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Das Keyboard 5Q is smart mechanical keyboard with an open API that allows each key to be color-controlled over the Internet.
Das Keyboard 5Q is smart mechanical keyboard with an open API that allows each key to be color-controlled over the Internet.
3,475 backers pledged $580,902 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. ポール ウェッブ on

      Maybe there will be a replacement program. I really hope the LED issues are software-based, that can be improved. Hardware issues will necessitate an exchange.

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew Shumate on

      I'll be honest I'm not all that impressed. I agree that there's a 'metallic and hollow sound' on key press, it doesn't bother me all that much, what does bother me is the fact that they obviously did nothing with the software while they were f****** around with the hardware.

      I'm going to use this for now, but honestly I think I should have just gotten a a 4, or some other mechanical keyboard.

      I will find a windows machine I can use to update the firmware (as VMWare isn't working) and if I don't see an OS X client by June then this is probably headed to eBay (maybe sooner).

    3. Stanislav on

      I concur with Brian on every aspect, except for metallic noise on key press. Mine is actually a lot quieter than Das 4 Pro with brown switcher, which I also own. Might be a different batch, I'm not sure. But yes, it is nice to finally have it, but I don't think I will be keeping mine. Don't think that multiple RBG LED issues can be fixed with software updates, something seems to be fundamentally wrong on hardware side.
      I could also add that the holes with LEDs for numlock, capslock, etc are way too close to arrow keys and are located too deep on the board, so if you sit back far enough from your keyboard you will be blinded by the light from numlock LEDs bleeding out from arrow keys cutout.

    4. ポール ウェッブ on

      Anyone else with the 5Q that can vouch for what Bryan Jackson said? I mean, he's a superbacker so he paid a hefty amount of money and he clearly hates it.


    5. Missing avatar

      Richard Downey on

      DAS , I'm in europe so 105 key and not yet shipped , how do I cancel my 5Q ? The consensus from the people who have got them seems to be that its noisy , tinny and the colours don't work so I would like to avoid having to waste even more money on import duties (because you've broken your word and shipping from Hong Kong and not Germany) on something that is going to be dumped straightaway.

    6. Sam Napolitano on

      DAS, come on..... at the very least say you missed the mark on the Mac support. We all know it’s never happening..... at least give SOME of your backers their money back..... hell, just send me another das 4 pro! I’d take that at this point because at least it’s resalable.....

      I think all we really wanted or expected from the beginning is for you to be on the level with your campaign backers.... be honest and transparent, own the pile of garbage you created before things escalate any further.

      You’ve done nothing to make this right, which is astonishing considering “how much you appreciate us”.

    7. Missing avatar

      Colby on

      Another Zero update response. I'm seriously concerned how you think you are involving us by saying 'ODM damaged the switches' ... there done, those peons have now been informed.

      How, why, what - these are the most basic questions that you should be including at minimum.

      That's beyond the fact that this keyboard is pissing me off by shinning it's Num lock light right in my eye by going through the seam of the arrow keys. I'd love to hear how you beta tested a raw LED light with no brightness control and multiple direct paths out of the keyboard. Is this coherent light or just damn bright? How bright is it, and will it cause eye damage? I have no idea because you have gained no expectation of competency from me.


      Such crap, i'd honestly try to be more polite, but after all the refund refusals, outright lies or lazy planning, and the complete lack of care coming from by DAS, i don't see why i need to try so hard.

    8. Paul M. on

      @Brian Jackson That's one reason I don't intend to run the software until it's fixed. I don't want to lose the initial setting, or at least want to document/export it somehow to recreate/import. everyone seems to like it, then it goes poof

    9. Paul M. on

      I'm actually impressed they're still working on it now lol they could just scurry off. Agree on the open source thing, but, this keyboard is already a hell of a security risk. I'm probably not going to be able to use it for serious use.

    10. Bryan Jackson on

      After playing around with this for a day and a half, this has to be the most pathetic excuse for a high-end keyboard I've ever given any company any money for.

      The keys have an almost greasy feel to them (especially the silver WASD keys), every keypress sends out an audible and lengthy metallic twang (every. single. key!) and the press action feels like mushy trash. The RGB LEDs almost never represent the supposed color you configure the keys to. The "breathing" effect, besides blinking like an error message, is hilariously bad on colors that are not 100% R, G, or B. This is most notable on the subtler color lightings. I set it to violet and can enjoy a light show of solid reds, greens, and blues during the transition between the full-on violet and LED off. The colors don't even fade at the same rate for all keys, which means LED power isn't routed evenly throughout the board and the Q software does nothing to compensate for this. The left topside pipe LED on mine is stuck on green, no matter what color I pick.
      The three buttons next to the "Q" knobs also have paint tape lines around the edges, topped by what appears to be a slightly-higher-than-spray-paint-quality paint job. The stencil work on their tops is at least decent.

