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X wants to release a live recording (the first one ever with the original lineup) of shows done in Latin America in 2011.
X wants to release a live recording (the first one ever with the original lineup) of shows done in Latin America in 2011.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Edward Jacobs II 2 days ago

      Any update on a release date? Thanks!

    2. Earthdog70 on November 30

      Any updates on an ETA? Thanks!

    3. Missing avatar

      Robin Bailey on October 2

      I feel so proud to have been able to pledge what I could (bah, who needs groceries!) Husband & I saw you 40-ish years ago at the Orpheum in Boston and the whole place was going nuts-- we were surprised the Orpheum was still standing!
      We saw you many times over the years, shredded lots of vinyl, and rejoiced when CDs were invented! Your songs have seen me thru family death, long commutes, joyous times... ALL TIMES of our lives, really. We love you four so much, I cannot describe how much you mean to us! �

    4. Missing avatar

      Tamiko Murai on September 30

      Great idea! Please continue to do these kind of projects! Going to start a special savings in hope for future kickstarter projects from the the BEST band in the world! Thank you X!

    5. Missing avatar

      David Plattenberger on September 30

      Thank you guys for always being real...hanging out with your fans after a gig...taking pictures and being so approachable. I cant wait to hear the CD and cant wait for the next time you come to Tucson. X-HEAD FOR LIFE

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Don on September 29

      Feeling real good about contributing a little towards ur Live album ! Kind of a way of me saying "Thanks for the great shows over the years" Peace �MD

    7. Missing avatar

      Darren Singer on September 29

      I am so grateful to be able to support my favorite band, the mighty X. Billy, DJ, Exene and John have lifted my life and given me some of my most memorable musical experiences. Thank you and let’s make this live in Latin America project another masterpiece. Love and peace and punk and life, Darren

    8. X Creator on September 29

      Guys, if you want to make pledges for more than one package you have to let us know which ones and then we can give you a price. Email as instructed in the campaign with details. Hurry!

    9. Missing avatar

      Edward Jacobs II on September 29

      I just messaged the X the official band page! on FB.

    10. Elizabeth Kendrick on September 29

      Hi wanted to pledge for 2 different rewards but not able to. Not possible to do?

    11. Missing avatar

      Tracey Barton on September 29

      I just saw another great X show in Falls Church at the State Theatre! Few things bring me so much happiness! Thank you for all the wonderful music and art all of these years!

    12. Missing avatar

      Oscar on September 29

      Fortunate to have seen X 2x in the last year. Absolutely fantastic. I hope you guys release versions of the new arrangements. They are so good. Thank you for all the music! ✌️

    13. Tracy Phillips on September 28

      I'm so happy to contribute what I can to X to get this amazing music! The band has given me so much joy over the years, this is my little bit of paying you guys back!

    14. Missing avatar

      Kelly Fry on September 26

      So excited to see my Exene's Postcards and can't wait til this is done ! Thanks for everything - I'm loving John's book right now. Great read ! Love to you all !

    15. Missing avatar

      Gary McMurtrey on September 26

      I really wanted to spend more but the crimes I had planned didn't pan out. Glad the campaign is a success anyway.

    16. Missing avatar

      Denise Mello on September 22

      Hi X! I'd like to purchase/support more than one reward and the kickstarter won't let me. i've sent then a request buy maybe you know the trick? I'd like to get both the cd and the album. one for the car and one for the homestead. thank you and LOVE YOU!!!

    17. Jayson714 on September 21

      My wife is a huge fan!!! and the delivery date will be just in time for her Birthday!!! can't wait to see the look on her face!!! Thank you all for everything you've done for us fans for all these years!!!

    18. Missing avatar

      S Hammerslag on September 18

      Just backed this for my 12 year old, who went to her first X concert in Milwaukee last week! (she was the one with the multi colored hair and Ramones shirt, hugging the stage in front of Billy). She said she really liked that angle, because John looked like Harrison Ford!

    19. Randall Hauk on August 31

      Cannot think of a much better use for some of my birthday money. Now to see how well my patience works as I wait for the music.

      Thanks for a lifetime of great rock-and-roll. Your band was a gateway to a whole new way of thinking about music. I shall forever be grateful!

    20. X Creator on August 29

      @dave Gomez... you'll need to pledge before 9/29 because that's when the campaign ends.

    21. Missing avatar

      Dave Gomez on August 29

      I saw Exene's FB post and she talked about downloading the live record here before 9/29? Not sure what's up, and don't want to miss that deadline!

    22. X Creator on August 29

      @John O'Connell: thanks for the support!

    23. John O'Connell on August 29

      This is so cool, glad to contribute

    24. Missing avatar

      Kenneth French on August 22

      I love X and am really looking forward to this recording. But it's described as the first live album with the original lineup. Isn't 2005's Live in Los Angeles also the original lineup?

    25. X Creator on August 22

      @doug us at and we'll walk you through it.

    26. David Weaver on August 22

      For the 40 years you've given to us... thank you for letting us give back!!!!!!! Can't wait for the live album!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!

    27. Missing avatar

      Doug Kerr on August 22

      How can we purchase more than one reward?

    28. Ong Su Mann on August 21

      Please add See How We Are as a bonus track. Thank you!

    29. Missing avatar

      Julia Dousette on August 20

      This is awesome and I am so happy to support X! I also can't wait to see you at the Grammy Museum - so happy you're finally getting the recognition you deserve!

    30. X Creator on August 19

      @Steven Toner: thanks so much for supporting this project Steven!

    31. Missing avatar

      Steven Toner on August 19

      X was the first band I saw 35 years ago when i was 14. Loved them then, love them today. So excited I get to be part of this. Thanks for making it happen!

    32. X Creator on August 18

      @Johan Hedlund: thanks!

    33. Johan Hedlund on August 18

      Love it... keeps my passion burning for this wonderful band...

    34. X Creator on August 17

      @Melissa Geisler: thanks so much!

    35. Melissa Geisler on August 17

      Anything for X!!!!

    36. X Creator on August 16

      @Brian: thanks so much for the support, Brian!

    37. X Creator on August 16

      @Juliet: thanks so much!

    38. Juliet on August 16

      Happy to pledge whatever I can!!! This is totally bitchen!! XOXOXO

    39. Missing avatar

      Brian on August 16

      Submitted for the VIP Grammy Museum package! After I hit Powerball tonight I'll pledge for the live show too. SO looking forward to meeting Exene, John, Billy and D.J. after seeing them so many times the past 40 years! Thanks for doing this X!

    40. X Creator on August 16

      @deligreg: thanks so much!

    41. Missing avatar

      deligreg on August 16

      This is the BEST thing EVER!!!! cannot wait for the fans to prove their undying love for an AMAZING band and 4 of the nicest, hardest working people in the biz!!!! love to you all....Billy, John, Exene and D.J.!!!

    42. Dan Winkler on August 16

      Take my money, please and thank you.