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Das Keyboard 5Q is smart mechanical keyboard with an open API that allows each key to be color-controlled over the Internet.
Das Keyboard 5Q is smart mechanical keyboard with an open API that allows each key to be color-controlled over the Internet.
3,475 backers pledged $580,902 to help bring this project to life.

How to get help in case you need it: Q Forum & Das Keyboard Helpdesk

Posted by Das Keyboard (Creator)

Hi Backers,

As we continue the rollout of the Das Keyboard 5Q, we wanted to make sure backers get the help they need when they need it. As a reminder, we have a number of support channels available to all. Read below to see which one is the most appropriate for you.

Das Keyboard Q Forum

Please join the Q Forum to: 

  • Discuss technical and software issues 
  • Report a Q software bug 
  • Discuss ideas on how you use Q software 
  • Help other fellow Q users 
  • Provide feedback for improvement

Das Keyboard Helpdesk

Open tickets with our Helpdesk if you have any issues regarding: 

  • Shipping errors/inquiries 
  • Shipping status updates 
  • Defective keyboards

We cannot provide technical support over the Kickstarter or social media (FB, Twitter, etc…) so please only use the above resources.

We are aware that a small number of our backers have received incorrect extra keycaps, or have been charged VAT fees calculated off incorrect invoice values. If this is you, open a ticket with our helpdesk.

All expedited shipping orders have been fulfilled, and we will start shipping our next batch this week (excluding International layouts).  

Das Keyboard Team


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    1. Boricua En Exilio on

      is there help to get the money back from this scam?

    2. Missing avatar

      someguynamedmiles on


      Planned on this 5Q being a valentines gift for my wife LAST year. Still no dice. Bought her a Ducky Channel One 2, blue LEDs, cherry mx reds last week. She loves it.

      Ducky may seem like a weird name, but they've been making great keyboards for 20 years, just not as well known in the states. You can get cherry switches, backlights, and superlative build quality for a great price in a presentation that doesn't make you look ridiculous high school kid in a business setting.

    3. Sam Napolitano on

      Craig, I’ll plus 1 the below response. I’ve now purchased 3 WASD keyboard, 2 code (Mx clear at work, mx green at home) and 1 v2 (mx blue), and I absolutely love them.

    4. ポール ウェッブ on

      Hey Craig, I recently purchased a WASD keyboard ( and I love it a lot. Reviews complain about the paint wearing off over time but I'm using custom keycaps from Massdrop on mine. Also, the build quality is SOLID. I was using a Das S for Mac a week ago and while I like the clack of blue switches, the subtler brown switches work for me.

      Did I mention how SOLID this keyboard feels? It's fantastic.

      When I get my 5Q, I'm giving it to one of my buddies. He's super into soldering and hardware so he'll have fun improving the issues people have reported here.

    5. Craig Frank on

      Since it appears I may never get this keyboard, or if I do, it will go straight in the trash, what other keyboards are recommended?

    6. Missing avatar

      Richard Downey on

      Following this update I logged a ticket with the 'helpdesk' 3 days ago requesting cancellation (to cut my losses and avoid import duties ) and surprise surprise had no response whatsoever - these guys really are unbelievably contemptuous of their customers/backers - It's ironic that the note below the post comment button says 'Be respectful and considerate' its just a shame no one at Das has read or understood that.

      Any way moving on from this mistake I just bought a Cherry mx mechanical keyboard which is what I should have done in the first place ...

    7. Missing avatar

      Marco on

      Yeah I'd like to report a software bug: THERE IS NO LINUX VERSION. The backlight is useless if you are not using a windows OS.

    8. Missing avatar

      Johnny Angell on

      How do I find out when my keyboard will ship? How do a setup an account the Helpdesk. I haven’t figured that out. I don’t see an opportunity to create an account.

    9. Missing avatar

      Paul Fulbright on

      Ever notice how sparse Das is in these comments? What a train wreck. I would really love to know why a company that has made so many keyboards had SUCH trouble...anyway, US backer here and no word on shipping yet. Which from the sounds of it isn't a bad thing. What a shame guys...what a shame. Are RGB keyboards that hard? Was it the switch to Omron? Both of those have been done a while back by Logitech with the G910 Orion Spark...what if you hadn't had hardware problems? You would have been in the weeds HARD on the software...

      Just...super hard to understand and frankly I will believe I'm getting one when I see a tracking number...

    10. Missing avatar

      Ashleigh Charlesworth on

      Any ideas when the GB Ones will ship? and when they do will they at least be bolted together a bit better than what we hear of the US ones?

    11. Missing avatar

      Johnny Lowry on

      And when can I expect an update to my ticket? It has been about a week since I created it.

    12. Missing avatar

      LM on

      I can't put it better than I read here.

      The 5Q keyboard is a dumpster fire.

      Each key downstroke sounds like the tinny metallic echo of a steel drum. Light leaking from around several of the keys right into my eyes.

      Hunk of metal heavier than a clicky M from the 1980s.

      Not a Windows user. Keyboard leds useless.

    13. Missing avatar

      Richard Downey on

      I've logged a ticket to try and cancel my 5Q so I don't waste any more money on VAT or import duties for something that would be going straight to landfill anyway.

    14. Missing avatar

      Anomaly0 on

      In other words: "We've finally delivered a mostly broken product, please don't talk about that publicly. It makes us look bad."

      You failed to deliver what was promised. That's all that needs to be said. How about an update when you provide a borderline functional software that isn't a security nightmare that I don't have to use the command prompt to run.

    15. M-D November on

      Hi Das Keyboard team - I've been a silent & patient (US-based backer) to this point, but it's frustrating having no idea when (or if) my keyboard has shipped. Why isn't there some way for backers to track their shipments (or determine whether their keyboard has even shipped at all)? I feel like given the slack the backer community has provided, that's not asking that much.