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Das Keyboard 5Q is smart mechanical keyboard with an open API that allows each key to be color-controlled over the Internet.
Das Keyboard 5Q is smart mechanical keyboard with an open API that allows each key to be color-controlled over the Internet.
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Das Keyboard Q desktop release 2.0.0

Posted by Das Keyboard (Creator)

Hi Backers!

We are pleased to release the first stable release of Q desktop v2.0.0 for Windows.

This build is compatible with all OSes (Win, Mac and Linux) but only the Windows OS application can see the keyboard.

**Complete Mac and Linux versions will follow shortly. **

IMPORTANT: Please upgrade now to improve the stability of your Q app and Q cloud response time. 


## Release Highlights:

## Q Desktop Release Detail Improvements: 

### NEW 

  • Ability to configure IFTTT Applets inside the Signal Center

### FIXED 

  • The middle navbar is now aligned in the middle 
  • The right and left pipes will display the signal popovers correctly on the dashboard view 
  • For a key, selecting the effect none then selecting any other effect will display the correct effect 
  • Signal popover date and signal popover actions are now aligned 
  • Signal popover arrow is now inside the box 
  • Signal popover text will not be overflowing anymore 
  • If signal already present in a zone the new one will overwrite the old one correctly 
  • Breathing effect will not have another shadow color anymore 
  • API port was not showing for some users in the dashboard view 
  • App was notifying for duplicated signals every 10 min. 
  • Changing device layout will now reload the signals in the correct zone 
  • Shadow signal was corrupted. The dashboard now displays the latest signal for each zone (shadow) 
  • App no longer crashes with asynchronous calls to the localhost API 
  • When a signal zone is not found, the space bar LED turns RED (instead of signal color)


  • All shadow signals route for the local API to be /signals/shadows instead of /signals 
  • No content response is now the default for HTTP delete. 
  • Select device from home page will always display dashboard view 
  • Modified local API routes to be consistent with the cloud

### Q Desktop installer for all OSes: 

## Documentation & Contributions

The Q API documentation at has been revamped to allow copy / paste of code snippets that includes live user credential tokens. In short, you copy, you paste the doc examples into a bash terminal and you can create a signal effortlessly. Great way to experiment. Try it out it is fun.

Many kudos to the backers who contributed outstanding Q libraries for Phyton, Powershell and many more languages. All available here:

Checkout the Powershell wrapper contribution from John Milner (jfrmilner) which is mind blowing: 


We’re happy  to announce that we have completed shipping rewards to all backers. If for any reason, you are still having shipment issues, please open a ticket with our helpdesk (link below). As a reminder, the following resources are available to all backers. The forum is the best place to interact with the Das Keyboard team. It is always recommended to check the forum first for any issue.

  • Das Keyboard Q Forum - Q announcement, ask software questions, bugs, discuss Q ideas, and anything Q with other users and the Das Keyboard team. 
  • Das Keyboard Helpdesk - Use the help desk for help for shipping questions and defective hardware. NOT for software questions. Software questions should be discussed on the forum. 
  • - Downloads and developer documentation. 
  • Changelog - A detailed changelog is also available at the documentation website.

As this Kickstarter nears completions, we encourage all backers to signup for the Q Forum where all announcements will be made in the future:

Thank you and have a great weekend. 

 Das Keyboard Team

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    1. Das Keyboard Creator on

      @Charles Greene Please open a ticket at and we'll try to get you sorted out. All keyboards should be delivered at this moment.

    2. Missing avatar

      Charles Greene on

      Hi, Same as Robert, I haven't received my keyboard yet... This is a joke now.

    3. Rob Lada on

      Since DAS is actively banning folks on the forums for posting a link to this: Here is a link to the open source software that actually makes this over priced failure work somewhat as originally intended:

    4. Das Keyboard Creator on

      @Ronnie Song Please open a ticket at and we'll get that fixed for you.

    5. Das Keyboard Creator on

      @robert Cook @RicBretPlease open tickets with our support team ( and they will look into your orders. It's possible the backer survey wasn't completed. Either way, we'll get those keyboards out to you!

    6. Ronnie Song on

      really? it's even horrible than the previous one... the software can't even launch

    7. Missing avatar

      Vadim Tarasov on

      LOL this scammers continue to work on this failure.
      Your brand is forever dead for me and I hope many others.
      Your keyboard is going to be put on fire and displayed on youtube for others to see.
      2 years still no software for MacOs.
      Worst purchase of my life.

    8. RicBret

      I'm backer #2,194, I pledged at the KICKSTARTER DUO PACKAGE level. I have not received shipping notice nor keyboards. I looked at your support page at and there's no link to deal with this problem.

      Please advise.

    9. Missing avatar

      Robert Cook on

      And yet I as an early bird backer still haven’t received mine and the only thing I’m told is it’s being shipped. I contacted DHL directly to find out that a shippng label was printed but never dropped delivered to be shipped. I’m beginning to think I’ll have to go to amazon and buy a second one before I ever receive the one I was promised.