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"Interpretive photography." I survived a fire, rose above it, re-created lost images Check the art: my best work! LimEdit book, exhib.
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The Book is Magnificent . Also - Art Walk this Thursday, and a preview of New Work.

Posted by Billy Blake (Creator)

1. The Book is finally, completely finished. My designer Doug Ridley did a stupendous job - it is so beautifully laid out. And the copy before and after each section does exactly what I had hoped - it tells the impact of the fire and loss, but does so within a positive context of resolve, and re-creating anew. I could not be happier with the result.

2. The Book is TWICE the size of what was contemplated in the kickstarter campaign. What a value!! :) The final total of pages is 232, not counting introduction, acknowledgments, etc. Over 300 images.

3. The success of the kickstarter campaign has really ratcheted up my creativity, and I find myself doing new work of a quality that rivals anything I've done before. This, in and of itself, feels great. Because of this new work, I added a final chapter to the Book, aptly entitled "New Work". It features some images taken earlier this year on my first-ever trip to Japan. I went with Peggy. Two images from Japan appear below. While incorporating this New Work chapter into the book has delayed its completion, I do feel it will have been well worth it.

4. The e-book should be ready shortly. I am sending the e-book to ALL backers - even those that did not select to receive Rewards... because I am so proud. 

5. This Thursday (July 17), I will be exhibiting at Art Walk on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica.  All artists are selected by the Montana Ave. merchants - I was chosen by Chase Bank on Montana Ave and 7th Street, so I will be setting up there. Sorry for the short notice, I just found out a few days ago myself. Art Walk is from 5P to 9P, info is at, and I hope to see some of you there. 

6. Here is a link to a recent article in telescope magazine, which writes about everyday heroes. They refer to me as a hero. Well, I don't know about that ... although my dog Chance agrees. (It's true what they say about kickstarter generating a lot of favorable publicity, even after.) Go to and look to the right, under July 4th.

7. As soon as I receive a physical color proof from my overseas printer, I'll have an ETA for the final hard copy version of the book.

Thanks again, and stay tuned for more soon ...


PS - I chose the two images below, because they represent two interesting traditions I observed in Japan.  The Smoke Pot was fascinating; the locals cleanse themselves in the smoke while they pray – a lesser known ritual than most. In black and white, the smoke trails worked – and the image became a study in light. Picnic under the Cherry Blossoms shows how deeply the Japanese culture prioritizes a tradition. When the cherry blossoms first appear, mass numbers of people set up blankets and have picnics.

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