      Unfinished software. It's an alpha masquerading as beta build, to the level that the second you open it, the API wipes the relatively pretty stock rainbow color scheme, never to be recovered. You then have to mod every key from scratch. Effects are timed to the exact moment you set them, so if you don’t synchronize the split-second you click on an effect in time with other key’s effects, they will cycle at off-putting times, making the lighting scheme look like it’s drunk. As of writing, there is no way to sync them outside of selecting every key, and sometimes not even that gets all the keys in sync. No easy way to integrate with any of the advertised APIs, making touting any cloud capabilities suspect at best right now.

      I'm honestly baffled as to how any company, let alone a maker of "The Ultimate Mechanical Keyboard Experience" could release this dumpster fire with a straight face. Does Kickstarter have some new clause that states you have to release "something" within a multi-year timeframe or return the funds? Was some federal bureau building a fraud case on you lot and this was your way of trying to escape those crosshairs? Was all the money spent on the aluminum faceplates? Was this a half-hearted attempt to save a dying business by making a last-hurrah "CLOUD/HTML5/WEB2.0/IOT/BLOCKCHAIN/BUZZWORD!111!" product? Because that's what this keyboard feels like. A last-ditch, cash-grab gambit that wasn't cared enough about to even make competitive out of the gate. It even has a "Funded over 580% on KS***" badge on the front of the packaging, as if to shunt someone's skepticism about whether it's any good. In its current state, it is terrible. /rantview

      P.S. I set the 5Q LEDs to match the color and breathing of my Razer Blackwidow Ultimate (2016), and during my typing this, the FN key has decided breathing green is for squares, it's solid-on magenta street for the cool kid keys! Hiiiii Kwalitaaay.

    11. SAW on

      I’d like to know where my Keyboard is. I was a pretty early backer, and I see ship updates, and now feedback, and still haven’t received mine!

    12. Missing avatar

      LM on

      As your not releasing to spec and don't support Linux and Mac, if like a return label and RMA on my product, which is useless. It's also defective, lacking insulation that would buffer the awful hollow sewer metallic echo while typing.

    13. Missing avatar

      Josh Elder on

      Just got my 5Q today! :D Super excited

    14. Missing avatar

      Robert Pearson on

      Saying it again.... q2 of which year???

    15. Sam Napolitano on


      Agree with the below. Make it open source. You know you’ll never deliver.

      The color switching support is a weak attempt at saying you fulfilled the promise to Mac/Linux users. If the software is so delayed that Q2 is when we get a bandaid fix, and you’ve chosen to do that work instead of fixing the problem,... that alone tells me everything I need to know about whether or not I’ll ever see this working on my Mac.


      Give me my money back!


    16. Missing avatar

      Ashleigh Charlesworth on

      So... I'm sorta glad the UK layouts are delayed, perhaps all the issues will be solved before you build them....

    17. Missing avatar

      Rick on

      @Travis: "Do you guys have a root cause determined/eta to address the LED flicker or whine coming from the board with some colors?" Say it ain't so.

    18. Missing avatar

      RyanPR on

      @Das, there's a third group you didn't discuss. US Layout, non-expedited (standard) shipping. When will those ship?

    19. Michael Westergaard on

      "Q2, no year specified"

    20. Missing avatar

      Paul Fulbright on

      I'll be over here waiting to die of shock from a shipment notification. In the meantime...holy actual've had all this time and you still don't have OSX or Linux support???!!! I take it to mean the firmware is available and you can update it so it at know...lets you type...(jesus...) but wow. Let's hope your omron keys hold up better than the ones Logitech got from them, otherwise six months from now we'll all be griping about dying LED's lol...

    21. Daniel Zenner on

      I get [insert random "issue"] but how does this prevent you from building software? Great so I will FINALLY get my keyboard however it's a brick untill you release support for Linux in Q2 which will actully more like Q4 2020.

    22. Missing avatar

      LM on

      On behalf of myself and every Linux and Mac user, I call for the immediate release on an open-source basis all elements of the firmware, drivers and q software so that the open source Community can get the job done. It is beyond the pale for you to tell us we need to wait more time for the software after you so stretched out the development on the hardware side. Not once did you disclose that there were additionally issues on the software side and that you would not release the product as described in the specification to include Mac and Linux support.

    23. Missing avatar

      Heather on

      Any way to switch from a 105 key to US layout at this point?

    24. Missing avatar

      Joe Williams on

      Hey so I'm in the UK I remember a while back I posted a comment about import duties and advised I wouldn't need to pay any. Is that still the case? I see another guy from the UK comment and he had to pay.. that kinda sucks. Thanks

    25. Missing avatar

      Travis on

      @Das Keyboard

      Thanks for making good on some of these updates now that the boards have made it to some of the backers. Good to see that you guys are taking some of the feedback in stride with regard to transparency.

      Do you guys have a root cause determined/eta to address the LED flicker or whine coming from the board with some colors?

    26. Missing avatar

      Sven Axelsson on

      More delays? Why am I not surprised?

    27. TheIndieArmy on

      Keep up the good work and thanks for the updates!