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AU$ 21,926 pledged of AU$ 50,000,000 goal
By Jonathan Annett
AU$ 21,926 pledged of AU$ 50,000,000 goal

Recent updates

Broke $20k, 172 backers on board, a spotify treat for you.


We're sitting on $20,504 at the moment, with 172 backers who have supported the project by pledging an average of $119.

One of the things I loved about SGU was the awesome use of music in the show.

If you're a spotify user, here's a playlist of some of the tunes heard on the show in season 1 & 2...

Note: you might need to open it on a mobile device with spotify installed.

Some of the tunes towards the end of the playlist are by alternative artists to those on the show - not every artist is on spotify..

Feel free to share or tweet the playlist around.


Response to Blastr Article


I wasn't going to comment on the blastr article that appeared earlier in the week, but here I am... doing that anyway.

First I agree with the headline, it is most definitely a long shot.

Secondly I want to thank Dan Roth from blastr for the 3 backers who came in through their site, along with the 6 backers who came via gizmodo, who picked up the story from blastr. Any publicity is good publicity it seems.

But its fairly clear to me from reading the article that the author did not do much more than read the first few sentences of the project description. If he had he would realise what this project is all about.

Ok so we live in a TLDR world. Not much I can do about that.

The purpose of the project is pretty much a matter of  "getting the band back together."

I am proposing a means of providing the capital for the original producers of the show to work with the rights holders and whatever distribution network they choose to revive a television show that many fans feel they were short changed over.

The fact that I am not affiliated with anyone connected with the show (apart from being a fan), is perhaps one reason this campaign has a chance of succeeding.

It would be completely inappropriate for a large corporation to take this initiative - ask the fans for funds to bring back a show that was cancelled?  It's only an outsider could propose, and execute such an initiative.  

I've addressed the issue of the rights many times on this site, so I won't go on about it here. you don't need rights to donate money to a corporation to revive a TV Show. They don't have to accept our charity, in which case, we'll withdraw the offer. 

Added a new reward


I have added a $1 thank you reward. This is basically a thank you message now, and should the project proceed, I'll publish a list of names of all backers online.

We are now at $18,072 with 161 backers on board, and 44 days to go. The average amount pledged so far being $112.

If you're a backer and know some SGU fans who just want to register their support, a $1 thank you reward pledge is one way to get the number of backers up.

Even if we don't make the full amount, having a big number of backers who pledged on average, a reasonable amount of money, for the return of the series may help generate funding for the show through other means.

I have noticed that for a reasonable number of the new backers coming on board, this is their first kickstarter project. It's great to see you get involved. 

For those of you who are new to Kickstarter, don't forget that you can manage your pledge from the project page, if you want to choose a different reward, or alter your pledge amount. 

We've graduated kickstarter 101, with a pass mark of $15K.

Just wanted to give a big thank you to todays backers, and also to all those who pledged before them.

We've just passed 101 backers supporting the project, and are hovering at 102 backers at the $15,177 mark.

Thank you one and all.

Utterly mad


I discovered a possible reason why the rate of project backing picked up yesterday.

Gizmodo mentioned the project in an article, suggesting I might be utterly mad to attempt this.

He may be right. This project may be crazy. But this project just might be the lunatic the fans are looking for.... 

Apologies to Billy Joel.