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Das Keyboard 5Q is smart mechanical keyboard with an open API that allows each key to be color-controlled over the Internet.
Das Keyboard 5Q is smart mechanical keyboard with an open API that allows each key to be color-controlled over the Internet.
3,475 backers pledged $580,902 to help bring this project to life.

Das Keyboard 5Q Kickstarter: Shipping Update

Posted by Das Keyboard (Creator)

Hi Backers,

We have been receiving reports and are now aware that our fulfillment center has been including paperwork with the shipped keyboards that seem to have some incorrect values, thus resulting in VAT and related fees being improperly calculated. We are currently working on a fix. For those who are running into this issue, please submit a ticket at and we will get that sorted for you.


Das Keyboard Team

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    1. Dom. Z on

      Could somebody please explain me why I have to pay 66 Euros importation VAT when you stated in your FAQ that you will ship to european countries from within the EU? This is really annoying now I can argue with your support staff and the carrier (because after some calculation, it still seems way to high). In addition, every other Kickstarter campaign I backed that sent their products from China managed to declare it as gift etc.. so I didn't have to pay anything for it... Now I have a half-baked keyboard that is almost double the price I expected. What a shame.

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      Onur Ozan Sahin on

      Now I'm expected to pay more than what I pledged first in order to get it from the border. Nice job, DAS.

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      groundnuty on

      I've received the keyboard today (Poland).
      Its hard to comment on the product since the firmware update and the whole software assumes I run Windows. I have no Windows machines at home. How can I at least update the sofware using macos or linux?

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      Joe Williams on

      Edit: I've got over the cloud connected aspect.

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      Joe Williams on

      @ashleigh Really getting annoyed now. I'd rather a refund to buy a ready made product. I'm I've the cloud connected aspect I actually bought it as it was cheaper than buy a full RGB mechanical at the time. Since then loads have been released and this is getting beyond a joke to be honest.

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      Ashleigh Charlesworth on

      @Stephane, yeah know what you mean, considering I was an early backer (370) I'm annoyed, however it might be a good thing if people who have the current ones are right about the build!

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      Stéphane Depierrepont on

      @ashleigh I asked them on twitter (at least for no US layout): and do not have any answer. In my opinion, they have not made them yet, we have to wait future batch and so probably some extra months :(

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      Julius de Kempenaer on

      this is a joke right????

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      Colby on

      at this point, another mess up by DAS shouldn't surprise anybody. This is something that can happen by a one off kickstarter home garage campaign, but the fact that it still happened by DAS even though they ship their own products all the time should be a HUGE red flag.

      Just so everyone can read it again. Here is what DAS promised was their Risk and Challenges back in Jul, 2016...
      Risks and challenges
      Das Keyboard is staffed by a team of experts who have produced keyboards, mice, and other PC components for many decades. We think we have a firm grip on the time table. However, it's possible that our production schedule may shift based on the number of orders we receive.

      Das Keyboard strives for honesty and transparency, and if there are any delays or challenges, we will quickly update our community.

      The industrial design is completed and we have some early prototypes in hand. We now started working on manufacturing preparations and have partially invested in tooling for mass production.

      On the software side, we have released several Q software alpha versions which are visible here in the screenshots.

      We still have to improve the software to deliver a perfect and user-friendly application along with its open source community website.

      Most of your contributions will go into the injection molding toolings so we can finalize the next round of prototypes and start production. The rest of the funds will go to building an awesome community website where our users will be able to share their software widgets & API scripts.

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      LM on

      There is a terrible metallic, tinny, long lasting echo after each tap on the keyboard, sounds like someone banging on a sewer pipe a couple of floors below. Or the echo of a cheap, out of tune piano that lingers after each downkey. It's really annoying, I haven't heard anything like this from previous Das keyboards, or Topre, or Razer. I don't think the keyboard is suitable for everyday use unless I'm listening to music or loud white noise. Further, it's heavier than my classic clicky M, wtf?

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      Ashleigh Charlesworth on

      Any time frame for UK keyboards?