Das Keyboard 5Q: The Cloud Connected Keyboard

by Das Keyboard

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      s on

      This is a solid update and thorough.
      I really would like a refund. I got sold a pig-in-a-poke.
      I don't even want to see this stupid keyboard after all this.
      I don't even want to see the DAS keyboard I'm using right now ever again.

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      Nick on

      Oh, a delay, what a surprise.
      So you've made all these keyboard and had them and sent them for testing for months. And you have only just now noticed the colour and refresh rate issues?

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      Brent Meyer on

      Despite the abysmal early reviews, I was willing to give you guys the benefit of the doubtThis was the final straw for me. I'm no longer excited to receive this product, and I feel like I was misled and cheated.

      I've opened a customer support ticket to request a refund. If you feel the same way, I encourage you to open a case at https://daskeyboard.mojohelpdesk.com/login/create_request.

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      Carlos on

      You "understand any frustration" ? Then do the right thing and refund to those that request it.

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      Andrew Rossignol on

      Did you leave this project to a rotating group of interns or something?

      This is just so sad.

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      Markus B on

      Tried to cancel . .

      We understand your frustration and sincerely apologize for the delays that have occurred.
      | Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds for Kickstarter anymore.
      | We know there has been some negative feedback for the first orders that have shipped out and we understand your disappointment with the announcement of an additional delay. Our team is working hard to resolve these issues.
      | We will provide an update as soon as the next keyboards are ready to ship out.
      | Thank you for your continued patience.

    7. Bryan Jackson

      Oh boy, Inspector Das is on the case, these problems are as good as toast! Here's why I don't buy any of these excuses.
      1. It's supposed to be cloud-based. Cloud is more or less shorthand for an Internet-connected software-as-a-service (SaaS), a device, or both. You don't even really have the software started. That should have been goal #1.

      2. I backed multiple projects around the same time I supported yours. Some of them, like the Vi AI earbuds, Kordbot and Sensel Morph, were products that did not exist on the planet at those levels of complexity until the companies designed, prototyped and refined them, worked out a manufacturing plan and adjusted for slipups. They gave their backers a quality first production run of an actual "world's first" item. In that same timeframe, you've put out a bug-riddled, non-cloud connected, low-quality QWERTY keyboard, a product frame that has existed since the 1980s. But hey, it has a with a metal faceplate and a volume dial! That should bother you how pathetic that comparative reality is.

      3. Some of the item (Kordbot) added more features and utility along the way. Strangely, neither this, nor updating the OS or entirely retooling the design ever pushed the release very far back. Wierd, huh? Like they were seriously working on a product for two years or something dumb like that.

      4. The companies were honest if they screwed up on a timeline goal and explained what they were going to do about it. All of your updates read as "Whoopsies, something came up! There will be a delay while we look into it! Eh, what's that you say? We were supposed to do QA/logistics before any backers got a keyboard??? That doesn't sound right...Oh well, anyway, we're with you, we understand and, ah, quality is important, it's always darkest before dawn, uh, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, nobody puts Baby in a corner!" You still seem to think spin comes off as being honest. It does not. We shouldn't be the ones telling you about massive production problems. You should have already been on top of that.

      5. In the words of my first Navy chief: Y'all need to stop telling me what you think I want to hear and start telling me the truth.

      What's more frustrating than anything is you don't seem to get who you are abusing (or don't care). Every backer on here wants to see you succeed! We didn't come here for a discount item; we believed that your idea had value and that you were able to bring it to the world. We gave you the money YOU said you needed to make it happen on time. Two years in, you've failed to even live up to a fraction of your end of the promise. You need to rethink your business model because it is clear you are not ready for large-scale manufacturing.

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      Ashleigh Charlesworth on

      Please someone tell me we can get a refund, I've ordered a UK one and I don't think I'll ever see it, and if I do very much doubt it will work, and even if it does work, how long will the software work for (even if it's working) as I doubt it will be developed any further.... #PleaseLetUsGetOurRefunds

      I've loved DAS keyboards, owned 3... but after this, I think I may go back to MS ones.... at least they fix/replace when they do go wrong.

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      Benjamin Rosner on

      Cannot wait to get a defective keyboard some years later! If the issues exist on boards received talk to YOUR CREDIT CARD PROVIDER NOW. Engage their product support, warranty and fraudulent product closures and follow procedure. Allow them to deal with Kick Starter, and moreover, the entity "Das Keyboard". Wishing you all the best.

      Don't feel stuck with broken hardware you weren't promised. As a law professor once put it, companies (read: "Das Keyboard") do NOT get a windfall for putting out a "malfunctioning product" and are liable to fix all issue in a timely manner - "WONT FIX, CANT FIX" doesn't work when something is promised.

