Das Keyboard 5Q: The Cloud Connected Keyboard

by Das Keyboard

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    1. Arthur Deschamps on

      Thanks for the update
      You have date for the release linux or macos software?

    2. SAW on

      I’m sorry, I couldn’t glean it from this. So you now have macOS software? That actually connects to the keyboard?

    3. wildone81 on

      Nice to know that I'm somehow in the last 150 to ship, even though I got the email on Jun 1 about address updates. Guess my pledge meant nothing in terms of shipping.

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      Vadim Tarasov on

      Piece of garbage
      Like your company
      This "keyboard" is a disgrace. Your brand is forever deleted.

    5. Missing avatar

      Vadim Tarasov on

      Even on the VAT thing you did a mistake.

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      Kyle A. Matheny on

      Thanks for the update. Backer 1,997 here. Is there any way to know if a board has shipped to us?

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      Peravel on

      Thanks for that detailed update and for at least partially fixing your import cost mistake!

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      Colby on

      I do applaud seeing an actual update with actual info, that hasn't been expected.

      I would just like to point out one aspect of your update that i'm going to have to disagree strongly with,

      " It’s been a long journey, but the work is not finished! Now that you have the keyboards in your hands, we will continue to improve the software experience, and deliver the Mac/Linux support. "

      The work is now finished... No, no it's not. Your cloud-connected keyboard is barely functional and there's yet to be a plan disclosed to resolve this. Random updates with no roadmap in place is not a way to develop a system wide software system that needs serious work. You committed to building a Cloud-Connected keyboard, the campaign needs software to work - and not just Windows, but Linux and Mac as well.

      Honestly, the keyboards should have been the easiest part of this experience... being that your commercial company builds these already.

    9. Sam Napolitano on

      From your FAQ:

      We will ship Mac keys (command and option keys) after the launch. No ETA yet. They will be free of charge but backers will pay for shipping. We'll also have the firmware support Mac layout at launch.

      Where are my Mac keycaps?

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      Don Benson on

      @Colby I think you may have misread the update. Your pasted text from the update says "not finished", but then you quoted it as "now finished". As an early backer (#45), I have also been frustrated by the communication process. I have actively following the forums since receiving my board, and I am still hopeful that the software will reach a stable state.

    11. Missing avatar

      s on

      I couldn't agree more. Without software, this is just a very overpriced LED keyboard with mediocre switches. I hate them.

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      Johnny Lowry on

      So I got DHL tracking numbers (only by asking for them) on June 29th. However, they do not appear to be working to pull up the shipping information. DHL says that the numbers do not match anything in their system, which seems odd since you stated mine shipped out on the 28th. Either it takes a week for DHL to update their site or the numbers given me were complete garbage. Usually with shipping companies, it at least shows that a label was made within 24-48 hours of it actually being made. Seems fishy. Needless to say whenever I come back into the market for mechanical keyboards, I will likely not be choosing DAS Keyboards.

    13. Das Keyboard Creator on

      Hey everyone, just want to share that the Q app has been approved and released for iOS and can be found at the App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/q-daskeyboard/id1399286401…

    14. Dan Langford on

      @Das Keyboard when are these updates listed above being pushed out? the download section of daskeyboard.io still has for download Firmware Version 7.3.253 and Q DESKTOP
      For Windows Version 2.0.0-beta.4 which are the same versions that have been up for weeks. can't wait for those updates to get pushed out. they make the local api usable again (timeout fix).

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      Michael Barreiro on

      You said you shipped them all except for 150 and that they'd be done in 2 weeks. Well two months later, still no keyboards. Where is my order?

    16. Matthew Miano on

      Did the silver awsd keys ship with every keyboard? I don't think I got them?

    17. Matthew Miano on

      Did the silver awsd keys ship with every keyboard? I don't think I got them?