back of pretty much every book ever. It is paired with a barcode, which must be purchased separately. (Fun fact – even though the number is internationally recognized, it must be purchased in the country where you live.) For those who have trouble sleeping, I highly recommend this incredibly thorough site on everything you could ever want to know about ISBNs. Insomnia, be gone! (1% of costs)  

With only $4,584 to go and a whole 11 days, I know we can do this! I am overwhelmed by the support and generosity you all have provided. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

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