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      Brent Meyer on

      Update: According to Das' customer service team, they won't give a refund, full stop. Fortunately, my credit card provider is very helpful when it comes to resolving issues like this, so I guess that's my next step. I'm also considering asking Kickstarter to intervene, since this whole fiasco has been a black mark on their service.

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      At least this is the only problem this otherwise-absolutely-competent team has encountered throughout this model Kickstarter offering.

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      Nick Moniak on

      Wish I got the refund when I had the chance. This is beyond ridiculous, and Das has killed me ever looking to them for a keyboard ever again.

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      Jim on

      Is it just me or did the audible ring: investigating bullet originally say there was not expected to be a solution. Was the update changed since original release?

      This should be a lesson to established companies....don’t use kick starter. I think everyone who back this project was a supporter or near future customer, the issues, negativity and failur to follow through has alienated a customer base. I’m only surprised that major tech news sites have not picked up on this.

    14. Rob Lada on

      I started reading this update when I got the e-mail, and somewhere from the nether Yakety Sax could be heard and it kept getting louder and louder. Very Mysterious......

      Mysterious like how a company with years of designing, manufacturing, and selling mechanical keyboards can fuck up a half a million dollars for something they do at work every day anyway........

      Mysterious like how the same company can simultaneously turn a loyal customer base for a niche product category into customers of what few competitors they have AND get beaten to market by multiple quarters from [at least] 2 of those competitors.....

      Mysterious like... aw screw it I'm never gonna see this keyboard am i?

    15. Huajun Daniel Sun on

      what about this issue?
      When you hit white space bar, it keeps adding white space until another key is pressed.

    16. ポール ウェッブ on

      So I've mentioned needing to change my address several times and still no response. I am moving in two weeks. I'm not getting this keyboard in two weeks. I would like to change my address.

    17. ポール ウェッブ on

      Nvm, I just remembered the last update mentioned going into the helpdesk to get this information (but it doesn't exist for the 5Q so I'm opening a ticket).

    18. Nathan Grovhoug on

      @Rob Lada, What are the competitor boards? I can't find one with this promised functionality. I might swoop one up. Been waiting to get my keyboard. I can't wait anymore

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      eyeiaye on

      Wow, it happens again. I remember reading how the company was run on glass door. I would suggest you read employee surveys of their jobs. Had I read this BEFORE I backed, I would have known this would happen. Seems like it is the ceo who is grossly incompetent.

      Also they state that the fixes via firmware!

      Why can’t they push an update?

      Super fishy as always with this

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      Ryan F on

      Looks like you have changed the "audible ring" to investigating from "probalby not fixable". All I can say is that you had better find a way to fix it. When using a keyboard I expect it to be completely silent when I'm not pressing any keys. If what is being described is actually capacitor whine then that is going to be completely unacceptable. I don't think anyone is going to accept a keyboard that has a constant high pitched noise going 24/7 no matter how subtle it is.

    21. Brian Watters on

      By the time this worthless company ever delivers we will no longer be using keyboards , I for one want my freaking money back as this has been nothing short of a scam from the start !

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      Russell Miller on

      The good news is that by the time this is all said and done, Das may have learned how to build a keyboard!

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      Lawrence Fan on

      What about the backers who have received keyboards already? Do we have to send them back in and get new ones from the fixed production run?

    24. Missing avatar

      Bobby on

      Lawrence, I have a feeling that we're shit out of luck. I bet they will ask us to pay more to get a 'fixed' version.

    25. Kyle Magocs

      Just keep the punchlines coming, boys

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      Brett Johnson on

      "Audible ring on keyboard: Investigating." used to say "likely not fixable" or something to the effect. Das, when you edit an update, the appropriate and professional thing to do is to strike through the edited text and comment on the edit at the end. It is unethical to surreptitiously alter an already published update.

    27. Michael Thome on

      Please don't send mine until the problems are fixed. At this point, I'd rather you default than deliver a permanently broken product to me.

    28. Craig Frank on

      Why is Kickstarter not doing anything about the project and who has started a class-action lawsuit?

      A comment has been added to your helpdesk ticket:

      Ticket #18645909: IMMEDIATE REFUND REQUEST
      Status: solved

      Comment by: Lara R
      | Hi Craig -
      | We understand your frustration and sincerely apologize for the delays that have occurred.
      | Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer refunds for Kickstarter.
      | We know there has been some negative feedback for the first orders that have shipped out and we understand your disappointment with the announcement of an additional delay. Our team is working hard to resolve these issues.
      | We will provide an update as soon as the next keyboards are ready to ship out.
      | Thank you for your continued patience.
      | Kind Regards,
      | Lara

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      Brent Meyer on

      @Craig Frank: it probably won't have much impact, but you should contact Kickstarter directly and ask them to intervene, if you haven't done so already. https://www.kickstarter.com/contact

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      Colby on

      You do know that the original update goes to all our of Emails right?
      We can still see the differences you make when you perform an edit and don't tell us. Trying to mislead and hide things that you want to rephrase after releasing is pretty damning.

      In all honesty, from the way this campaign has gone it's not surprising. It's is however still pretty jarring to see that you think we don't notice.

      "Audible ring on keyboard: Investigating, but likely not fixable."
      was changed to
      "Audible ring on keyboard: Investigating.
      Sentence added after investigating list
      "We understand any frustrations, and we feel the same, but we don't want to compromise on quality."

    31. Maurício Eduardo Chicupo Szabo on

      Okay, now for the backers: does anyone have searched for a LEGAL WAY of stopping this?

      I've already contacted Kickstarter multiple times, seems they will not help in any possible way.

      Now, is there any law/international law that'll protect consumers, backers, or whatever that we are, so that we can end this project, get our money back, and be sure that DAS will never scam anyone else again? Is there anything we can do?

    32. Missing avatar

      Steven Boyce on

      Requested refund given the manufacturing defect with audible ring which, 'may not be fixable'--I am not okay with this defect, and requested a refund due to that specifically, but could certainly cite other reasons. Anyways:
      Comment by: Lara R
      | Hi Steven -
      | We understand your frustration and sincerely apologize for the delays that have occurred.
      | Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer refunds for Kickstarter.
      | We know there has been some negative feedback for the first orders that have shipped out and we understand your disappointment with the announcement of an additional delay. Our team is working hard to resolve these issues.
      | We will provide an update as soon as the next keyboards are ready to ship out.
      | Thank you for your continued patience.
      | Kind Regards,
      | Lara

    33. Missing avatar

      Michael Hess on

      Depending on your local, if the device arrives with the defect, and they can't or refuse to correct the issue after a defined number of tries (varies) then you can claim lemon laws maybe. Small claims court is an option.

      First step is contact your credit card company though, they might still reverse the charges.

    34. ポール ウェッブ on

      My ticket on the helpdesk is still unanswered. I'm moving next Monday. Is there anyone manning that area?

    35. Missing avatar


      All of you guys thinking KS will give your money back.. Lol.. Goooooood luck. Nature of the beast here. It's a gamble sometimes and sometimes it doesn't work out. I've been screwed on KS before and unfortunately, it is what it is. You make the choice to continue throwing money down on KS or not.

    36. Missing avatar

      someguynamedmiles on

      @DasKeyboard. New update please. I know you only tend to release 1 a month, but given the crazy nature of this whole thing, a refresh would be nice.

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      Nuno Antunes on


    38. Tim C on


    39. John Palaima on

      Or the actual rendition of Yakety Sax for Benny Hill from Boots Randolph


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      Dustin Short on

      Anyone else notice we haven't gotten the usual end of month update for March? My faith continues to diminish in the company.

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      Ken Gilbert on

      I'm guessing DK doesn't have
      the resources remaining to fix
      See their Q5 forum:

    42. Jim Weiler on

      After this charade, There is literally *nothing* you can do at this point that will persuade me to ever spend another penny on this company. I still hope to get what I paid for, what you are supposed to be competent enough to actually produce.. But no matter how awesome it could be, no matter how many bells and whistles you may add, no matter what perks you may offer, no matter if you were to give 150% refund.. you have successfully turned a 20 year supporter into someone who will never support, believe in, advertise, or own the Das brand ever again.

    43. Andrew Hsieh on

      I remember when I used to put complete faith in Das Keyboard and even evangelized their products to my friends and family. These days, I wonder who's running the place.

    44. Missing avatar

      Nathan Dandar on

      Eh, I appreciate the update even if it isn't the greatest news. Almost all of it sounds like firmware/software related which is good. With a hardware company suddenly having to wrap in software development while their product is being manufactured overseas, there are just TONS of possible ways for little things to go wrong. I really would have liked to get mine sooner but I wouldn't have wanted it in the state these were in back then. I mean, they're halting shipment over a slight color tint when set to a specific color; not telling us the spacebar falls off if you use it after 8PM or something.

    45. Missing avatar

      Charles Crookes on

      Please have patience and stop with the negative comments.

    46. Missing avatar

      Trevlar on

      Thanks for your hard work. Great products are not produced overnight. Nor are they created without encountering numerous issues. I look forward to receiving a great product from Das Keyboard.

    47. Oliver Jon Cross on

      No April update? This is really is bad now, if I knew it would be this delayed I would have bought a different keyboard.

    48. AngerM on

      Interesting that Das can't seem to ship this. The kinesis split mechanical I backed over 6 months later has already become my daily driver. Who would figure Das has so many problems when even smaller companies are successful.

    49. Missing avatar

      Colby on

      So.. what was the production fix that you found that had halted production? This is exactly the type of info that should be shared to actually inform your backers.
      As it is, it seems like none of the issues found by your backers relate to the production issue, so it must be something else. Otherwise the updates you put out are just entirely misleading for no reason.